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Dudley Brown

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Sent: Tuesday, June 25, 2019, 9:05:38 PM MDT

National Foundation for Gun Rights



With the possibility of a U.S. Supreme Court battle right around the corner, I’ve been telling our attorneys the same thing for months now.


Every time they alert me to a new legal attack, I tell them there’s just no way we can take on another court fight right now. A million dollar Supreme Court fight is likely all we can handle considering our current resources.


But I’m afraid the stack of legal briefs sitting on my desk right now -- detailing an unprecedented legal assault on our Second Amendment freedoms -- has forced me to reconsider.


Melody, the Gun Control Lobby’s legal sharks smell blood in the water.


And with the fight for 2020 already heating up, they’d love nothing more than to wipe Second Amendment supporters off the map as a political power, and force gun control down our throats by any means necessary.


I’ll explain exactly what we’re facing shortly. But first, please note that I’ve told my attorneys I will not make any decisions on how to proceed until June 30th in hopes I will hear from 100% of our supporters by then.


The clock is ticking and I am counting on your immediate action.


As you’ll see, focusing solely on one area of legal battles means leaving the door open for the gun grabbers. But without a massive influx of funds, I’m not sure I have any other choice.


The truth is, the timing could hardly be worse for us to be forced into a decision like this.


As I write you, I’m still waiting on a ruling from the notoriously anti-gun Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals -- a case that will have massive ramifications for Second Amendment supporters nationwide.


Will the Ninth Circuit stand with the gun grabbers who are going all out to shut us up and shut us down, DEMANDING the names and addresses of every one of our members and supporters?


Or will the panel of judges presiding over our case (made up entirely of Clinton appointees) rule to protect our First Amendment freedoms -- and strike down dozens of laws around the country that are designed to gag Second Amendment supporters?


I think you and I can read the writing on the wall here.


Should the gun grabbers chalk up a win at the Ninth Circuit, my only option to stave off disaster for Second Amendment supporters across the country would be to challenge this case before the United States Supreme Court!


As I’ve told you, that could cost upwards of a million dollars. And, I can’t say we have the money in the bank to pay for it all.


But a ruling in this case could be handed down any day.


And sadly, this isn’t the only case that concerns me right now.


At the state level, there are numerous cases your National Foundation for Gun Rights is tracking, including:

>>> Washington, D.C.’s BAN on residents purchasing firearms anywhere but in the District itself.


Currently, Washington, D.C. residents can legally buy a gun from only one person, and he charges so much money, it’s out of reach to most people. Now, D.C. politicians are forbidding citizens from buying guns anywhere else!


It’s no accident why this is happening. Anti-gun politicians are looking for every way possible to make owning a gun in D.C. virtually impossible while residents’ “right” to own a gun remains on the books to make federal courts happy!

>>> Bans prohibiting any gun store from opening for business.


Some localities are claiming the Second Amendment doesn’t protect the right to engage in firearms sales!


Just like Washington, D.C., they’re effectively claiming, “Sure, you have the right to own a gun. We’ll just make sure there’s no way you can actually get one!”

>>> California’s regulation that states the only guns you can buy are firearms that don’t exist!


In this case currently before the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals, gun grabbers are attempting to create a “micro-stamping” requirement handguns must meet in order to be legal in California.


But exactly ZERO handguns meet these requirements. If this assault is allowed to stand, it would pave the way for gun grabbers to ban ALL firearms.

I know many folks who don’t live in anti-gun prisons like San Francisco or Washington, D.C. might think, “Big deal. I don’t live there -- and don’t even like to visit.”


But the anti-gun authoritarians who run these cities don’t just want to run their citizens’ lives -- they want to run yours too!


Allowing these UNCONSTITUTIONAL assaults to remain on the books will encourage others states and localities to follow suit -- and discourage the courts from striking them down.


So if you think we should turn up the heat on the gun grabbers’ growing radicalism, and shut them down in court, please click here and make a generous donation to the National Foundation for Gun Rights TODAY!


If $50 is possible, please agree to give that much.


If you’ve ever thought about giving more -- perhaps $100 -- don’t wait until another time. Please give generously now.


I know these dollar amounts are a lot to ask for, but this is serious. And every dollar you can give to the National Foundation for Gun Rights is TAX-DEDUCTABLE.


If at all possible, please respond by June 30th, so I can take your direction into account.


And if $50 is just too much to ask for right now, please give as generously as you can -- whether that’s $35, $20 or if it must be, for now, less.


I can’t stand the thought of leaving any battle to the gun grabbers. But I also know that without your support, nothing we do would be possible.


So please click here by June 30th and to make your generous TAX-DEDUCTIBLE contribution of $50, $35 or $20 TODAY!


For Freedom,


Dudley Brown

Executive Director

National Foundation for Gun Rights


P.S. I have only until June 30th to make a decision about our ongoing legal programs, and I’m worried I’m going to have to make cuts.


Doing so means leaving the door wide open for the gun grabbers’ attacks, which could be disastrous, so I need your advice.


Many state-level court cases being heard in courts around the country will have affect the Second Amendment rights of all Americans, but we need your help to get involved and shut down their attempts to erode our Second Amendment rights behind our backs.


So please click here to make your generous, TAX-DEDUCTABLE, contribution to the National Foundation for Gun Rights today.


Whether you can give $100, $50 or even just $35 it will go a long way towards helping defend our gun rights in the courts.



The National Foundation for Gun Rights Inc. (NFGR) is a public charity, with status from the IRS under section 501(c)(3). Donations to NFGR may qualify as a charitable deduction for federal income tax purposes.