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My Last Comment to the Readers of Fourwinds


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Dear Anne and Patrick:

This will serve as my last comment to the readers of Fourwinds.  The reason for this is as follows:

I have reviewed all Poof and Casper updates as they appear on Fourwinds.  I have studied at length the reports of CHRISTOPHER STORY as posted on his site.  I have reviewed other information from other researchers and analysts which in some manner or other attempt to make subject the Wanta and Program payess 1-10 in their blogs etc.  I have read for years about this and that version of NESARA, which at one time may have been initially drafted as a proposed  House bill called the Monetary Reformation and Restructuring Act, or something like that.  If different, it certainly had many of the same elements, and when I was handed a photo copy of it in the late 1990’s, it was alleged to have been under ‘seal’ or ‘gag’. 

The most recent STORY update is, in my opinion, completely on point, far more detailed, and gives more reasons to at least allow for the possibility of a ‘heist’ or a ‘conversion’ than not.  This possibility and the constructive fraudulent means by which it could happen has been described.  The constructive means is what I have been addressing, and it is what has been hidden or little known and understood by everyone in Amerika, and most everyone around the world.  The ‘UNITED STATES” is a creation of many faces [facets].  It is one thing under certain conditions in time, and it is something quite the contrary at other conditions in time.  The definition of the UNITED STATES which means the union of ‘several states’, which are ‘foreign’ to or ‘without the UNITED STATES” is rarely used, and is not something that ‘they’ will acknowledge openly in commerce, in judicial proceedings, or in any or most “administrative law’ proceedings, which is the basis for how ‘law enforcement’ works today.  Banking procedures are all under the U.C.C., which is all admiralty law.  Municipal courts and law enforcement officers all operate administratively first and foremost.  The historical and current ‘regime of law’ or purported ‘rule of law’ is going to be the ‘means’ by which any ‘heist’ or ‘conversion’ can be expected.  It will be by compelled ‘compliance’ with this or that “law”, or by one acting by compelled performance as an undisclosed compelled fiduciary for the UNITED STATES, that ‘they’ will likely seize, confiscate, or otherwise “convert” the new specie or other ‘money’ of account or exchange.    This is what I and others expect, in the event of funding and the treatment of funds activated in the U.S. by the ‘low level recipient-payees’. 

STORY has reason to question EVERYTHING we have heard, which seems to point to the Dark Hearts being willing or caused to stand down or cease and desist.  THAT will never happen.  I believe that in one report, Mr. STORY used the term, “last man standing” to describe the mentality of the Dark creatures which appear to our  sensitivities as ‘human’.  Our senses do not reveal the true nature of such and cannot be relied on to inform our faculties of discernment and discrimination about what is going on and by whom.  He has further elaborated this view in his report of this date, and I concur with him completely.  I concurred with Casper the other day when he pointed to the possibility of global wide mis/dis as a possible cause for seeming incongruities in factual information being reported to him from various sources.  The previous attempts to heist the entire Project or Mission, from the top down, has been well within the target zone of these ones forever.  They knew the FRB and the debt-based fiat nature of the FRN could only last so long.  It ran its course in programmatic form and to perfection, and it did exactly what it was designed and intended to do.  Just look around you, at your life, and the conditions present in the world.  In light of all the historical facts and law which are now being shared by truth-talkers, what do you see that is not encumbered or ‘liened’, or converted, or contra-verted  by, and under control of the Masters of Credit Banking and their ‘CELL’ of practitioners??  The entire planet, for the most part, is swimming in the poison of indebtedness, and under the current system, if they are successful, the planet will choke on their waste and destruction.  I stand with Mr. Story, and will back him to the grave, not because he is always right, but because he is mostly always right, and bases his reports on closely guarded sources that have been verified and are known to him.  I will back him, because I believe he is one of the most brilliant minds on the planet, because he knows all of this stuff and can anticipated what is going to come down before it even does.  The man is a genius, and like the ‘Oracle’….  I am not setting him up to be anyone’s guru, but we best pay attention when he writes.  I was trying to touch on some of the same subjects over the past week or so, in my own, less informed and less sophisticated way.   He smells a skunk and is telling the world to pay attention, while we all ‘wait and see’, including him.

 I have explained in brief the ‘why’ and the ‘how’ of their scheme as it pre-dates this point in time.   The same scheme is now being advanced, by Bush’s creation of a Financial Literacy [competency] Czar.  If this power construct is not broken into many pieces and digested by Light Assimilation Plasma Rectifiers and Cosmic Transducers, (lol….my words) what Mr. Story and I have pointed out will have a much higher probability of manifesting.  Right at the time when the ‘armored truck shows up at the bank’.  In such a case, anyone ‘within the UNITED STATES’ [DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA] can anticipate having to meet new statutory-administrative standards to be able to be ‘licensed’ or granted a government privilege to be able to have ‘right of use’ of bank funds in excess of certain limits based upon a host of criteria.  The criteria themselves will likely be developed by Home Land Shannanigan, UST, IRS, FBI, etc. etc..  Money Risk or Credit Risk Banking profiling will most likely also be a part of it.  So, who is being ‘overboard’ by strongly challenging the heretofore readily accepted maxims of NESARA etc.?  I challenge it, because I must.  I smell skunks in the wood pile and all over the backyard.  So, I have deliberated on the information reported and commented on it with great scrutiny, against my better judgment.  I do not want to be the bearer of bad news, nor give rise to panic or cause of more stress. But, I also do not want to see innocents get rolled over into ‘road pizza’ for lack of awareness and understanding.  We mean little or nothing to the raw POWER we are now seeing demonstrated and written about by Poof and STORY.  I mean, what is a decapitated head of a beautiful horse in the Burning Bush’s bed all about??    REMEMBER, UNDER THE CURRENT REGIME OF ‘LAW’, “all property vests in the STATE [ownership]”;  all we have as “U.S. PERSONS” and ‘citizens’, is mere ‘right of use’.  That is it.  It could not be more simply put.

The ‘when’ and the ‘who’ of it should be obvious.  For most of us, there is no time to do a ‘mass resignation’.  One cannot do what one cannot personally support one’s self in their ‘courts of law’, which are commercial ‘zone’ trading pits, operating in admiralty=maritime under ‘law of the Sea’ proceedings.  They are hybrid courts which integrate common law, Roman ‘civil’ law, equity law, contract-commercial law.   And, it is all ‘municipal’ and private law.  Go look in the front of any law book that is published for use by attorneys, judges, etc. and you will find it is all copyrighted.  That is why they can try to remove the books from county law libraries, public libraries, etc.  That is why their ‘judges’ meet behind closed doors in ‘conferences’ to discuss and agree on ways to impede our understanding and use of their ‘law’,      

Changing one’s status, capacity, and domicile, as a matter of law and ‘record’ is not just about doing paperwork and cannot be done overnight.  It takes time and careful step-by-step proceedings from one thing to another.  I have attempted to give the readers at least some insight into how a heist, conversion, or whatever, could easily and presumably, be achieved, without ‘them’ having to do anything.  The whole thing could easily be achieved on recipients’ action alone, when acting within and under current U.S. regime of law, including banking law, and everything else laid out over the past few weeks.   That is what I expect ‘they’ are relying on in order to ‘heist’ or ‘convert’ funds.  And, once in any U.S. bank corporation, it is no longer considered the property of the lawful many who brought it to the bank for deposit.  You are, under those conditions, only the acting executor, or trustee, electing to enter that banks jurisdiction and ‘domicile’ and to do business with it, under the laws which it is subject to, and which you are ‘responsible’ to know before you step foot in the door.  If this goes the way STORY and I have pointed to, ‘they’ will attempt to compel the perpetuation of the existing regime and the ‘law form’ which has existed since the early 1930’s.  ‘All property vests in the State’.  That is likely one reason why the U.S. controlled media refuse to cover any of this, and everything going on with elections etc., including the political-economy, although having its usual problems, is really all a huge distraction and diversion.

Unless the sky falls on the ‘heads of state’ which will be meeting tonight in DoC for another gleeful round of the STATE OF THE UNION, all deposits are property of any U.S. bank as soon as conveyed to the bank for further disposition.  Bank ‘policy’ and U.S. banking or other ‘applicable law’, including Executive Orders, etc. take control and precedence.   You, as a real man and serving the U.S.-DoC as a ‘public official’ or ‘officer’ thereof, have only a ‘duty’ or an obligation to perform.  By conveying your funds to the bank under current regime ‘law”, one is presumed to have ‘volunteered’ or ‘elected’ to place those funds into their System as it exists. 

 All banks are U.S. chartered, are ‘instrumentalities’ of Congress, and the DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA, and are ‘corporate citizens’ having the same ‘federal character’ and nature as the U.S. Social Security-Department of Treasury-IRS Administrative Agency, which is the ‘U.S. PERSON’ FRANCHISE TRUST, which you are always executing or transacting fussiness for.  It is the NAME of record appearing on all accounts in commerce which you have ever conducted business on and for by your signature-Bond.  The System is pre-set to steal or convert your funds, Wanta’s funds, etc., because the System was created to gain control of all property long ago.  This is the underlying and little understood factor which Mr. STORY HAS NOT YET TOUCHED ON IN ANY DETAIL.  He and others want to affirm the Rule of Law in the UNITED STATES is still in tact and means something in today’s terms, but which predates the Civil War.  I would love to assume that to be true, but I do not, because everything that is done by and in the name of the UNITED STATES today is out of context to the organic Constitution as a matter of historical and current fact and law.  And, we can prove it, if we were given access to an actual Article III ‘district court of the United States’ with an actual ‘Article III’ Judge presiding, instead of taking our causes and claims into their Article IV or Article II courts called United States District Courts, which have no true Article III judges sitting.   One cannot take these material issues of fact even to the “highest court in the land”, and have them adjudicated under Article III constitutional standards.  The US Supreme Court is a sham.

So, their system as it exists presently, is already set up to receive and accept new ‘specie’ funds via ‘access’, ‘activation’, ‘deposit’.  It doesn’t have to do anything different than what it already does, because the slave-grid system was set up to operate this way since at least 1912-13 with the creation of the FRBS, and then perfected during 1931-1934.  You or I cannot change the nature of the BEAST from the bottom up, at this point.  Only individuals who know what they are doing within a specific venue and action can hope to achieve any ‘remedy’ or ‘relief’ to some of what I write about.  Even then, it doesn’t change the System, it only compels the System to treat them differently as whole person and real man.  They System is not designed to deal with or ‘see’ the real.  It is a fiction system and compels or forces everyone to conform to it, and to become a fiction character themselves.

I have reiterated some of the same ideas as Mr. STORY in different but ‘same sounding’ ways.  My intent was to show the basis and effect of how everyone’s SIGNATURE and other official ‘STATE’ records, registrations, etc, everything as been used to create a [false?] impression or appearance of your having ‘voluntarily’ ‘elected’ to come ‘into the “UNITED STATES”, a federal corporation, DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA, as a legal-commercial fiction ‘person’.  By these facts, which are ‘linked’ to numerous prior “constructive” [fraudulent] acts and ‘events’ since birth, the hidden result is that it has created a historical record, which can not be overcome by mere verbal argument before some ‘federal judge’.  The factual administrative and commercial history of each individual is what is used against us in their courts, to establish their claims against us and our property and Rights.  In summary, all of it amounts to a ‘PRESUMED’ CHANGE in one’s status, standing, and political-legal ‘domicile’ from that of being an American national or a ‘state national’ of xxx ‘state’, which is ‘without’ and ‘foreign to’ the UNITED STATES, to that of being a corporate “U.S. citizen” ‘within the UNITED STATES-DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA’.  THAT is how they created all of the federal incorporated States, which overlay but do not touch on the land of each of the underlying real states which are comprised of real land or soil and are the domicile of those of us who chose to be ‘men and women’ of the land, under the Laws of Nature or God, and to adhere to the ‘law of the land’…..not the ‘sea’.  Our lands have been overlaid with this poisonous cover of fiction corporations, and we never knew it.   Our republic states of the American Union were covered over with  ‘States of…..’, and we should have known it.  There is much we should have known, but do not, largely because the educational system itself has been operated by the same fine folks and they have reconstructed official history and have limited ‘public education’ to only that which creates ignorance, incompetency, dependency, and inability to think or perceive anything other than that which is indoctrinated and compelled as being ‘official’ and politically correct or acceptable to the authority of law of any current regime.  IT OPERATES OUTSIDE OF TIME, and IS VIRTUAL MAGIC, just like Mr. STORY has set out.  Many generations ago, we were a great deal wiser, better informed, more perceptive and intuitive, and could call b.s. for what it is. 

In closing, I would like to say that because there is so much controversy about whether notices are in fact in process of being delivered, or payments are being made, etc. etc., I have no more to say or offer.  I am so set by my own core values and righteous ideals, I can see no way that I would ever chose to willingly go into any U.S. bank to elect to do business with them.  I might reverse on that and consider the possibility of doing so if there is an announcement, and only after waiting for an allowable time, if we are under no time restraint to act, by receiving notice of ‘time is of the essence’, ‘you have 72 hours to do this or that thing’…..  I don’t act on someone else’s time unless it is clear that it is in my best interest to do so, and I cannot ‘novate’ or modify it to suit.  Waiting and watching and listening may be the best and wisest thing to do for a time, then act according to what is most obvious to you. If you cannot act truly ‘privately’, even though you/we may be dealing with a ‘private banker’ within some U.S. bank corporation, it will not mean anything to this writer, unless it can be verified and confirmed that new U.S. law is in effect and currently active at the time of any ‘activation’.  Otherwise, go fishing and figure our your next move on their game board.  If they cannot steal funds outright by every conceivable means on the front end of the game, which they have done and gotten caught red handed, they will try to steal or convert funds on the back-end of the game, and that means by trickery, deception, and getting you and me to act under their current ‘law’ system to our detriment.  By not taking ‘economic receipt’ of anything in this system, one puts a big wedge between you and the BEAST. 

Remember that jurisdiction and authority follow the person, not just the transaction, under U.S. Treasury Regs and IRC, etc.  I am not clear on this, but one may not need to transact business only in FRN’s to be subject to U.S. jurisdiction and authority, or the U.S. tax Code on receipt of funds that are activated somewhere else and not expressed in FRN’s.  I do not know about this for sure.  I am not sure what the legal definition and meaning of ‘foreign earned income’ is and ‘tax payer’ ‘liability’ or ‘duty to file’ is in that case.  I know that U.S. tax payers that handle FRN’s in foreign jurisdictions, ie. banking etc. are under Treasury Regs and IRC obligated to disclose and report on their standard ‘informational reports’

One thing one should also know:   Years ago there was a provision within the published Internal Revenue Code which had to do with the ‘perjury jurat’ or ‘oath’  at the end of the Form 1040 for Individual Income Tax filing.  The perjury jurat is over one’s signature, which is on a contract Form between the filer and the IRS.  The perjury jurat provision at the signature box on all 1040’s, which alleges to place the signatory under ‘oath  and ‘penalty of perjury’ DOES NOT APPLY TO INDIVIDUAL INCOME TAX FILERS.  The Code section re: Perjury Jurat and Individual Income Tax Returns used to be in print right in the published Tax law.  It was taken out of print, and shows up only as “deleted’” at the bottom of the printed Code page that has the Code section or # showing in print on the page.  That footnoted section does not say, “amended”, ‘rescinded”, “revoked” in re: the Section that is still in force and effect.  It simply says “deleted” which means only that someone decided not to leave it in print, so that the tax filer completing the form would do so under compelled performance and a form of coercion and duress, and perceive wrongly that he may be subject to criminal or civil prosecution for any error, omission, or otherwise inaccurate information placed within the body of the ‘informational report’.   I will attempt to forward this to Fourwinds to show you this fact, primarily to support the awakening of how corrupt and deceptive the Swamp Creature really is.  I will not say more about the Code and those who protect, enforce, and prosecute it, other than it is one of the most deceptive bodies of ‘colorable law’ ever constructed.

I am ceasing to comment further on the subject of deliveries.  There is nothing to do but wait, then deliberate, and act.  Don’t get caught up in ‘re act’.  Follow your inner guidance and get help where needed but within the limits of you n.d. agreements.