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Charles Miller

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by Charles Miller


Massive real time tampering last few weeks, across multiple systems.

Confusions control until the principles, facts, law and procedures are in action.

Confusions only serve those that are at war with American individual liberty.

Until public record proofs are available that so called private transactions with government are valid, the claims private transactions provide benefits are confusions.

No one seems to want to address these issues. Why?

The belief in private relationships with governments, no matter how structured, under what form of construction, corporate, trust or other, is backwards.

All government in all operations deal in public issues only.

Any private deals with government are crimes. So says governments own laws, regulations, customs, policies and practices.

That’s why public records are full faith and credit which also proves the point of no private deals.

Read the codes and regulations for proof of fact.

A lien is a claim, nothing more.

In order for a lien to be valid there must be a contract underneath the lien.

No contract=void claim.

Current practice for lien adherents is he said she said when the contract is not in evidence.

I have reviewed over 2500 so called liens and found none that even reference the contract to be honored or enforced. No rights established.

With no obligations owed on either side, debtor or creditor, there is no legal relationship.

State Citizens do have the basis of a claim, yet I have yet to see one perfected showing all the elements required for a valid security to be recognized as value useable in regulated commerce.

Please remember the commerce system in our country operates on private money owned by the FED. Private Property, circulating as currency and accounts management operating as money in the public.

The payor is the boss.

No provable contract with the FED = use only, which means subject status to the owner of private money by use of another’s property.

Once the legal relationships are in evidence on public records, then the positions of debtor and creditor expose who is who in the zoo.

Fundamental rules control money and money systems and government systems.

Understanding the fundamentals, contracts, and the positions of creditor, debtor and transfer agent, then provide the positioning to act and be recognized.

Creditor, debtor and transfer agent positions are in all transactions of any nature.

The federal government actually provides documents proving any American is a creditor to the financial, legal and political systems.

The position of creditor is waiting to be picked up.

If you know how!

Now, please some one show me the recognized private relationship of and nature with any so called government entity. Inquiring minds want to know.

The proofs are always in the pudding.

So, We created an identity creditor document we have used to travel all over, by air, road, rail  for the last 8 years.

One of our work group attended Trumps Phoenix rally 2/19/2020. Had a ticket. He went with NO ID WHATSOEVER. He walked up to the special entrance for vips and presented himself. He asked if the appointment for the meeting with the President could be verified after introducing himself by name. While in line he was approached and asked what he was there for. After review of the clip board he was escorted into a front row position. Ended up being right up front with the hoi polloi! No meeting with Trump. Appears as if he was the only one in the building not having an issued ID hanging around his neck. THINK ABOUT IT! What made him different?

We added other elements as we learned from dealing with systemites what they could understand.

The below is the latest iteration that we believe is complete, covering the essential legal relations between the People and our governments.

Feel free to use it, its a gift to those responsible enough to carry and operate their own Political Identity.

Caution: Some basic rules apply.

1. All law is contract, private between the parties, and deals with property and property rights. No contract in evidence no rights!!! No liabilities either!

2. Principles first, facts second, law third, procedure last. When dealing with systemmites you start with the procedure then proceed to the law applied to the facts to establish the principles and principals.

Truly understanding these two rules and how they function will allow anyone to understand all of the elements when dealing with SYSTEMITES.

No warranty on the gift and ARR.


Name, address, contact points.



Deposit of Political Credit

I, …name…, was born on the soil of …name… County, …name of state… Republic, …name of city… city, … DOB… . Annexed public Records, STATE OF …all caps …, CERTIFICATE OF BIRTH, … identifying numbers etc. on document… date issued with identifying record numbers… is public Records proof of fact, underwriting my birth right of State Citizen, ledgered Public Record verifying my standing at capacity, nunc pro tunc.

I, …name… , have identified my political loyalty to The United States of America perpetuity 1781, administered by the United States of America under Constitution 1787, as Amended 1791, herein ratified by this CERTIFICATE OF CITIZENSHIP, and Deposit of Political Credit.


I, … name… , a live, flesh and blood man have existed since … insert DOB written out and in numbers… . I was born to … name of father… , my father and … name of mother… ,my mother, both State Citizens. I am able willing and competent to identify my self before all the world.

I am a State Citizen, State of …name of State, year it became a state… , by free will choice since … date of age of majority, competent to contract… , living at all times in the political jurisdiction of my choice as Declared, July 4, 1776, by will of the good People, The unanimous Declaration of the thirteen united States of America.

Public record testifying to, underwriting my Identity, my State Citizen, Political Creditor, standing now official public record under Notary Seal below.


I, … name… , am the holder and holder in due course of the United States gift, the document entitled, YOUR SOCIAL SECURITY CARD, issued to me by the United States Social Security Administration, on or about … approximate date of receipt… .

The identifier on the document is … ALL CAPS NAME ON CARD… , with additional identifier above the name … full SS number…. and identifier on the back of the document, … number on back of card… .

I accepted the gift of the United States without hesitation and began making deposits into the account ending in … last 4 of number… thereafter, verifying the Public Trust and Creditor relationship between my self and the United States government.

My deposits in many instances were matched by my, at the time, employers deposits to my account under the my personal identifiers.

The Social Security Administration employs the United States Treasury as custodian over my Accounts, both, fiduciary to all deposits, in direct fiduciary relationship to my Political Capacities and Depositing Creditor standing.

The United States, in both its Treasury and Social Security Administration are the official record keepers underwriting my Depositing Creditor position. Upon request of Treasury or Social Security Administration or other United States offices, officers or designated employees, legitimate offices, officers, or designated employees of the United States have my permission to review the Treasury account ledgers in order to satisfy any need to verify my positions.

I Reserve all Rights to audit my accounts.

Done this _______________________________________________ as stated under the pains and penalties of perjury under the laws of … your state… and the United States of America, duly sworn true, correct in verification of my Citizenship, Depositing Creditor and my original Equity position, Underwriter to the United States Government, its Treasury, and Social Security Administration.

PICTURE. _____________________________________

your name under signature with ARR

(all rights reserved after name)