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HOOVER PLANNED MASS JAILING IN 1950 --Further Comments by


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note about halfway thru the article the following reference to the suspension of the writ of habeas and under what conditions it was to apply back then: "The Constitution says habeas corpus shall not be suspended “unless when in cases of rebellion or invasion, the public safety may require it.” The plan proposed by Hoover, the head of the F.B.I. from 1924 to 1972, stretched that clause to include “threatened invasion” or “attack upon United States troops in legally occupied territory.”

I would say the the Bushabites have covered the alleged Constitutional provision under the idea of "threatened invastion" or "attack upon United States troops in legally occupied territory". This is veiled Lieber Code language. The undisclosed or unstated fact back in Hoover's time, as well as today, is the Lieber Code was put into effect by President Lincoln 1861-1863, and remains in effect within or on the American states of the organic Union, aka "united States of America" [plural 'States' not singular "United States", a federal corporation domiciled in DoC]. The 'Great Writ' as found within the organic Constitution for the United States of America, was suspended by Lincoln and never revived. Once the UNITED STATES-DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA was incorporated in 1871 and thereafter a federal Constitution was adopeted within the corporate "municipal" bylaws thereof, a Writ of Habeas Corpus was included, and then made a statutory 'right', applicable to "U.S. citizens". All "citizens of the United States" or "U.S. citizens" are deemed classified and characterized to have legal status and standing only under thrust of the 14th Amendment.

I suggest Fourwinds readers wishing to understand more of the real history of the Civil War and post-war time frame, including the Reconstruction Acts, and the constructive fraud of the erroneous 14th Amendment, do a Google search for book, "THE RED AMENDMENT", by L. B. Bork. This is an excellent piece of work and goes to a deeper core issue of the conversion of the several states of the Union as well as the people of the states of the Union into 'federal citizens', which do not have, hold, or enjoy any 'Constitutionally protected' BILL OF RIGHTS.

Any Writ of Habeas that the de facto U.S. federal corporate government may either suspend or acknowledge in any manner is only the 'relative' one which exists by 'privilege' under the "statutory-administrative scheme" if entered of record in any 'UNITED STATES DISCTRICT COURT' [USDC] or any other 'U.S. federal Court'. I sent to you a week or so ago certain court documents regarding a recent U.S. Supreme Court case. It was filed as a Petition for Writ of Habeas Corpus, and built upon Congressional Archive certified documents which prove beyond a doubt the United States Criminal Code, "Title 18", was never lawfully 'enacted' under long-established or 'settled' Constitutional legislative procedure. The Supremes, aka Chief Justice John Roberts, denied the claim or Petition and did not write anything in support of his 'judicial determination'. This is evidence that the organic Writ of Habeas is not subject matter which the federal U.S. Supreme Court can or will take cognizance of or make any judicial determination about. It is also indicative that the U.S. Supreme Court is not a bona fide Article III court and the 'Judges', includig the 'Chief Justice', have no Article III capacity. All of this goes to the underlying issue of the character and nature and legal meaning of the word art, "UNITED STATES", and what it's "territory" is. It also goes to the undisclosed or unseen issue of "occupation" by "U.S. trooops" which are "legally" occupying such a 'territory'.

Are you now getting the picture? Denial of Writ of Habeas, either Constitutionally or statutorily, is something that goes hand in hand with Lieber Code 'occupation' in the federally-occupied land of the several de jure republic states of the original Union, United States of America. It is not an absolute Right, but a discretionary relative right or 'privilege', which can be revoked, denied, or otherwise modified or made non-effective at the will of the EXECUTIVE. It is the EXECUTIVE which runs the civil authority of the U.S. 'courts' and 'legislature' under Lieber Code. The game is that there is no "independent judiciary" or Congress today. This can be proven in black/white law. There is only the EXECUTIVE operating the affairs of the de facto 'government' under perpetual Lieber Code authority. That is why the EXECUTIVE and his Congress of 1912-13 could cause the creation of the FEDERAL RESERVE BANK under charter [contract] for twenty (20) years. When the charter was to sunset, the conditions precedent a formal "declaration of national [banking] emergency" were already in place, and all the newly-elected President, FDR, had to do was make the public announcement {give notice] thereof, and the FRBS was empowered to act in perpetuity as long as there existed such a declared state of emergency. All of this is in the time period of 1931-34, and the 'corporitization of the United States' and "federalization" of the UNITED STATES, was made complete.

By the time of Hoover and Truman, the foundation had been well established by various Executive Orders, legislative Acts, judicial determinations, decrees, declarations, etc. to close the noose around the neck of the American people, who had been brought into OR "incorporated" into the DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA by virtue of various writings of the people. This is where "Birth Registration" by 'Certificate' [a 'surety' contract in the form of a 'pledge'], Application for Social Security benefits on SS-5 Form, etc. come into play. Once the real man applies for a federal retirement benefit, the newly constructed and devised status, standing, and legal-commercial capacity of a 'U.S. administrative BENEFICIARY' comes into existence, and the man or woman who's signature and who's 'corpus' or 'body' was/is to be affixed to such a commercial 'person' is forever bound or affixed to the U.S. 'citizen' 'person' by signature-Bond.

It is that status and commercial character that the U.S. claims to have exclusive and absolute jurisdiction and authority over. It is that same person that is the 'owner' or 'account holder' on all U.S. corporate bank accounts. Because the real man is then and now affixed or 'adhesed' to the U.S. FRANCHISE [COMMERCIAL] FICTION 'PERSON', which is also the NAMED U.S. BENEFICIARY, the real man is the 'person' who is obligated to perform for the same which he/she is attached or bound and 'bonded' to. This duty to perform is a 'fiduciary duty' in a 'fiduciary capacity' and is 'compelled' without knowledge, informed consent, or full disclosure, on ALL obligations and duties [to perform] of the NAMED U.S. PERSON. Hence, if the U.S. PERSON has a duty to file and pay on due tax liabilities, it is the real man who signs the 'tax return', under regime of many inter-relatd 'presumptions' and 'constructions' by 'Code'. The real man's signature is being applied to the commercial affairs of the COMMERCIAL PERSON, which was created by Birth Registration and Application for Social Security, as well as by other such means. The COMMERCIAL PERSON IS THE 'UNITED STATES' AS IT IS DEFINED AT 28 USC 3002 (15)(A-C), because it is an 'agency' franchise trust thereof.

Hoover's intentions were built on the change in status of the American people who had the Vested Right to 'political free will choice', to a status of being indentured 'U.S.persons' by/under hidden contracts with the UNITEd STATES, which were and remain deemed to be fully and finally [forever] chattel [mortgaged] property thereof. That means "liened" or 'encumbered'. This is where 'suretyship' 'guarantor' capacity come into play on the 'public debt' Who is the BENEFICIARY? Who is the 'surety'? Who is the fiduciary or trustee who has authority and capacity, as well as presumed obligation for the BENEFICIARY? You betcha!

All of this goes to the issue of the current regime of law, the status, standing, and capacity of anyone who is under [regulation] any contract with the UNITED STATES corporation, which includes virtually any form of 'public benefit' program, any form of 'regisration' or 'license' for any 'privilege'. "Private banking" is one of our constitutionally protected rights that was made to go away under the federal bankruptcy of 1933. "All property" being 'procured' under E.O. 6166, June 10, 1933, "vests in the STATE".

 We are now in the same 'state' that Hoover and his predecessors and successors were integral parties to creating, and it is a most serious condition which shall perpetuate in real time, unless there is a significant influence for change brought to bear.