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A Good Start

Samuel Adams

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March 1, 2016

It happens occasionally…local law enforcement stands up to the federal government. In this case, Elkhart County, Indiana sheriff stood up to the FDA for harassing a farmer selling raw milk. A letter threatening to arrest them for trespassing and telling them that he needs to be informed of any further action they take beforehand was all it took to get the feds off the farmer’s back for good. That was four years ago.

All it took was a letter from the sheriff and the feds have left the farmer alone.

Because it’s so simple, so good, so right and so easy. The story has received new attention, because the sheriff was asked about it and wrote about it for the local newspaper.

It’s not like he did something so spectacular, daring and bold. He wrote a letter and they backed off. Why can’t sheriffs across the country write a letter? How many injustices do the feds commit? And all it would take is a letter from a lesser magistrate.

This is what we need, and it’s exactly what is not happening. This is why the local cops are just as bad and tyrannical as Ruth Bader Ginsburg and Obama. They do what they’re told almost always, whether it’s right or wrong, as if they have no idea what right or wrong is.

If this kind of thing happened regularly and often, (because it needs to happen often), if this type of story was old hat, we could take this country back. But until then…FB_IMG_1441597484967