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Justin Amash: Letís Close Loophole That Lets U.S. Sell Guns to Syrian Rebels

Robby Soave

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Libertarian Congressman responds to President Obama's executive order on guns.

January 07, 2016 "Information Clearing House" - "Reason"- While numerous skeptics of the idea that stronger gun control would meaningfully curb mass shootings or reduce murders have assailed President Obama's proposed executive action on guns as foolhardy, Rep. Justin Amash formulated a different criticism of the plan. He tweeted:

Perhaps an overlooked loophole in the gun debate is the one that permits the federal government to sell weapons to Syrian rebels without an up-to-date declaration of war against the opposing forces of ISIS and Bashar al-Assad.

As for violence in the U.S., Amash wrote that the government should focus on "conditions that lead to violence: mental health issues, lack of economic opportunity, unfair criminal justice system," rather than gun control.

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