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The Constitution for the united States of America

Judge Anna Von Reitz

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Tuesday, April 28, 2020


Hi, Paul,

Monday night people saying this document is very rare. I happened to

squirrel a copy. The place I got it is indeed gone. I thought you might

like to host it and send out an email, and forward the docs to other

webmins to avoid the risks of a single source disappearing. Thanks!


Hi Barry,

I will keep this on file, and if it proves to be the genuine article we have been looking for I will publish it as you see fit.

Paul Stramer

I then forwarded the documents to Anna and this was her response.

Yes, thank you!!! This is a printed copy of the text of the real McCoy that was written on vellum in India ink and then published and distributed via printing press—- this version. 

Please share on the website and Teri, you, too. 

There is a vellum copy in the Northeastern United States and a British Lord has original copies of all the documents and has them in safekeeping. 

They — the vellums—-are very fragile and important in the current scenario —and hard to read— but this is a valid copy of what was published and distributed at the time.  

Anna Von Reitz

Here are two JPG files of photocopies of the Original Constitution for the united States of America

Here is the PDF file of the text of the actual document transcribed for easier reading.