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Trump, You just did the most amazing thing

Williaj Mount / M

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This is fantastic news for me personally and for a mass amount of others.  I've numerous numerous numerous mentioned and reported, for yearsssss, against the corruption that's happening within the city, county, states and courts.  They are stealing, pocketing grant money and not doing their jobs but steering the grant money for their own benefit rather than what's it's suppose to be utilized for, in too many areas.  My understanding is they usually do use some for what it's meant for, their escape goat procedure, give 25% and pocket 75% idea.  Then they share the corruption ideas they do for others to follow. 

Figure the corrupt courts and players also learn from the criminals.  One older example was another finding a computer transmission (the person hacked) where the county metro dept was telling other counties how they succeeded in keeping dead and fired people on the payroll records to collect extra grant money, (HUD and others caught doing similar).  Another found a massive slush fund, that all the fund was, was a box controlled by the county, with $$$billions$$$$ going into this box controlled by the county, a massive slush fund.  The person who told me worked with the person that originally located this fund, believe MV is now dead. 

I found here a very well known group pocketing grant money that was suppose to help the seniors and non profits/businesses, told their manager and gave her the dollar amount after them saying they had no money, forced her to start the services, she admitted she knew the scam to me  - busted.  I found prior phony businesses being made to collect the grant money or for rerouting purposes.  I even found where lawyers and in this case a corrupt judge was steering money to offshore account controlled by a very private trust account organization.  The Family Court is a major on collecting and stealing this money, same with the probate court, they know how to work the system with slush funds for payoffs/bribe money.  There is a mass amount of scams.  The system is rigged and people don't even realize.  M