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REVEALED: Trump considered using military 'tanks' and ordered helicopters to blast protesters with their downdraft as hundreds of soldiers armed with BAYONETS are deployed to Washington

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  • Defense officials revealed Trump inquired about the use of military vehicles 
  • President asked about 'tanks' or other 'hardware' that could help restore order   
  • Trump also called for helicopters to blast protesters with their downdraft as a 'show of force' against demonstrators
  •  Twitter footage showed demonstrators quaking beneath deafening gusts
  • Hundreds of army soldiers armed with bayonets arrived at two military bases near Washington on Tuesday evening 
President Donald Trump considered using 'tanks' or other armored military vehicles to help restore order in the US after violent protests broke out across the country for a sixth night, defense officials have revealed. 
As protests over the death of George Floyd enter their second week, Trump has threatened to deploy active duty military across the country to quell the unrest.  
On Monday, law enforcement officials pushed hundreds of protesters out of Washington's Lafayette Park, ahead of the district's 7pm curfew.
A senior White House official, who spoke on the condition of anonymity, revealed on Tuesday that Trump hoped to make the aggressive action in Washington an example for the rest of the country.
Two Pentagon officials also told AP that the president had ordered .......