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SEE IT: Obama Banishes Jesus, Puts Allah On Full Display During Speech

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March 2, 2016

If you need further proof that Barack Hussein Obama is a Muslim, look no further than this story to get your concrete evidence. You probably remember the incident that took place back in 2009 when Obama gave a speech at Georgetown University. The Catholic university relayed to multiple media outlets that the Obama White House had insisted that prior to Obama’s speech, that the statue of Jesus Christ and other Christian symbols be completely taken down and hidden from view. The university went on to comply with the bizarre request, leaving many people completely stumped over why a man professing to be a Christian would be so repulsed by holy items. Below is a photo from the speech back in 2009:



Now contrast that to present day, when Obama visited an American mosque this past week and gave a speech. But this time, there was no request by the White House to remove Islamic holy symbols, as had been the case with the Christian church he visited. Directly behind Obama read the Arabic words for “Allah” on full display for everyone to see.

But an even bigger slap in the face to all Christians was the fact that the White House SPECIFICALLY COORDINATED with the mosque so MORE SYMBOLS were visible during Obama’s speech. They even went a step further, providing copies of the Quran for all guests, to include copies for all White House staff members.


QuranAnyone with half a functioning brain cell can see what this president is up to, as he continually tries to further the Islamic agenda, while concurrently flipping off Christians world wide. If that’s still not enough proof for you, here’s a great blast from a few years back where Obama slipped and says “my Muslim faith” during an interview.