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In just a matter of days, over 8 million patriots have watched Virginia House of Delegates member, Nick Freitas, drop a truth bomb -- exposing the gun control lobby and their radical agenda -- from the floor in Virginia's General Assembly.


As a Green Beret, Nick Freitas fought to defend Freedom for Americans, and is seeking to defeat Hillary's hand-picked former running-mate, Senator Tim Kaine.


After watching the video, you'll see why pro-Liberty champions like Sen. Mike Lee and myself have endorsed Nick Freitas.


Click here and watch it before it's too late.



Do not delete this email or save it for later.


A video like this has the potential to change the national narrative on the gun control debate.


So click here to watch it right away.


After you watch, please forward this email to your friends and family members immediately.


In Liberty,



Rand Paul, MD

United States Senator (R-KY)


P.S. Grassroots support and early financial contributions are vital for victory.


Whether you're one of the special few who can contribute the maximum legal contribution of $2,700 ($5,400 per couple), or whether $100, $50, or $25 is a sacrifice for you, I hope you will pitch in what you can afford to Nick's campaign.