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Kelly Walsh

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Donald Trump

Thousands of migrants marched through Central America because they thought invading the United States would be child’s play.

They expected a replay of when Barack Obama rolled out the red carpet and they waltzed right into the country.

But Trump just dropped the hammer on the caravan with these nine jaw dropping words.

Americans could not believe their eyes.

Video footage from the Southern border showed hundreds of migrants trying to stampede into America.

Thousands more illegal aliens marshaled behind to see if bum-rushing America’s Southern border was a viable strategy to enter the country.

When Border Patrol agents carried out their duty to defend America’s sovereignty, violent thugs fired rocks and other life-threatening projectiles at them.

Video of the battle at the border rocketed around social media and shocked the nation’s conscience into reality that the President had only until December 7th to get funding for the Department of Homeland Security.

These images were seared into the minds of Americans at the worst possible time for the migrants in the caravan—and their enablers in the Democrat Party.

Trump knows this is his last chance to win funding for the border wall until after the 2020 election.

So he ramped up his warnings about the nightmare America faces from unchecked illegal immigration.

“We will close the entire Southern border if necessary,” Trump declared.

Trump also tweeted:

We would save Billions of Dollars if the Democrats would give us the votes to build the Wall. Either way, people will NOT be allowed into our Country illegally! We will close the entire Southern Border if necessary. Also, STOP THE DRUGS!

Many Democrats thought they held the high ground in this fight.

They counted on Trump backing down in the face of the American people delivering the Democrats a 40-seat gain in the House that gave Nancy Pelosi the Speaker’s gavel.

But Trump held firm.

He met with Republican Congressional leaders and everyone agreed to draw the line on demanding five billion dollars to begin construction on the border wall.

Democrats already lost the first skirmish in this fight.

Republicans wanted to pass a two-week stop because they did not want a government shutdown fight taking place while services honoring former President George H.W. Bush took place.

Nancy Pelosi demanded a one-week delay.

But Democrats caved to Republican demands and agreed to a two-week delay, setting the deadline to fund the government for December 21st.

This defeat infuriated Democrats.

“We don’t need to extend this forever,” a House Democratic whined to Politico. “What do we get out of kicking it an extra two weeks? The delay should be short, and the shorter it is, the more likely it’s going to force a resolution. … We would prefer as soon as possible.”

And with the funding deadline taking place just four days before Christmas, along with Trump’s threat to shut down the Southern border completely, there’s even more pressure on Senate Democrats to fold and provide the votes to fund Trump’s border wall.