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So far in 2017

Dudleu Brown

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4-19 -17

You are truly making a difference in taking our Country back from the gun grabbers.

So far this year your National Association for Gun Rights, with your help, has been able to:

>>> Confirm Justice Neil Gorsuch, a true Pro-Gun constitutionalist, to the Supreme Court.

>>> Stop Obama’s Social Security Gun Ban, protecting the gun rights of hundreds of thousands (possibly millions) of Social Security recipients.

>>> Stopped Obama’s infamous last-minute Lead Ammo Ban that would have banned 95% of all ammo from being used on any federal land.

>>> Passed Constitutional Carry Legislation in both New Hampshire and North Dakota, finally removing the shackles of government control over those states’ right to bear arms.

These wins were only possible with your support, and the support of the millions of other NAGR members and supporters.

We were at the front lines in all of these wins, and were only able to get these done with your support.

It was your petitions, phone calls, emails, postcards, and generous contributions that truly made the difference.

Politicians in Washington D.C., and in states across the country are in full notice of your National Association for Gun Rights, and they truly realize that Second Amendment supporters are not going away.

In fact, on top of these wins, we have made great progress in many other states.

Take Texas for example -- just last month I gave them a visit to testify in favor of Constitutional Carry bill HB 375, sponsored by pro-gun champion Rep. Jonathan Stickland.