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President Trump has had some very powerful press briefings these past few weeks.  He parted his April 10, 2020 briefing as if he were saying good bye. But it was not the case.  My takeaways: Full Press Briefing. 

Partial Briefing Highlights...listen to the end. Click here.

1)  Story ends with Triumph and Renewal

2)  Farmers are recognized and provide relief for Farmers, Ranchers and Producers.  Lately, President Trump has recognized Farmers in his briefings, for it was the Farmers that fought so hard for their consitutional rights.  

3)  World Health Organization and talk about it next week.  Anons have pointed out that Bill Gates is front and center of this organization's questionable acts.

4)  DPA used like a Hammer!  In my opinion, the Defense Production Act is NESARA on Steriods.

5)  Setting up a Council of great doctors and business people.  This is beyond economic. "Opening our Country Council".  Announcing it on Tuesday (4/14/2020). The Facts will determine what President Trump does.  The closest definition I could find is:

















6)  "It's been my Honor to have been their President.  I have a big decision to make..."


President Trump appears to be leading our country into a Constitutional Republic (earlier this week I accidentally said New Republic and was corrected by a Patriot).   Albeit his closing statement makes me wonder what is actually happening to President Trump, I wonder if this is a role change for this big beautiful new type of government that we have never experienced ever.  

President Trump has worked so hard and by watching him this week, he has had a very tough few weeks; tough decisions; tough acts.  Through Q posts, we are seeing something very enlightening.  This is not another [4] year election...Q3931:

















Under a Constitutional Government, according to the NESARA information, the roles of the President and Congress changes.  America will not be at the mercy of a Congress that is dominated by liberal anti-America, anti- Constitutional Law House of Representatives and Senators.  Did you know that President Trump is abiding to being a Constitutional President his entire time?  There is a reason that he is the People's President!  He loves this country so much that he takes those slings and arrows, daily, to fight for us.  He had a choice, to operate his huge enterprise and not care for the direction of America, or give up everything to change our nation into something we have never experienced ever before!




Is President Trump wrapping things up in terms of the bad world and people and evil in it?  And is he now preparing us for the next phase ...What is the BEST IS YET TO COME?  

This is the new beginning of a world of peace. And we don't know what we don't know.

For example: Working with a negative co-worker and suddenly that co-worker is replaced with a hard working one that makes the entire department / company look good.  Or being in an unhealthy relationship and suddenly you leave that and walk into one that is better than you can ever imagine.  You don't know what you don't know.  

As with our Country, it has been filled with corruption all our lives.  We never knew that the corruption ran so deep!  When an important issue arises such as health care or illegal immigration or standing up for our Constitutional rights, we don't have a say so.  We may have elected people that would stand for us, but it's their vote that impacts the direction.  WE NEVER HAD A VOICE!  And today, it is up to drunk, anti-America Congress members that are now the majority in the House or Representatives.  For almost four years and then some, we've been at their mercy.

Under NESARA....all of the entire government and Congress changes.  Including the roles of Congress and the President of the United States of America (a corporation).  We are witnessing the President of the Republic! 




Does this also include symbolism for the current government?  The people of our country have been robbed for years...possibly a few hundred years.  A part of the Netflix documentary AMERICA'S BOOK OF SECRETS  (S1 Episode 2) see how the freemasons have dominated our government and DC and their use of Symbolism throughout DC and even the currencies we use.      

Click here:











Ridding ourselves from the currency and into gold / bullion backed currency gives our dollar strength, rather than manipulated value.  President Trump is successfully dismantling the evil Federal Reserve.  An excellent post by Harding Chris explains the reason President Trump parted his Good Friday briefing.