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COMMENTS: Lieber Code Authority Underscores The United States Since Lincoln


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Dear Patrick:

I have thought it over and agree that the below comments to you should likely be posted as “COMMENTS: LIEBER CODE AUTHORITY UNDERSCORES THE UNITED STATES SINCE LINCOLN”…..something like that.  I will locate my Lieber Code folder and send on a few pertinent provisions which will leave no doubt in any reader’s mind about how significant that military ‘law authority’ is, and how it’s effect allowed for so much to be done outfront as well as behind the scene without any notice or disclosure given.  As ‘occupied’ people, we were not entitled to any disclosure, and our  so called elected officials or representatives have known this all along, and likely came under Lieber Code n.d. of some type.  The only conclusion I can come to after studying all of this, including the Reconstruction Acts and the erroneous 14th Amendment is that the War and all post-war events were created for purposes of usurping and converting the Republic Union of several states and to jump start the ‘federal’ centralized ‘UNITED STATES’, operating as a corporation within the DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA, under LIEBER CODE MILITARY AUTHORITY adopted by Lincoln and never rescinded.  Hence, even though Lincoln’s immediate successor, Andrew Johnson, knew of the effectiveness of the LIEBER CODE, Lincoln was the one who invoked it, and after Lincoln’s demise, Johnson probably ‘got the message’ not to mess with that area of ‘law’.  No way of knowing for sure, but it has not been rescinded or revoked, and remains operative everywhere the U.S. [and the FRN?] goes.



Dear Patrick and Ann:

Please accept my sincere apology for writing such a long ‘commentary’ as I did late last night.  If I don’t get it ‘out’, it just percolates until I do.  Then, I cannot sleep, so I wanted to just stay with it last night. 

For some reason, I really feel it important to know how those pkts are name-addressed and how the accounts are to be constructed.  Private banking is completely different in other countries than the idea of private banking in the “United Staes”.  There is NO such thing for Americans, because there are no longer any ‘American Citizens’ as a matter of law.  Years ago, either the House or Senate, or both, passed a Resolution determining and concluding that there no longer existed any ‘state nationals’ of the American Union, aka united States of Ameica, because virtually everyone had [voluntarily] become ‘U.S. citizens’, ie. “domiciled within the DoC”.  This is based largely on their having been registered at birth and applying for Social Security benefits, but the hidden thing is where the conversion of status, standing, and capacity takes place. 

The named  ‘beneficiary’ is not the real person whose birth is registered and whose signature is on the application Form SS-5,  or whose signature will be applicable to any/all transactions of any commercial nature in the future, including any form of ‘work’ or ‘labor’ type transaction for ‘payment’ or ‘compensation’.  A FRN is not a thing of value, and is evidence of only debt.  It has never conveyed any thing of value to anyone agreeing to accept them for labor or services or for any tangible thing.  The tax is applicable to the transaction because FRN’s are a commodity themselves, and we accept them as consideration which carries an inherent hidden contractual obligation or ‘duty’ to pay a tax on their use, not because they have any  inherent or intrinsic value, but because  they are used and belong, as property, to the FRB and the UST CORPORATIONS.

I have a few things I will send on later which will help to clarify what I have already written about re: the wrongful conversion of the ‘real’ into the ‘commercial fiction’ FRANCHISE ‘PERSON’ which is a U.S. agency and property thereof. That is why I asked the questions about how those pkts are designed and ‘made to’ or ‘for the benefit of’, or if any ‘payee’ designation on face of any doc or instrument is in ALL CAPS or upper/lower.  I would never sign anything if the pre-printed face of the docs is expressing an ALL CAPS name that sounds like Me but is not Me, but the US ‘PERSON’ of Account within the IMF-UST-FRB System.  That is what needs to be gone, so that we as real men/women can conduct our commercial affairs privately, as ‘private bankers’, in our private capacity as ‘national bank associates’.  I will have to send you one of my documents for private inspection so that you can get the ‘law’ of it in greater detail.

Also, if anyone signs their docs and does not do an explicit Reservation of Rights, as per UCC 1-308, 1-207:9, and 1-103, as well as make it completely clear that one is also signing from ‘without the United States’ per 28 USC, 1746(1), one may be presumed to have waived what is not explicitly reserved, and to have executed ‘within the United States’ ie. DoC, for failure to verify under oath that the execution taking place is ‘outside the US’ and ‘within the USA’.

I cannot address the issue of how to execute these docs, because we do not have enough information.  If one executes docs within the USA on the land, it will have to be on North Carolina country-republic, or Georgia country-republic or whatever.  If one executes ‘in’ State of North Carolina or State of Georgia or whatever, you are still ‘in’ the UNITED STATES, and not ‘in’ the uSA by virtue of being ‘on’ the land of a given de jure republic country or ‘state’.  Dense stuff, but it was constructed to be dense in order to be indiscernible to the common eye and common understanding.  Word play, linguistics, word art, and semantics…..and it is always used against us. That is why we need to find out more from someone who may know, how are these names of account or record constructed.  One would never want to admit to being a ‘citizens of the United States’ or a ‘resident’ or a ‘beneficial owner’ of any Account.  That would all be statutory ‘U.S.’ territorial commercial admiralty ‘law’ and it is a trap……just more of the same.  One would have to ‘object’ and ‘correct’ the record, line through the ‘error’, look for ‘omissions’ or ‘deletions’, make the corrections, ‘circle and initial’ beside each and every instance of incorrect NAMING and use of words.  It may be the whole damn document and instruction pkg is designed to deceive.  That’s how they got us to register our children at birth and our real property on the ‘public registry’ and apply for Social Security benefits in the first place, even though we, as people outside the DoC, are NOT entitled to SS, unless we go get a job in any capacity with the U.S. fed corp.  Then, you have contracted to be treated as an ‘employee or officer’, and you have just compromised your inalienable status until you un-contract. 

I cannot imagine the Farm Claimants who are still alive not being advised of these things in advance.  The real intention of those who created the docs and instruments ‘for deposit’ and who have set up the accounts etc. will be instantly obvious to me as soon as I get my hands on them.  If it is not clear what regime of law and commercial [property rights] underlies the intended transaction, and if it is not clear that the offer to contract is made to the real man instead of the ‘fiction’ ‘person’, then one has to be prepared to state an ‘objection’ ‘refuse for cause’ [of error, omission, or deletion], and then make the corrections as a ‘counter offer’ to contract for acceptance.  Otherwise, all one is doing is accepting their terms and conditions and their presumptions on the face of what is presented, and it may be to the benefit of some other than you.

I will consider your inquiry about posting that material from last night.  I don’t want to overamp anyone or cause more emotional stress than already exists