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FW:  Feb. 20, 2015

The corporate media is definitely ganging up against Argentina President Cristina Fernández.

The media outlets claim (with no proof) that the Mossad false flag bombing of Buenos Aires in 1994 was done by Hezbollah on orders from Iran, and that Ms. Fernandez (who would not become president until thirteen years later) conspired with Foreign Minister Hector Timerman to protect Iran in exchange for favorable deals on oil and other goods.

Prosecutor Gerardo Pollicita inherited the case from Alberto Nisman.

Gerardo Pollicita will ask Federal Judge Daniel Rafecas for permission to open yet another investigation into the Buenos Aires bombing.


Notice how the BBC words it: “If the prosecutor and the judge agree that there are enough elements to prove Ms. Fernandez committed a crime, she could face prosecution and be charged.”

This is designed to portray Ms. Fernández as a common criminal.  In reality the political steps involved are far more complex and lengthy, especially when a President is in office.

As for Hezbollah’s alleged motive for the 1994 bombing, the only proof that prosecutors have is the claim that Ahmadinejad vowed to “wipe Israel off the map.”  This lie has been exposed countless times as originating with the MEMRI Jews, who later said they had “accidentally mistranslated” Ahmadinejad’s speech. And yet the lie persists to this day.

The problem for Ms. Fernández is that politics is ruled by the herd instinct. Therefore the lack of proof is no defense. (Likewise, if the herd is on your side, then you are “innocent” no matter how much proof there is of your guilt.) The Jews have managed to enlist several labor unions against Ms. Fernández, plus the Catholic Church — which is no surprise, since the Catholic Church almost always sides with Jews and with the rich against the public, and against leftist / populist leaders. (In Venezuela, for example the Catholic Church was always an enemy of Hugo Chavez, and now of Nicolas Maduro.)

Because of the herd instinct, when a new “investigation” turns up nothing, the Jews and their allies will accuse Ms. Fernández of thwarting the investigation, and then thwarting an investigation of the investigation.

Here is the herd instinct in action…

MS. FERNÁNDEZ: “You keep saying that Iran bombed us, and that I covered it up. What proof do you have that Iran bombed us in the first place?”

JEWS AND THEIR ALLEIS: “See? She’s covering up for Iran! How much more proof is necessary?”

When the corporate media attacks, rumors and innuendo become “fact.” Here is Sky News

An initial investigation of the bombing ended with no convictions. In 2006 Mr Nisman was named to reopen the case. He accused Iran of ordering the attack via Hezbollah and requested arrest warrants for five officials. Four days before he was found dead he filed a report accusing Mrs Kirchner and Mr Timerman of colluding to shield the Iranians.

Wow. Nisman “accused” and “alleged” and “requested.” That is, Nisman did nothing more than talk, over a period of eight years.  If that’s not absolute proof that Hezbollah bombed the AMIA Center, I don’t know what is.


On the plus side, the Jews and their allies can’t make anything serious happen until they can get the Congress to revoke Ms. Fernández’ immunity, which is unlikely, since Congress is dominated by politicians of Ms. Fernández’ Justicialist Party.

HOWEVER this could all be in preparation for the next general election, which will be 25 Oct 2015. Ms. Fernández cannot run again, since she has already had two consecutive terms, and this attack could be designed to bolster popular support for opponents of the Justicialist Party.

Hence the corporate media is pretending that Ms. Fernández has already been convicted, and will soon face sentencing.

Look at the headlines:

Bloomberg: Argentine President Charged in Alleged Cover Up of Bombing

The UK Independent: Argentina’s president may face charges over terrorist attack

Huffington Post: Probe Into Role Of Argentina’s President Cristina Fernandez in Bombing

Barron’s: Argentina President, Allies May Be Charged With Obstruction

Fox News: Argentina President facing probe in cover-up of Iran’s involvement in 1994 attack

It’s all just talk, rumors,  baseless accusations, and outright lies. (For example, Ms. Fernandez has not been formally “charged” with anything.)

But when the herd stampedes, accusations become “fact.”