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COMMENT: STORY_Wanta Update_More Snakes in the Grass?? Maybe!


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 Dear Anne, Patrick, and Group:


Mr. Story says in his opening paragraphs reports that Wanta Settlement funds have never been released by CITI-CHASE.  Mr. Story has reason to conclude that there exists some linkage between Wanta’s Settlement, receipt of funds thereof, and payment of his due tax obligations to the US Treasury before any  bona fide order of the World Court could have any legal force and effect or real meaning to all other ‘payee’ recipients within Levels 1-10. 

Mr Story makes a clear case for what appears to be the fact that the WC has ordered Paribas to begin releasing funds by Jan 25, as well as noticing or ordering the US Supreme Court of the relevant necessity to do the same.   This seems to be a procedural contradiction of context and terms.  Linkage, if compelled by prior accord or agreement, would necessitate Wanta Settlement constructive receipt, then receipt on the books by the UST, then WC ordering Paribas and then US Supreme Court to begin funding distributions Levels 1-10 in that order. 

Is there linkage, or has linkage been ‘unlinked’ and STORY does not know about it?  Only Mr. Story knows the answer to that or has the resources to find it out.  However, the issue of fact is absolutely critical to whether there is a circumvention of due consideration to Mr. Wanta to suit the expediency, interests, and necessities of the POWERS, by keeping the UST from taking constructive receipt of due tax payments from funds constructively received by Mr. Wanta.     This circumvention would accomplish a great deal for the Dark Hearts as I have described over the past weeks.  As long as the UST remains ‘federal’ or ‘corporate’ and the private piggy bank for the EXECUTIVE AUTHORITY of the Burning Bush et al., the machinery and ‘law authority’ of the UNITED STATES can continue to roll on and increase its momentum toward global fascism unabated.   The fascists need to keep the UNITED STATES-DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA and their ‘US TREASURY’ in tact, even if the FRBS goes away.  The reason?

The UST is likely not limited to borrowing from lending sources other than the FRBS, and it is most likely not limited to borrowing only private, fiat, commercial, bank credit.  It likely can borrow whatever it wants, from whomever it wants, and expressed in whatever terms it is offered and agrees to.  IF Basel II rolls out, and the FRB is still not finally executed its docs by entering an ‘effective date’ into the record, the UST can and likely will ‘of necessity’ break from the FRB and go to other select lenders who are in harmony with the DVD Cabal agenda.  Those other lenders may lend the UST according to the new Basel II rules, and it may be expressed in terms of bank credit funds, secured credit funds backed by substance or specie, or it may be possible for the U.S. to borrow bullion or specie funds only.  Hence, if Wanta does not get paid, and everyone else does, the UST stays in-tact as a CORPORATE TREASURY, and it can go into the vast expanses of global power and obtain interim funding to shore up its EMPIRE, until those who control it can find more permanent and viable long-term means to achieve its DVD agenda.

Wanta could remain in ‘waiting’ for a very long time, or at least long enough for the 2008 elections to be manipulated to allow the bag woman and some other contrivance to get into power via Diebold satellite signals.  Then, she and her DoJ can bury everything deemed to be a ‘national security threat’ or ‘against public interest’.   That would include the discretion to grant pardons, like Billy Boy did, to everyone that is on their A team.  In the meantime, if Bank Program or Prosperity Program funds are paid to Level 10 recipients, those payees will without a doubt be deemed to be ‘U.S. persons’, ‘residents’, ‘citizens’ who are not only ‘taxpayers’, but are U.S. FRANCHISE TRUST OPERATIONS, which use the signature-Bond of the real man taking receipt of ‘delivery for accommodation of…’ said U.S. FRANCHISE TRUST ESTATE PERSON.  This is all within and under Uniform Commercial Code [contract law, negotiable instruments law, commercial law, banking law, or the Lex Mercatoria or ‘Law Merchant’] which was ‘codified’ INTERNATIONALLY and adopted by the UNITED STATES and its incorporated Foreign Trade Zone ‘federal zone’ States [of it’s new federal ‘union’ of States], which all operate as ‘federal instrumentalities’ of the UNITED STATES, as defined at 28 USC 3002(15)(A-C).   “Fiduciary capacity” is and has been an accepted practice and capacity by ‘contract’ agreement of parties forever.   The history of fiduciaries as well as ‘sureties’ goes way back in time.  Suffice it to say that virtually everyone who is “registered” at birth and who also has by any means become a “Social Security” Applicant, is now operating as a fiduciary and a surety, bonding agent, and guarantor for the UNITED STATES.  This capacity works in synch with the capacity of U.S. ADMINISTRATIVE AGENCY, ‘BENEFICIARY’, ESTATE, which is the registered ‘U.S. PERSON”, or ‘citizen of the UNITED STATES’, domiciled ‘within the DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA’.  IT HAS NO RIGHTS AND CAN OWN NO PROPERTY, AND IS WITHOUT CAPACITY TO ACT WHATSOEVER EXCEPT BY AND THROUGH  A FIDUCIARY OR TRUSTEE.  That ‘person’ is a wholly owned U.S. FRANCHISE TRUST, and the real man acting for it as “compelled fiduciary” cannot otherwise act for the benefit of himself as the real man, because the U.S. claims all right and interest in one’s signature-Bond. 

I am describing the framework of the EVIL EMPIRE that needs to fund its TREASURY by any means.  The federal corporate  ‘States’ wherein we were first ‘registered’ are all domiciled within the UNITED STATES-DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA, too, and like the U.S. PERSONS or BENEFIT TRUST ESTATES, which we serve as executors, fiduciaries, guarantors, and sureties for, those States operate under authority of U.S. federal territorial law and have nothing to do with the Organic Constitution of the Republic.  These are the States that most every  Program recipient is/are deemed to be “enjoined” to by contract [birth registration, etc.], which further enjoins them to the CORPORATE UNITED STATES-DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA and the CORPORATE UNITED STATES TREASURY DEPARMENT.  It is the means by which most of us are enjoined to every other aspect of ‘judicial, legislative’ and military EXECUTIVE AUTHORITY.  Remember, under current ‘U.S. law’ regime, the US TREASURY claims to have sole and exclusive possession, right, title, and interest on all “property” of U.S. citizen-persons, especially any property that is deposited and held under admiralty adhesion contracts such as Bank Account Agreements of any nature.  That is right.  If you have ‘deposited’ anything in a U.S. corporate bank, it is property of and in possession of the UST, because said bank corporations  are already UST ‘instrumentalities’, even though they serve as a dual-agent or ‘instrumentality’ of the private FRBS as well.  There is no doubt that all current U.S. corporations, credit unions, etc. have ‘federal character’, and all have their own FEIN’s to report to the UST and IRS on.  The UST and the FRBS are the BIG DOGS, but they are not alone in the pack.   The IMF and the WB are players, as is the International Bank for Reconstruction and Development et al.   All such financial institutions are beholding to the UNITED STATES and the FRBS for infusions of ‘bank fund credit’ expressed in terms of FRN’s. 

In short, by any recipient of Program funds going to any U.S. bank corporation to make a deposit, the Account will be NAMED and TITLED in the usual and customary manner for creating a FRANCHISE TRUST ACCOUNT for the UNITED STATES TREASURY, and your signature-Bond will not only confer the delivery or constructive receipt of such property and whatever value of ‘specie’ may be attributed to it to the UST, but is will further be presumed to confer to the UST absolute control and discretion to treat said deposits in whatever way it ‘shall’ or ‘must’.  The picture is this.  A real man, who acts as surety, signatory, and compelled fiduciary for the benefit of the UNITED STATES comes to the bank, which itself is a U.S. bank corporation having federal character and subject to UST and FRB law authority.  An account Form is offered and signed along with whatever N.D. goes with. One may also being required or instructed in some manner, usually in writing, that one is waiving all rights to protest, dispute, and litigate any claim against the bank, etc. etc. in the future.  This leaves the UST off the hook and their bank at the very least.

The Account, once opened, is yours to use, but really only for the benefit of the U.S.  That may be why the Shrub has just created the new Financial “Literacy” [read ‘intelligence”] Czar.  In any case, if one has contracted on their terms and conditions on their Forms in their bank under their UST which is under their EXECUTIVE, and you as the natural or real man have an agreement to act at all times for the benefit of their BENEFICIARY, U.S. ADMINISTRATIVE AGENCY and FRANCHISE TRUST, any private ‘right of claim’ or ‘interest’ you may allege to assert, under a different status or capacity is virtually impossible to perfect, because one would have to go all the way to the Supreme Court to get ‘remedy’ and ‘redress’, which as we know is NOT GOING TO HAPPEN.  The best way to avoid them gaining control and possession is to NOT ACTIVATE OR OPEN ANY ACCOUNT IN ANY U.S. BANK UNDER ANY CONDITIONS OTHER THAN A VERIFIABLE ANNOUNCEMENT THAT CHANGES THE LAW FORM, FORUM, AND CHARACTER OF THE UNITED STATES AS WELL AS THE ONE WHO HAS TAKEN RECEIPT OF NOTIFICATION. 

“Constructive Receipt”  and “Economic Benefit” are two critical criteria as to what is taking place and when.  If you take constructive receipt of funds before an actual ANNOUNCEMENT, one is doing so before the character and nature of the ‘government’ has been changed.  If ‘they’ block an announcement, but allow deliveries, which have heretofore been ordained and ordered by the WC, we are being set up to grant our specie funds to the UST and give them full authority  over said funds to do what they will.  End of STORY.  I believe this same scenario is now fully at work with the blocked Wanta funds.  The underlying reason is not just that ‘they’ need money to fuel their short and long term agenda by trading funds in order to raise funds to account which then can be disbursed and/or spent for their purposes.  The underlying reason goes to the nature and character of ‘WHAT IS THE UNITED STATES AND IT’S TREASURY’ now, and what will it be once Wanta funds of real ‘specie’ money are downloaded into it?  Right now, Wanta funds are blocked, I think, in part, because the UST has absolute sovereign authority and control over all U.S. bank accounts, because there is no such thing as ‘private banking’ under U.S. territorial law under regime of Congressionally legislated banking laws.    All accounts in any U.S bank corporation are U.S. Treasury instrumentalities, and one might as well be making a direct deposit right into the UST, no matter who the signatory is for the NAMED FRANCHISE of record.  The FRANCHISE or ENTERPRISE is the Account ‘OWNER’ of ‘BENEFICIAL OWNER’, not the private real man.  The real man is only the signatory who acts ‘for accommodation’ thereof under UCC 3-419. 

Why is the WC ordering payment begin, while Wanta is not been compelled by the WC to be paid?  This is the only reason I can come up with. It is to assure and preserve the current CORPORATE nature and character of the US and its TREASURY, so it can operate against any/all recipients of specie funds, to seize, or otherwise ‘procure’ or convert said funds as it will into whatever it will.  Perhaps the WTO, GATT, and NAFTA are going to be indirect parties or interest or benefit by the conversion of such ‘specie’ funds, if they enter the US banking system.   Afterall, the NORTH AMERICAN UNION is now a fact of law, and the STATE OF NORTH CAROLINA is already issuing new driver licenses to its federal ‘citizen’ ‘res idents’ under authority and ‘seal’ thereof.  The new driver licenses have the full montie NORTH AMERICAN UNION logo and interactive hologram, which carries bio-metric and all other data loaded into the BEAST System.  It is believed they also have the GPS tracking RFD chip/filament within them.  REAL I.D. IS ALREADY UNDERWAY, and the STATE OF NORTH CAROLINA is the very first test ‘State’.

Mr. STORY HAS HIT THE NAIL ON THE HEAD, EXECPT THAT HIS OVERSIGHT OF THESE FACTS MAY BE CAUSE FOR HIM AND MR. WANTA ET AL.TO REVIEW AND REVISIT CERTAIN INFORMATION PUT TO HIM WEEKS AND MONTHS AGO.  Who or what is the WC serving by not apparently compelling the Supreme Court to order Wanta funds released?  I believe it should be obvious.    If the WC can order the Supremes to allow the release of other Program funds, it certainly has the authority, along with the IMF and World Bank, to order the Wanta funds release.  Absent that, and absent a full disclosure BY PUBLIC ANNOUNCEMENT  of material facts re: A REGIME CHANGE and what constitutes ‘Rule of Law’ within the UNITED STATES, as well as to make clear and certain WHAT DEFINITION OF  “UNITED STATES” IS IN FORCE AND EFFECT AT THE TIME OF ANY FUNDING, CONSTRUCTIVE RECEIPT, ‘DEPOSIT’ OF FUNDS, ETC., anyone in receipt thereof had better be thinking like Poof.  Wanta and his TRUST may not enjoy beneficial receipt of anything unless or until the WC and other international power interests intervene, or until or after the nature and character of the current UNITED STATES CORPORATION is dis’d forever.

If Wanta is out of the loop, that creates an unresolved material fact-issue, which is deemed to be under protest and dispute.  That calls for prolonged litigation in a proper court of competent jurisdiction and venue.  How can the alleged necessary linkage to Wanta be circumvented without injury and taint to the entire Basel II rollout?  Has the heretofore necessary linkage been recently lifted as we have heard?  What is the ramification of doing so?  Here it is at one level:

Wanta funds remain in the slush of CITI and continue to be subject to use by trading and hypothecation IF THEY CAN GET AWAY WITH IT.  WHY?  Who has authority to order the payment satisfied?  Why has that not happened?

There is a diversion going on, and our attention is caught up on Wanta, while it should be on our current ‘status’, ‘standing’, ‘capacity’, and legal-political ‘domicile’ and the character and nature of the UNITED STATES and its TREASURY and ‘laws’.  

If the WC orders ‘release’, YES, we may receive, and ‘they’ will not have changed a damn thing, because Wanta was apparently to be the initial ‘constructive event’ for ‘receipt’ of ‘economic benefit’ which would cause the US TREASURY to have to change to ‘lawful money of the United States’ and further ‘redeem’ or cause the entire operation of the UNITED STATES to come back under Constitutional law authority per Article I, Sect. 10, as well as other terms and conditions involving ‘U.S. public debt’ resolution, which we know nothing about.  Wanta is key here, and we need it to happen.  Any ‘individual’ Program receipts activated in the current regime of ‘law’, will not be ‘ours’ nor protected without Wanta receipt.  That you can be assured of.  If Wanta has ‘settled’ and he is now under N.D., how would STORY or anyone know?  He and his people would be unable to speak.  In which case, the only way we may find out is to wait for NESARA announcement, and if it does not happen in light of the timing and events stated in the STORY report, it strongly suggests that the WC and POWER CENTERS on both sides of the pond are setting us up to forfeit or grant our funds to the U.S. TREASURY if we activate here.  Thing is, under current U.S. TREASURY REGULATIONS, ‘jurisdiction’ follows the ‘person’.  If you take your pkt once received, and go to any foreign jurisdiction, if you are still presumed to be acting at all times as ‘compelled fiduciary’ for the U.S. FRANCHISE TRUST that sounds like you but is not you, you are essentially carrying a ‘monkey on your back’ no matter where in the world you go. 

If one has not actually constructively received anything or actually gained any economic benefit simply by taking acceptance of delivery of a notice which gives one notice of various options’, one still would have the time to execute an Assignment of Interest to any other party, out of the NAME or ‘name’ appearing on the notice.  Once assigned, however, you are out of it.  Assignment is best BEFORE ACTUALLY GOING INTO ANY BANK CORPORATION IN ANY NATION to constructively receive anything.  Any Assignment should also be accompanied by a fully executed and RECORDED POWER OF ATTORNEY to the party which will act within the Assignment as an ‘officer’ or ‘agent’ thereof.  If one is not concerned about such things, and that additional level of protection is not an issue, just do your thing but do so under Explicit Reservation of All Rights, ‘Without the United States”, even if it is in some national jurisdiction other than the U.S.   This is like playing the game ‘bury the bone’, which I do not advise or aspire to for all the obvious reasons.  Even under the U.S. Expatriation Act of ?? 1998 or 1999, Congress made it clear that any U.S. citizen who chooses to ‘expatriate’ into any other nation, must ‘file and report’ all taxable income bla bla bla…..for ten (10) years from date of expatriation.  So, they began back then making it clear to anyone leaving the U.S. with or without assets in or out of the U.S. that if you were a U.S. citizen and ‘tax payer’ before exercising  your ‘statutory right to expatriate’, that ‘statutory right’ [which is really only a corporate ‘privilege’] was now subject to or enjoined to the Expatriation Act.  Our real Right to Expatriate is in the Statutes at Large, 1868, and is not linked to the privilege of U.S. corporate citizens expatriating out of the DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA.   One cannot expatriate from some place that one has never really been patriated in the first place.

Best way to NOT to get caught in the spider’s web? Do your research and get competent counsel, not necessarily an ‘attorney’.  But, they will have to be completely trustworthy to help you manage your affairs.