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Mexican Drug Cartels “officially” declare open war on US Federal Agents and the US government officials inside of Mexico?Von

Von Helman

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On the heels of the recent daylight assassination inside of Mexico of one US Federal Special Agent Jaime J. Zapata and the attempted murder of his partner who was fortunate enough to have survived the attack (but who now struggles for his life in a local hospital), there is a clear indication that the drug cartels mean business and they stand behind their word as the escalating violence has reached a new high.  

In an open and brazen "official declaration" of war against the US Federal Agents and the US Government, the drug cartels and their recent acts which they have instigated in broad daylight are now openly challenging the US Government to their terms and have begun threatening to kill any Americans either Mexican or “Gringo" who are US Federal Agents or employees who operate inside of Mexico or who try to intervene within matters inside of Mexico.

The US State Department only five months ago issued a statement warning any US travels to avoid certain parts of Mexico and has ordered the families and all non essential members of the US government and consulate workers families in northern Mexico to leave Mexico.

However this recent declaration has caused great concern within the State Department where officials are contemplating their next move to combat a situation that seems to be out of their control.

The cartels have also declared that upon killing any more Americans that any retaliation or interference in their activities by American officials or US Federal Agents will result in an all out open war on US Soil.  

The drug cartels already have an elaborate network of foot soldiers and auxiliary members set up and operating within the USA ready at a moments notice to be activated into war or acts of terrorism on US soil.

The US Federal Government is aware of this complex situation and has had to gingery tread over the realization that this very precarious situation could erupt into all out war within the US such a war might be fueled by or aided by sympathizers or racial extremists already living inside the USA.


The drug cartels are using this vast network of soldiers inside of the USA as their leverage against the US Federal Government and waring that if the US government does not leave Mexico and or continues to intervene that these foot soldiers inside the USA will soon be activated and begin to kill innocent people and law enforcement officials in the same manner as being done in Mexico.

The Obama administration has threatened to respond with overwhelming force if the bloodshed spreads into America but has little or no real power in regards to what happens inside of Mexico. This is apparent by the words of Obamas Department of Homeland Security Director Janet Nepolitona who responded to this most recent killing of the US Federal Agent inside of of Mexico by saying:

    "Let me be clear: any act of violence against our ICE personnel — or any DHS personnel — is an attack against all those who serve our nation and put their lives at risk for our safety, We remain committed in our broader support for Mexico's efforts to combat violence within its borders."

Janet Napolitano stopped short of declaring any real action or intervention which clearly indicate even the drug cartels have some power over the US Government. Sources inside Mexico indicate the Narcos are ready to remove all US Federal employees from any and all agencies operating inside of Mexico in order to keep control of their country.

In March of 2010 a U.S. employee of a consulate, her husband and a Mexican citizen tied to the American consulate were killed when drug members shot up their car in Ciudad Juarez.

Many portions of northern Mexico have fallen to the control of these various Narcos organizations as entire police forces have resigned and 36 mayors and countless police chiefs have been brutally murdered over the past year alone and which are included in the 35,000 drug related murders Mexico has seen in the past two years.

In an already divided nation the common people of Mexico are no longer standing strong with President Flipe Calderon or his war on drugs which has claimed the lives of too many innocent people, including the gruesome discovery of a 2 year old toddler whose headless corpse was dumped in the town of Delicias in Chihuahua earlier this month in one of the most twisted attacks to plague the state.

Mr. Calderon popularity polls indicate he has lost favor with the populace and has had to increase his own personal security force in the wake of ever increasing threats to his life. Sources indicate that the narcos are simply waiting until President Calderon is out of office in 2012 and is less protected before they assassinate him, but that there is still an open contract on  his life which can be executed at any time.

Sheriff of the year (2011) Paul Babeuar of Pinal County Arizona has be a huge voice of opposition to the drug narcos and emphasizes he will stand up to any threat that crosses the border into his jurisdiction and went as far as to say;

“And we are not speaking of illegal immigrants. We are speaking of cartels that almost have overthrown the Mexican government and which they think that they can come to our county and commit those crimes and acts of violence. That is not going to happen here”.

Von Helman

Staff Writer

Feb. 16, 2011