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Parler Announces ‘Special Arrangement’ With Melania Trump

Sally Kent

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Social media network Parler announced on Wednesday it is embarking on a “special arrangement” with former first lady Melania Trump.

The Hill reports:

Parler said that Trump would share “exclusive communications on Parler,” noting it is already powering her blockchain technology and nonfungible token platform,

In a statement, Trump lauded the social network, which she said “empowers its users to foster productive discourse.”

“I am excited and inspired by free speech platforms that give direct communication to people worldwide. Parler has been on the forefront of utilizing Web3 technology and empowers its users to foster productive discourse,” the former first lady said.

“In the time that Parler and Mrs. Trump have been working together, we have found a new level of productivity and engagement with both her, her team, and her brand,” Parler CEO George Farmer said in a statement. “Parler is excited to take this step forward with her and continues to build out its product offering to support her professional evolution as one of the world’s leading icons.”

The former first lady still has active Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram accounts but it’s unclear if her partnership with Parler will affect her activity on those platforms.