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TRUMP SCHOOLS ‘Constitutional Law Professor’ President On The Constitution

Robert Gehl

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Of all the things that have been enjoyable about the first seven months or so of the Trump presidency, one of the best is the speed at which Donald Trump has destroyed his predecessor – the “Constitutional Law Professor” – on constitutional grounds.

As The Washington Times points out, Trump never took a single law class and doesn’t have a law degree. Yet in a short period of time, our President has managed to tear down executive orders, one by one.

Those executive orders – the “Dreamers” EO most recently – are patently unconstitutional. As were the executive orders that came down in an attempt to fix Obamacare, and the orders promoting transgenders in the military and abandoning the Defense of Marriage Act – all collapsing under the weight of the United States Constitution.


The same Constitution Mr. Obama spent years studying. The same Constitution that Mr. Trump hires people to study for him.

The same Constitution both men got elected to protect and uphold. The same Constitution Mr. Obama spray-painted graffiti all over and the same Constitution that Mr. Trump is — finally — rescuing.

This is the document that spawned the greatest, most powerful force for good on the planet. The document that – eventually – guaranteed women the right to vote and freed the slaves. The document that protects our vital right to speak and assemble and petition.

The same document that Barack Obama shredded whenever it suited his political motivations.

While running for President and while in the office, Obama said 22 times he didn’t have the power to change immigration law. But then he did. By executive fiat, he re-wrote a law that Congress passed and the President signed. That went to the Supreme Court, which thwarted Obama’s plans by deadlocking on expanding his “deferred action.”

It was a cynical political gamble to appeal to Hispanic voters and had nothing to do with upholding or protecting the Constitution. Quite the contrary – it tore it to shreds.

Charles Hurt writes:

Mr. Obama’s blithe ignorance and selfish disregard of the Constitution was laid bare by a comprehensive study earlier this year that revealed that the Great Constitutional Law Lecturer had been rebuked by the Supreme Court more than any president in at least 70 years. And that was because the professors conducting the study only went back 70 years.

And now, after eight years of Mr. Obama wagging his big legal finger at “Stupid America,” we finally have a president who actually understands the Constitution and means to uphold it.

President Trump’s recent announcement that he will end the DACA program in six months charitably gives Congress time to act on the matter. This is their issue; Obama even admitted it.

Now the ball is in Congress’ court. Should they fail to act, and 800,000 people are suddenly subjected to deportation, that might be a bad thing – but it will be the Constitutional thing. And that’s what matters most.


“Preserve, protect, and defend” is what the Commander-in-Chief should be doing, not “puncture, perforate, and pierce.” It’s good we finally have a President who understands that.

Robert Gehl

About Robert Gehl

Robert Gehl is a college professor in Phoenix, Arizona. He has over 15 years journalism experience, including two Associated Press awards. He lives in Glendale with his wife and two young children.