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Oddities of Chili Miners Rescue...

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Regarding the Copiapo, Chilean miners rescue, explain these oddities to me:
First off, I thank Christ Jesus and Mother Mary for bringing these men back to their families.
1) What does NASA have to do with rescuing miners? NEVER have I seen NASA in any prior trapped mining situtions. To formulate a special diet and drinks? And why haven't they ever helped any other mining past accident with a diet before? NO. NASA is there for another reason
2) The Chilean government told the miners that they have a gag order not to say a thing to the public of what saw down there.
3) The first miner that was rescued at the time of 11:11 PM and his last name was Silver, and that guy looked really, really, strangely emotionless(given the fact that no calming pills were allowed to be given to the miners).
4) After miners rescued they moved to a mobile hospital nearby from there they will be moved to a "MILITARY INSTALLATION" for a check up and from there to a normal hospital

Now why do they need to be sent to a military installation for check up? When in the history of mining accidents have the miners been taken to a militray installation after the hospital stop?

5) The rescuing apparatus is named the "Phoenix," a mythological Satanic bird of the cults of Baal exclusively known in masonry and Satanic cults.
6) "Copiapó UFO sighting. Copiapó was said to be the site of an unidentified flying object sighting in 1864. According to researcher Chris Aubeck,[12] the story first appeared in print in the March 18, 1868 issue of the newspaper El Constituyente, which was itself cited in the journal The Zoologist then in Lo!, a 1931 book by American investigator Charles Fort. Fort's account was the basis of a later account in Anatomy of a Phenomenon (1965) by ufologist Jacques Vallee."

Aubeck reports that the original newspaper article described the object as "an enormous bird."

THE GRAND TOTAL OF FACTS: Pheonix is rescuing them 33 miners 00:11 on 13/10/10. When have you ever seen such global media fanfare for a mining operation? THOSE MINERS MET SOMETHING DOWN THERE!!!!!!!!!! THEY MADE CONTACT WITH SOMETHING DOWN THERE AND IT MAY BE REVEALED TO THE WORLD!!!!!!!!!!!

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