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 Dear Patrick, Anne, and Fourwinds Group:

I have been contemplating what we now know  ‘at law’ and in re: the “legal memory” of the Nation and the People.  I have been contemplating the fact of Basel II, the blowout of the ‘debt balloon’, the “exhaustion of the FRN” or ‘U.S. dollar” as a valueless fiat “debt as money” currency.  I have thought about how it is now comprehensively conclusive per the Davos Conference, as of the end of this week, the FRN is no longer deemed the ‘preferred reserve currency’ of nations.  I do not know if commodities contracts, including gold and oil, are still expressed primarily or exclusively in FRN’s or not, but the spike in the price of gold and oil, as with other commodities traded until recently exclusively in FRN’s, certainly seems indicative of a discretionary or compelled eroding dependence on the FRN.

I am going to venture out and offer a bold hypothetical or speculation:   With all of the information that has been brought to bear inside Federal-State offices and judicial and administrative proceedings by people who are seeking to re-assert or affirm their Lost Rights under the Bill of Rights, I would say that ‘we’ are getting attention for sure.  Even the judiciary has regular gatherings or strategy meetings to devise new ways to impede our access to the ‘law’ within their courts, and to offset, negate, or neutralize our use of legal proceedings for various related ‘cause’, ‘remedy’, and ‘relief’.   Their courts all act more and more like Star Chamber proceedings or what I call “marsupial [kangaroo] courts”.

I also believe that we are getting more attention than we may realize by posting and coming to understand certain definitive information about the nature and character of the UNITED STATES, its courts, its admiralty rules, its commercial-contract and banking ‘laws’ or Code, and how “status”, “standing”, and “capacity” of any man or woman designated as a receiver or ‘acceptor’ of Program funds has everything to do with how we and these funds are treated.  It is vitally important that each person receiving anything not inadvertently and unwittingly prejudice, diminish, or injure him/her self, by presumed or actual “waiver” of any rights.   This can be presumed to occur by simple failure to “Reserve All Rights”, and failure to make clear and certain that one is performing an execution of documents of “constructive receipt” [a statutory and commercial term]  “within” or “without” the “UNITED STATES” or the “united States of America”.  There can be no doubt that our inherent Constitutionally protected inalienable Rights have been subverted and contraverted.  Until recently, most of us have been reduced to mere ‘wage slaves’ operating for the benefit of the UNITED STATES and its Principals, using only instruments of indebtedness [FRN’s] “on the plantation” to ‘discharge obligations’ in commerce, while creating more “DEBT AS MONEY” in the System on a daily basis by our “credit agreements’. 

I think it very possible that the AWAKENING OF THE PEOPLE to the many revelations about their ‘STATUS’, ‘STANDING’, and ‘CAPACITY’, may be effecting how the POWERS are dealing with the funding issue.  It may, as an aggregate effect, have much to do with the construction of documents, spelling of ‘payee’ designates, how accounts of record are procedurally and technically to be created etc.  It also goes to the status, character, and nature of U.S. Federal-State chartered banks, which are all “instrumentalities” of the UNITED STATES CORPORATION-DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA having “federal character”.  

I believe it was intended by those in control of the UNITED STATES at this time of funding, that the funding to us ordinary folks would download into the ‘UNITED STATES’ and its FEDERAL TREASURY, by virtue of most of us being deemed to be ‘U.S. citizens’, ‘resident alien taxpayers’, and “U.S. persons”, who are deemed ‘domiciled’ ‘within the District of Columbia’, and further deemed to have no absolute rights whatsoever, only privileges.  The U.S. government could reasonably presume that it could get away with treating all monies coming into any of its UST-FRBS corporate banks, and “procure”, seize, convert, or otherwise treat our funds as its property without giving any consideration, or having any duty to treat any of us or our ‘money’ any differently than it has under Lieber Code occupation since the time of Lincoln-Johnson.  In short, Leo Wanta’s money was stolen for reasons that defy explanation and the greed factor, and it still seemingly has not been made right.  Our money, when it comes, will also be treated as if we had no right to it in the first place, and as if it is already property procured by and for the UNITED STATES and its Principals in London, Rome, etc.

WE ARE COMING OUT, PEOPLE.   Our new understanding must be in the air, and those in authority here and abroad cannot now treat us with the same disdain, CONTEMPT, INDIFFERENCE, and ‘pack mule’ attitude about how we are to serve this greater process of grounding and in-filling the new money as new energy into the new System.   We are not pack mules, although we are likely being used as such.   That much we can do nothing about.  It is certain that the Dark Hearts will only make every effort to subvert, contra-vert, extort, and procure the full ‘real value’ of our funds for themselves and their institutions within their POWER structure.  If that construct remains the same, our funds will be downloaded or in-taken by U.S. corporations that are under full regulatory control of the BEAST.   Even if we were to go into one of it’s bank corporations and attempt to open a non-interest bearing private account without a Social Security or other federal tax I.D. No., say on a standard Treasury IRS Form W8BEN, they will still be able to convert the private real man’s signature to the presumed legal fiction signatory fiduciary capacity for the UNITED STATES, because the standard form has traps and holes in its constructive language, such as “beneficial owner of account”.   Although this word art is not found within the Internal Revenue Code, and is only found in limited use within Treasury Regulations, it still means ‘domiciled within the DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA, which further means ‘resident alien’, ‘U.S. person’ ‘employee’, ‘citizen’ etc. 

I believe we are coming out of the Land of the PHARO, we are in EXODUS, and we must leave the UNITED STATES en mass, either by negotiated ‘release’, which is what Moses is alleged to have done for his people, or one by one by legal-commercial means within their Law of Babylon system.   IF NESARA is announced, then someone has negotiated our release for us, presumably.   This will not be ascertained until the announcement has been made and we have had time to review the guts of the ‘law’……not until.  This is about coming out as “lawful” “private”  “real” men and women, with one’s sovereign Rights in-tact, and recognized by International Courts and Foreign Sovereigns of the world and community of nations.  It is about being “re-instated” as the  “Sovereign without subjects” that each of us are.  And, it is about no longer being affixed or attached to nor reduced to the mere status of a “commercial” ‘vehicle’ or ‘agency’ which is a ‘legal-fiction’ “franchise’ having only limited liability and diminished limited capacity to act for the U.S. EXECUTIVE CONSTRUCTIVE TRUST.

We must come out of being “occupied” and being treated as an “enemy of the STATE” which occupies us and our land.  Those in control of funding should not have intended, if they do indeed intend such, that we would remain in ignorance of our private commercial rights, status, standing, and capacity, and by so doing, we likely could be presumed to just act in accordance with proscribed verbal or written instructions without ever reserving rights, or asserting our native national indigenous status as a FREE-BORN FREEMAN ON THE LAND of America.  This error is not something that I intend to make, nor is it one that they can cause or compel us to make.  NO ONE can compel you to ever waive any inherent, commercial, inalienable, or other right…….ever.   And, no one can cause or compel you to sign your name, if it is not spelled exactly as you spell it or your parents spelled it for you when you were “named” at birth.  Your name is one of the very first forms of ‘inherited’ property and right or title, to yourself.  Do not allow any commercial venue or commercial ‘person’ ie. ‘government’ or ‘corporation’ to ever distort, steal, misrepresent, or mischaracterize WHO AND WHAT YOU ARE.   EVER!!  Cause them to change the wording of their documents and forms and records of account if they are incorrect in any manner, and if they are constructed in any manner that causes one to be prejudiced, diminished, or to lose any thing of value, including your real name and ‘identity’, by virtue and fact of their intended deceptions, inducements, constructions, and misrepresentations as to fact or law. 

You KNOW WHO YOU ARE.   And, it is time to act as that, not ‘as if’ you were that.  My speculation is that maybe our funding has been diverted by those in a position to cause problems, because they cannot as easily get away with the planned “procurement” of our property under their existing “no rights, no status, no standing, no capacity’” presumed ‘incompetent” ‘ward of the state’ predisposition toward and treatment of us.  If Leo Wanta did not accept their presumed authority to abuse and mistreat his funds, there is no better example of why anyone of us should do any different.