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Charles Miller

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by Charles Miller



Dear Mr. Trump, our President,

How We Beneficiaries Keep our Promises.

Official Government Record, Execution of Contract.

We, Charles C. Miller, Donald Glen Westover, Andre’ Paul Provost Jr., Grantors, Bailors, Exclusive Beneficiaries to all powers of governments, Depositing Creditors to all governments authorities, advised quite some time ago, We would act to exercise our powers. That time is now. The moment has arrived for the People, now formed world wide into Trumps Army, to Drain the Swamps where ever found.


The People of the world have heard President Trumps call to action.

This Beneficiaries Letter of Advice, to the Trustee holding the People’s powers as Chief Law Enforcement Officer, Chief Magistrate of the United States, now Advises of our actions going into motion now.

We, your Beneficiaries, present our Letter of Wishes formally requesting open public support for our actions as they unfold, in both the public forums and as delivered to you by other means.

Each of the below identified actions will be presented to public distribution forums with instructions and contact locations and methods, for execution and filing for official public record. Full Faith and Credit public records cannot be denied as fact.

Each step will be constructed in a format to fill in the information to personalize the properly served documents to our public servants. Trumps Army of loyal Americans in action is not only the superior force, it is the People’s Law of the Bill of Rights in action, moved by federal laws and rules.

The flow of actions will establish the official public record forming the basis for criminal prosecutions, clearing out ALL Divided Loyalty actors usurping public office while posing as loyal public servants.


Our intent is to provide our President with an alternative to the completely corrupted government operations allowing our Office of President to be denied the protections of the Bill of Rights during the void Impeachment proceedings.

Further, our intent is to provide our President with effective mechanisms to not only identify Insurrectionist in public office, yet more, to have the legal foundation to prosecute criminally and WIN every time. The time is Now, not later as determined by obstructed procedures inside to many government offices.


Letter to House of Representatives, Senators, Governor’s, state Attorney Generals and Chief Justices of both state and federal Supreme Courts, Bill Barr the United States Attorney General.


The letters to identify the Civil Rights crimes committed against the President. Substance of the letter is a Demand an answer as to why the public Civil Rights crimes witnessed by public officials has not been reported as required by law. The closing will Demand identification of the laws allowing public servants to claim they are not required to report the crimes against the People’s Law of the Bill of Rights.


Criminal Complaint, federal form AO 91, filled out and notarized sent to specific parties identified in number 1 above.Cover letter Demanding the identified accused respond by public statement admitting or denying the charges levied.

Fair notice will be given that 20 days is sufficient time to address the charges before further action is taken.

Letter contains fair notice that denying the charges requires filing the Criminal Complaint at the appropriate Article III court in Washington D C, seat of government.

Letter to also advise that an attached Public Servants Pledge, voluntarily filed as public record may establish grace and redemption for prior ‘mistakes’.

Letter to also advise that no one is above the law and that there is no immunity of any kind possible for any government actor committing blatant Civil Rights Crimes. Further, that any claim of immunity will be admission and confession of criminal intent to pervert and abuse the Law holding all public servants to account.



Properly executed FS 95 federal Tort Claim filed against federal officers and used as basis for state procedures.

The intent is to expose that no surety or guarantor will step in to indemnify any public officer for criminal activity. Further, that no government attorney may represent any public official properly accused of the high crimes of Civil Rights Violations against the Office of President. This is because defending blatant on public record Civil Rights Crimes is joining the conspiracy at government expense. Defendants right to counsel does not include public monies being spent for their defense.

Additionally, fair notice to the pay master, custodian of employment records, ethics divisions, and major insurance companies sharing information concerning surety positions will be notified of pending charges.

Each of these steps to be spread out via open public forums of various sorts, such as MSM, TWITTER, FACE BOOK, etc., alternative media and blogs, and even FOX NEWS.

The facts available to the People expose that the depth of Divided Loyalty corruption within our government offices has been hidden by the deep state actors posing as government servants.

It is now becoming clear why no meaningful prosecutions across so many conspiring fact patterns has taken place. What this means is the likelihood that the systems will be able to operate correctly is very very small. Even if the system does somehow manage to perform part way, the results are not to be trusted.

No real trust is possible until the systems are cleared and the People see it happen in the open public forums.

Please let the corrupt MSM and Divided Loyalty actors continue to expose themselves by fighting against honest government operations returning.

We the People have options.

We the People are free to act.

We the People’s complaints must be taken as true and correct when supported by open public media and government records, facts!

We the People can-not be barred, impeded nor circumvented when We act to clean up the public corruption.

We the People are fully empowered act within our governments operating procedures and apply the law to protect and defend our country.

The 10th and 9th Amendments not only reserve our rights to supervise our government, these Amendments ratify our duty to do so, NOW!

Civil Rights case files were opened at US DOJ under AG Barr’s office supervision months ago with no action as required by regulation.

Your Beneficiaries seek your support. Charles Miller

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