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Jim Stone

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NOT RUMOR: Brazil's new president vows to fight "Marxist garbage" and the climate change hoax.

Jair Bolsonaro, Brazil's new president (who was "mysteriously" shot by a "street thug" but lived) has vowed to clean the Communist trash out of Brazil's universities, and start having the universities instill family values instead. Additionally, he's not going for the climate change hoax which means Brazil probably won't be going along with any carbon tax.

Folks, this is crucial. In America, there is Trump and they are doing all they can to destroy him. In Mexico, there is Obrador, and it is against the law here to lie in the media and in politics the way Trump is getting bashed in the U.S. (all these politicians openly overtly attacking Trump would be instantly ousted in Mexico) and now, in Brazil there is Jair Bolsonaro, who is yet another mirror image. There is now a triad of presidents in the three most important countries of the Americas that have pissed off the elite and said no to the New World Order. That's HUGE folks, Trump's position is by far the most difficult because America is by far the most politically lawless and corrupted and I have little doubt Bolsonaro would have never made it with Hillary in the white house (attack teams would have been sent from the presidential level in the U.S. to take him out.)


The big problem is just how far gone the American political system is. Trump needs to stop trusting the tribe and get every last tribesman out of his cabinet. Then there might be hope. Until Trump succeeds in arresting those who must be arrested for America to survive, there will have been zero progress towards fixing America's problems. Despite witnessing it firsthand, Trump still does not fully understand how far gone the situation in America is. If Trump does not succeed in cleaning house, (and quick) it won't matter if Mexico has Obrador and Brazil has Bolsonaro, if the left ever succeeds in putting America back on the "correct path" BOTH will be quickly taken out one way or another and the Americas will be delivered to hell in a hand basket.


Latin America desperately needs a Trump success.

Jim Stone