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Michael Flynn is gone.  Steve Bannon is gone.  So is Sebastian Gorka.  The National Security Council has been purged of Trump loyalists Rich Higgins, Derek Harvey, and Ezra Watnick Cohen.  One reason was their recognition and public use of the term radical Islamic terrorism.

President Trump’s family’s access to him is being limited.  And, now President Trump’s lifelong bodyguard and great friend – the first person he talks to in the morning and the last one at night – Keith Schiller – has been pressured to resign by anti-Trump forces.

One by one Trump loyalists have been eliminated from positions where the president could bask in their support.  Trump is now almost totally isolated.

His last two speeches concerning radical Islamic terrorism – one where he announced his decision on handling Afghanistan and at yesterday’s 9/11 remembrance – failed to include the term radical Islamic terrorism.

This is not the same Donald Trump that we voted for.  He is sounding increasingly like his predecessor.

Donald Trump has always been his own man.  Something is going on behind the scenes because Trump would otherwise never allow this to happen.

Steve Bannon, Trump’s trusted campaign CEO and chief strategist recalled Senate Majority Leader and Swamp Monster Mitch McConnell’s first words to the new president:

“‘I don’t want to hear any more of this “drain the swamp” talk.’”