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Wyoming Enacts Legislation That Bans Confiscation of Guns

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Thanks for all your hard work! The bill we alerted you about -- HB 0057 -- has been signed into law by Governor Dave Freudenthal (D).

This bill would change state law to prohibit the confiscation of  firearms and ammunition during a state of emergency when such persons are lawfully possessing or carrying their weapons.

The bill -- introduced by Rep. Allen Jaggi (R-Lyman) -- passed the state house in February, and earlier this month breezed through the senate.

As we have mentioned before, HB 0057 is an extremely important piece of legislation. The Jaggi bill was introduced following egregious examples of anti-gun misbehavior by the New Orleans police during the "state of emergency" there. This new law will ensure the same thing doesn't ever happen in Wyoming.

Thanks again.