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Charles Miller

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by Charles Miller

February 8th 2020


  1. Is the Second Amendment an order to all public servants state and federal, barring trespass of any nature or kind on the good People concerning the People’s right to protection of law under the Second Amendment, the Law of the Land, as contained in the Bill of Rights which controls the United States Constitution?
  2. Does the Second Amendment Law of the good People destroy all jurisdiction of any and all public servants, Legislative, Judicial or Executive, over the subject matter of the Second Amendment?
  3. Does the lack of delegation of Legislative power to the Congress Assembled, Article section 8, the failure to identify the good People, the beneficiaries of and source to all government authorities or powers, as subject to United States Legislative acts, VOID gun legislation?
  4. Does the fact that jurisdiction over both subject matter and persons concerning the Second Amendment, which is not authorized by law of the Constitution, VOID all acts of governments that limit Second Amendment Rights.
  5. Is it SLAVERY, INVOLUNTARY SERVITUDE TO GOVERNMENT, if gun laws are forced upon any American with out fully informed consent and agreement to be regulated and waive rights under the law of the Second Amendment.
  6. When federal or state government servants act without subject matter and personal jurisdiction, fully disclosing their limits of power or authority showing valid lawful Legislative and Constitutional authorities, are they committing a Constitutional Tort, a breach of oath and contract, Civil Rights violations rising to FELONIES?

No one is above the law and crooks, particularly government crooks, only get away when the good People do nothing.


The federal forms, AO 91, Criminal Complaint notarized and sent to a judge, and a form 95 TORT CLAIM, against the tortfeasor stealing your rights under the law, filed both in the court and on employment records, at the same time, are waiting to be used.


What has any gun owner or American to loose?


What to gain?

Charles Miller -