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This is the Real Deal - The Orijginal Constitution - Not the Fake in the Smithsonian

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Sent: Friday, April 24, 2009 8:34 PM
Subject: This is the real deal - the original constitution - not the fake in the Smithsonian.
The original US Constitution was destroyed by the British in the War of 1812 - all 3 copies burned.  What have we been living by ever since?  We have been lied to by a constitution that was drafted by British loyalists in 1847.  That constitution CONVENIENTLY left out the original 13th Amendment, an amendment that would have stripped the British of the ability to influence our politicians to betray us.
Remember the movie "Braveheart?"  How did the King of England control the Scottish Nobles to betray their own people and how did he try to bribe William Wallace?  By granting lands and titles.  Without that power to wield influence to the greedy politicians in America, the British would lose their influence and control over this nation.
Please - please note the original 13th Amendment.  What does it tell you?  Basically, any person who splits his loyalties between the USA and another nation will automatically lose his citizenship and be unable to hold office.  The rich British bankers could not let that happen so they invaded in 1812 and destroyed all three copies of the original constitution and departed, with history calling the conflict a draw.  Why would the British spend the vast resources to invade, only to retreat with a draw?  The original constitution was never re-constituted until 1847, AFTER the last attendee of the original constitutional convention was dead and it CONVENIENTLY excluded the original 13t h Amendment.
If the foreign bankers could not buy influence in the USA, they could not destroy us from within.  Well, it looks like they got their way.