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COMING SOON: These Trump Executive Orders


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Trump is bringing some new executive orders to the table very soon and these will bring lots of changes and fulfill more campaign promises. Mark Meadows, Trump’s Chief of Staff, has come out with some hints as to what is about to go down in the coming weeks. From immigration to taking on China here are some of the executive orders to come:

China will be targeted by one of Trump’s new executive orders, the reason for this is likely to be manufacturing and bringing American made jobs back to America. This would be big for the president and his 2020 campaign. This is something that America needs, it would stop our reliance on China for important goods and it would ensure there are plenty of jobs for Americans.

Another executive order we are bound to get is an order on immigration. This was a key part of Trump’s campaign in 2016 and will likely come into play in 2020 considering the rapid acceleration the left has had into open borders policy. Would you like to see the president advance his immigration agenda via executive order?

Prescription drug prices are another target for executive orders according to Mark Meadows. This is a serious issue that affects almost everyone and is especially bad for seniors and those who have serious medical conditions. If Trump could pull this off it would be a major win for America!