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State of the Union Address: Another Ply? Why A Financial Literacy Czar Now?


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On Jan. 24 Casper ended his update as follows:

Consider the hundreds of billions being pumped into the extinct system here and abroad. WHY?? Consider the stimulus package. WHY,...if debt forgiveness for the public is on the horizon??

We can't explain these obvious opposites of expectations.

Will report again when we break through the fog.

                              Casper    1-24-08

Now further consider everything else appearing as ‘real’ and “business as usual”, including the new Executive Order referred to in Fourwinds post of Jan 25, “Bush Establishes Financial Propaganda Council”, described in brief as follows:

Bush has issued a new executive order establishing a group called the President’s Advisory Council on Financial Literacy. The insanity of this executive order is unparalleled. The so called purpose of this Council is to keep this nation economically competitive and encourage the financial literacy of the American people.

The article goes on to describe the purpose of assuring the “financial literacy” of WHO?  The article uses the words “American people”, but those of us who are somewhat ‘legal beagles’ and have researched the “legal memory” of the United States, in all of its meanings and definitions at law, have come to understand a few things.   Status, standing, and capacity are everything at law and in commerce.  Your signature is your ‘word Bond’, and if you are not in control of your signature and Bond at the time of using it, you had better not use it.  It is the “glue” that binds or adheres one to not only the thing that it is applied to that presumably can be read as to form, content, and understanding [meaning].  It is the means by which any contract or agreement and all terms, conditions, and provisions of “performance” are made express or implied.   It may “deliver” any thing of value, convey any right, title, or interest to any party, and it may confer or embody a duty or obligation, cause any performance to be expected and ENFORCED, and it may also, under certain conditions be cause for presumption [or presumptive conclusion] about one’s “sovereignty” status, standing, capacity, domicile, Citizenship, Dwelling, and Abode.  Your signature drives everything you do or undertake in life, which is energetically reduced to agreements in ‘commerce’. 

When one is dealing with any legal-fiction of any nature, a business organization, a CORPORATION, a TRUST, etc., everything is transacted ‘in commerce’ and the legal-fiction must act through its duly elected, appointed, commissioned, or contracted officers, employees, and agents.  One who contracts with or enters into commercial-legal relations with  a legal-fiction such as the UNITED STATES, does so at one’s own peril if one is not aware how to not give the impression or create any presumption of having waived any right, title, or interest, which may, thereby, prejudice, injure, or diminish one’s self as to legal status, standing, and capacity.    When entering into agreement with the UNITED STATES on the face of any document, form, or other writing, one is presumed to “KNOW THE LAW” which underscores who you are, who/what the UNITED STATES is, how it operates, and how it will operate to treat you after you have ‘elected’ or ‘agreed’ to give it your signature, or after you have agreed to accept any given or offered thing written or spoken as a form of “OFFER TO CONTRACT”.  That is one reason why after last year’s STATE OF THE UNION ADDRESS by the Burning Bush, the entirety of the spoken event as broadcast to the world was RETRACTED by Bush.   That’s right!!  Within seventy-two (72) hours after the OFFER was made and NOTICE given to the ‘public’, the White House Press Department issued a formal, but not widely covered press release, rescinding or retracting the entire STATE OF THE UNION ADDRESS of the President and Commander in Chief. 

The Burning Bush is the Chief Executive Officer of the “UNITED STATES”, but he cannot be the same for the organic united [several] States of America.  He is without status, standing, and capacity to embody the lawful offices of the American Union Republic, because the Union was effectively set aside at the time of Lincoln and Johnson in the 1860’s and the post-Civil War Reconstruction period.  Even ‘public addresses’ may be deemed to be forms of ‘offer to contract’.  But a formal event, required by [commercial-contract] ‘law’ and incumbent upon the Executive to perform [timely, adequately, and in good faith] to summarize to the people of the ?? UNITED STATES and/or their ‘elected representatives’, is a form of his having to “comply” with his existing contract to the CORPORATION or PUBLIC TRUST.  He is required by ‘U.S. law’  under the federal Constitution and the DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA CODE to give a PUBLIC NOTICE annually as to the ‘STATE OF THE UNION’.  He is making a commercial representation of material facts and issues of fact, and he is making it in the form or nature of an OFFER TO CONTRACT.  He is presumed to be acting at all times ‘in good faith’ until or unless otherwise challenged under formal conditions of protest or dispute.  This is the same with any form of commercial undertaking by agreement or contract wherein duties and obligations of the parties are set forth, provisions established for PERFORMANCES, etc. etc.  After seventy-two hours, as a matter of commerce and contract, OFFERS not withdrawn, rescinded, revoked, amended, or modified or ‘novated’ are deemed ‘accepted’ as made.  In the case of the STATE OF THE UNION ADDRESS, Bush retracted the entire thing, which is the same as saying “IT NEVER HAPPENED”, AND “I NEVER SAID A THING WHICH I CAN BE HELD ACCOUNTABLE TO”.  In short, it does not exist on the Public Record as having any legal-commercial force and effect, and cannot be deemed to have created any LIABILITY for any error, omission, defect, deficiency, misrepresentation of fact or issue of fact.  As a matter of ‘record’ and ‘evidence’ it was sanitized by some Order of the President or Commander in Chief, and everything that was made to appear for you or anyone to hear and see, could not be ‘relied upon’ for any purpose, nor could it be deemed a matter which could be “accepted” in ‘good faith’ as per the ‘discharge of fiduciary capacity and duty’ as the Executive of the PUBLIC TRUST.    A matter offered and rescinded is not on the table and is of no viable effect if withdrawn immediately before someone ‘accepts’.   Any misrepresentation of fact in that ADDRESS was with cunning and deceipt withdrawn and could arguably be deemed ‘null and void’ because the ADDRESS was not a matter of record and was ‘retracted’.  In such a commercial transaction, the party making the offering and then retracting need not give any ‘cause’ or justification for doing so within a certain period of time.  Thereafter, if Bush had wanted to retract, modify, correct his statements, he would have to do so formally by authority of the Congress, I guess, and ‘amend’ what he had spoken and written for the ADDRESS.

WHO are the “American people” referred to above, that will be subject to scrutiny and evaluated as to their ‘financial literacy’, which under ‘authority of law’ may very well mean that someone in the U.S. oligarchy is going to evaluate your handling of your own financial affairs and if, as a “U.S. citizen” [distinctly different than an American Citizen of the united States of America] you are serving the UNITED STATES corporate ‘PUBLIC TRUST’ and ‘PUBLIC INTEREST’ in a manner consistent with its statutory and/or regulatory proscriptions or standard criteria.  The underlying presumption and assumption, therefore, is exactly what I have been pointing to in the past weeks in my writings about the conversion of the American people into the status of ‘ward of the state’ and ‘incompetent’ or “IOTA”.   PLEASE TAKE THE TIME TO LOOK UP THE WORD.

An incompetent under the ‘law’ must have trustees, guardians, care providers, keepers, surrogate or foster parents if deemed ‘under age’.  For every Birth Certificate in the commercial registry of any federal territorial ‘State’ and within any DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA CORPORATE EXECUTIVE OFFICE, and WITHIN ANY FEDERAL RESERVE BANK WITHIN ANY OF THE TEN FEDERAL RESERVE DISTRICTS, there is an underlying ‘Affidavit’ which is a form of Affidavit of Cause, for the Affiant to have a court of competent authority and jurisdiction declare the subject matter ‘person’ named on the Birth Certificate and who is the subject of the Affidavit declared an IOTA, or in ordinary terms, “IDIOT”.  Now, you’ve got to struggle alittle with this, folks, because you’ve got an IOTA as President and Commander in Chief, operating the entire UNITED STATES and all of its CORPORATE “U.S. ‘citizens’” as if they were ‘incompetent to handle their own affairs”, and who must be declared as such in order to WHAT?   What happens to people who are deemed declared mentally diminished or incompetent?  And, if you have no competent ‘person’ who can or will take ‘charge’ of you, who is going to ‘handle your affairs’ for you??  YOU BETCHA!!  THE BURNING BUSH.

Someone needs to run down last year’s STATE OF THE UNION ADDRESS, and see if it is given.  That same someone should contact the WHITE HOUSE PRESS OFFICE AND ASK FOR A COPY OF THEIR NEWS RELEASE AFTER LAST YEAR’S STATE OF THE UNION ADDRESS WHEREIN BUSH DECLARED OR ORDERED THE ADDRESS ‘RETRACTED’ AND REMOVED AS A MATTER OF RECORD.  This is one of the ways that he and his “staffers” and his V.P. Darth Cheney have avoided further accountability for their misrepresentations of fact before Congress and the  people of the UNITED STATES-DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA, which is most everyone reading this article.

We need to wait and see how the Shrub and his ‘crew’ play this STATE OF THE UNION ADDRESS, if they are sufficiently still empowered to continue through with even one more deception.  This goes to Casper’s closing comment of Jan 24 stated above.  I see no change in ‘business as usual’ which would suggest a change in the regime of law, banking law, political regime, and/or reformation of government.  I see many more reasons to justify it on a daily basis, but I can not find even a hint of it in the information which unfolds for us on a daily basis.  Not in Congress, nor the Courts, or the Executive, and not with the military which is being used for conducting mass genocide in known war zones, as well as working in various covert capacities which are completely hidden to the people and their ‘elected’ representatives.  I see Diebold and Haliburton and the new or old owners of the FRBS and its Principals running the numbers, doing the usual things to maintain power and control, raise the ‘debt cap’, infuse new credit into the flatlined System, and getting ready for REAL I.D. and VERICHIP microwave enhanced mind-control and ‘compliance assurance’ devices.  No compliance means you don’t eat or sleep.  And, if you don’t shape up, they boost the power frequency in the chip and cause it to fracture releasing a toxin or something to cause your premature demise. 

Is NESARA and debt relief for ‘citizens’ a condition precedent to Basel II?  Has anyone investigated this?  Where is it written in Basel II that in order for Basel II to take effect, in the UNITED STATES, or united States of America, NESARA must be pre-announced and made a matter of material fact with full disclosure before the new alleged Treasury Reserve System comes on line, which then provides a ‘safe’ secure and ‘re-instated’ U.S.A. Treasury to be downloaded or in-filled.  REMEMBER, the existing UNITED STATES OF AMERICA which is projected by the ‘UNITED STATES’ out of the DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA is NOT THE REPUBLIC, nor an express trust of the Founders, the original states, or the People.  It is a legal fiction CORPORATION established by Congress and operates primarily out of Peurto Rico for purposes of administrating ‘public debt’ collection via the INTERNAL REVENUE SERVICE.  So, do not allow any ‘announcement’ using the word art or name “united states of america’” to simple remain undisclosed or unchallenged or ‘contested’, without a full disclosure of facts and law in support which can lead to no other conclusion that the Republic is what is being talked about and not the same sounding  CORPORATION or sub-TRUST which sounds the same.  The Illuminati have given every ‘real’ or ‘de jure’ aspect of our lives legal-commercial fiction NAMES.  Each de jure republic country state is now  under the cover of the FOREIGN TRADE ZONE ACT of 1934, and other acts, which caused a new federal State to arise under federal regime, territorial jurisdiction, and ‘law authority’.   Each real man, woman and child is given a legal fiction ‘registration’ name and a certificate of title called a Birth Certificate.   My and your birth name is registered in admiralty venue as a legal-commercial fiction ‘U.S. PERSON’.   The American Union of organic states itself has now been changed from “united States of America”  to “UNITED STATES of America” or ‘UNITED STATES OF AMERICA”, to deceive and to mislead.

In closing, I am severely questioning the idea that Basel II Accord necessitates NESARA; or that there is independent but integral linkage between the two which “makes perfect sense” but which may not be true to fact.   Just because a thing can be spoken time and again does not make it real.  This is an Illuminati Luciferian technique which CHRISTOPHER STORY has pointed out time and again.   “Repeat a lie often enough, and its repetition can be made believable, even when it is a bold faced lie or deception”.   If NESARA does not happen and Basel II is moving forward like a steam roller without any further disclosure to us under regime of the FRBS and the U.S. Lieber Code in full force and effect, it suggests to me that the Burning Bush has quite methodically worked his juju to achieve an actual state of UNDECLARED martial law and that ‘federal statutory-administrative commercial contract admiralty law’ regime shall remain on the scarred face of the land and its people.  And, it further suggests that conditions will continue to degrade into a full blown NAZI FASCIST STATE, which is already predisposed and structured by inter-locking contract/treaty agreements, accords, known and unknown, to operate worldwide for the benefit of those who CLAIM TO BE “Divine Right” Sovereigns on Terran soil AND who claim to have dominion over all the Earth.  Sound like Roman Catholic Jesuit dogma anyone??  Just do a Google on Secret Treaty of Verona, Council of Trent, and others. 

I do not have enough information about Basel II to comment, nor on the current ownership structure and parties to contract with the FRBS and the U.S..   However, I can see how ‘money of specie’ could be ‘made payable to’ or ‘for the benefit of’ “John Quincy Public” [one’s given ‘birth name”] and end up in a U.S. federally chartered or franchised corporate bank on deposit in the name of “JOHN Q PUBLIC” or even ‘JOHN QUINCY PUBLIC”.  By your status alone as a signatory to the ‘bank account agreement’, which is a standard US Treasury Form, unless there has been a change in its construction, you are already agreeing before you even make a deposit, that you are a U.S. person, resident, and ‘citizen’ or a ‘resident alien’, and a ‘tax payer’.  But apart from the tax issue and ramifications of signaturing such a document and contract, one is as a U.S. person and citizen already agreeing to abide by U.S. law.  And, current federal law provides for the immediate or instant procurement of any/all property which is conveyed, deposited, or held on account by or  to any U.S. bank or financial institution, because the NAME OF THE ACCOUNT OWNER AND HOLDER IS THE LEGAL FICTION COMMERCIAL NAME THAT IS THE UNITED STATES FRANCHISE CREATED BY THE UNITED STATES AT THE TIME OF YOUR BIRTH REGISTRATION AND APPLICATION FOR or ASSIGNMENT OF [A ‘VOLUNTARILY ELECTED’ AND  UNDISPUTED] SOCIAL SECURITY ACCOUNT NUMBER.   Even those people that do not participate in Social Security can be claimed or presumed to be [compelled] U.S. ‘citizens’ or ‘resident aliens’ of the DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA, simply by virtue of your status and standing on any commercial registry of any State, which are all federal ‘instrumentalities’.  So, just because Basel II is moving forward does not mean that it cannot fund to any of us as ‘recipient’ ‘acceptors’ or ‘beneficiary’ to an undisclosed express or implied trust.   This government will presume that because you are under contract to it by Birth Registration and Social Security etc etc., it is the owner and holder of YOU as titled property, and it gives you the privilege by license of the SSAN to transact business for it’s benefit, because you are deemed a federal employee, officer, or public official, as well as a proxy-agent for the procurement of property.  By your signing for acceptance of any funds, and opening a depository account in their commercial NAME, you have just agreed that you have acted in accordance with the undisclosed and disclosed terms and conditions of your employment contract, and you have procured said funds as property for the UNITED STATES LEGAL FICTION GOVERNMENT.  And, that may be why the Burning Bush has just created a new Financial Czar to instruct and define your activities in managing funds on account in such a manner as to be consistent with the desired intentions of the regime.  Afterall, under current law, the U.S. owns or has first right of claim on them, which may or may not continue if ‘debt forgiveness’ to Basel II member nations is a hard fact in reality.  That would make sense.  Basel II provides for a debt forgiveness scheme and the new banking system backed by substance ‘on the books’.  But, what of the people of those countries?  If there is no longer any Public Debt, and We the People are not told as much, there is deception at work for another purpose.  If there is not a corresponding return to Constitutional law by virtue of the federal government no longer being subject to lien/levy by virtue of  ‘settlement’, there is deception and FRAUD at work for another purpose.   If there is funding to recipients and nothing has apparently changed, there is definitely no intent that you or I shall enjoy the ‘intrinsic’ benefit of the ‘specie’ money being packed into this jurisdiction within Basel II and within the WTO, GATT, NAFTA, and the imminent announcement of the NORTH AMERICAN UNION.   

If NESARA is not online and effective come Feb 1, and the STATE OF THE UNION has come and gone, and Basel II moves forward even incrementally, we are still in doodoo, folks,and it is getting deeper daily.  I can see how the Burning Bush and Clintonians can conceive to orchestrate U.S. ‘compliance’ with Basel II without wanting or allowing the People to COME OUT FROM UNDER THE BURDEN OF THE CONTRIVED CONSTRUCTIVE FRAUDS PERPETRATED UPON THEM FOR MULTIPLE GENERATIONS, because those in POWER, intend on remaining in POWER OVER THE PEOPLE AND THEIR LANDS AT ANY COST.  Every aspect of the current regime continues to act completely consistent with FASCISM.  The Senate just rejected a proposed bill to give the FISA Court more authority to scrutinize surveillance operations of the UNITED STATES on U.S. persons ‘within the UNITED STATES’, which really means within the DISTRTICT OF COLUMBIA AND THE FEDERAL TERRITORIAL ‘STATES’.   The Supreme Court just denied We The People Foudation its Petition for Writ of Redress.  The Supreme Court refused to hear the recent case for relief wherein certified Congressional Archive records clearly show that Title 18 “U.S. Criminal Code” was never passed into law by strict Constitutional proceedings in the House and Senate.  It is a Star Chamber ‘private law’ ‘code’, and it is used to extort ‘value’ or ‘substance’ in the form of monetary ‘judgment orders’ of the federal courts on a daily basis.  It is a form of ‘economic activity’ and it is or should be part of the GNP of the published statistics of the U.S., because it is all ‘monetary’ production expressed in ‘real’ terms in FRN’s.

Everything we can see and hear tells me that the Burning Bush is operating a steam roller and a crane with a monster wrecking ball on it.  And, it is being used without restraint against us daily.  Pray for NESARA, expect the best, and be willing to forgive and accept if it does not arrive.  I smell a skunk in the wood pile.