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June 24, 2016

Brexit Victory Best of News



Friends and Patriots,


The Brexit vote is the greatest expression of the will from the long oppressed citizens who have been exploited by the European Union. This referendum is an example that the Globalist Establishment is ripe for a total overhaul. Individual nations need to re-establish their independent sovereignty and their people must become the beneficiaries of government and economic policies.


Populism restores the rightful authority back into the hands of ordinary citizens. The European Union is an invention of a Globalism oligarchy designed to eliminate opposition to their New World Order.


The vote to leave the EU is the most optimistic opportunity event in many decades. With the success of the Brits defiance, other European countries are emboldened to call for their own plebiscite.


Welcome and support such efforts to break the chains of international finance that has imposed and furthered the political tyranny that has engulfed humanity into a world-wide feudal serfdom.


The message is clear and rejoice is real.  HALLELUJAH


Everyday People have declared war on the Globalist Establishment.


BREXIT is just the beginning.


The entire world needs to revolt and break the shackles of corporatist control.


The European Union must be broken apart and individual sovereignty of nations restored.


Elites can be defeated and when the public rise up and take back the ability to decide their future, the entire world will gain victory over the globalist cabal.


Celebrate the day, and relish in the satisfaction that the psyops and propaganda by the establishment elites did not work.


Do your best to spread the good news and encourage the rightful restoration of our own state rights sovereignty for our own country. America First is the solution and the only answer to make America Great Again.


James Hall