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Dear President Trump, my President by Charles Miller

Charles Miller

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Presented to the White House via web site invitation to speak to our President, August, 5, 2018, 8:15 AM Pacific time.

Dear President Trump, my President,

I approach you as trustee holding my property, my political will, the exercise of my right to choose the political forum which I inhabit.

Thus, this presentment is a Beneficiaries Letter of Wishes to the trustee sitting as CEO over the executive branch of the United States as a government.

Will you please use your TWEET mastery to identify the basic facts and law charging ALL DOJ and FBI officers and employees for what they are, THIEVES, and coconspirators to THEFT, in possession of or supporting possession of STOLEN PROPERTY.

All records created by any government office or agency are government property.

There is no function of government allowing any employee to keep any of their work product sequestered in any manner when lawful authority demands that work product, public records, be produced.

Every American knows when you pay some one to work for you their work product is your property.

The U.S. government pays every DOJ and FBI employee, provides the buildings, equipment to perform their functions.

When the DOJ, FBI employees refuse to provide full, complete records of their actions they are STEALING from their employer which ultimately puts the People at risk of an altered form of government. The federal statutes define the result of THEFT of public property by government employees as a high crime.

THEFT is defined as keeping the rightful owner from his property.

You will be discharging your duties faithfully by informing the American People, your employer, that DOJ, FBI and other agencies employees are committing THEFT from the People and their government.

The American People will understand this perfectly.


Charles Miller