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Charles Miller

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by Charles Miller

Feburary 4th 2020

Sent 3:33 pm, pacific, 2/3/2020, verified by WH email portal.


Dear Mr. Trump, our President.

Bind Americans Together. BAT! 1 of 2


Miller, Westover, Provost Jr., present our Letter of Wishes, to our Trustee, holding for administration our political authorities, and the political authority for all Americans. Political credit is what created all government forms in our States United, thus, as the Depositing Creditors to all government powers, our country is a single identity known as the American Dream. Consent of the governed is the bank that holds our credit.

In our world we are Blind!

We are blind to, race, color or creed.

We are blind to gender.

We are blind to religion.

We are blind to political affiliations.


Only Americans and non-Americans exists in our world.

The descriptors of Black, White, Asian, Male or Female, Republican or Democrat before the word American exposes the essential modus operandi creating the massive confusions so prevalent in our Country now.

Anyone needing to define or identify themselves as this or that before identifying themselves as an American, divided themselves from being an American.

You are either a real American or you are-not. Real Americans do-not need to pre-qualify as something else before knowing they are an American.

Pre qualifying in this context destroys equality before the law, making the Rule of Law subject to some other condition. Result = confusion, special class of Americans, corrupt people feeding from the divisions between different Americans.

We Wish our President to Bind Americans Together Again as the real message to the State of our Union.


Dear Mr. Trump, our President.

Bind Americans Together. BAT! 2 of 2

You, Mr. Trump, President Trump, Chief Magistrate Trump, Commander in Chief Trump, have experienced the results of the pre-qualifying of the heart and soul of what being a real American means.

The fear sold though the sales job styled Impeachment could never have happened with out the pre-qualifying of Americans into classes.

Pre-qualifying the People as to what kind of American one is, destroys the Office of President, the President, and the man Donald Trumps access to the law and the Due Process owed to all the People, regardless of pre-qualifying class structures.

The Chief Justice of the United States destroyed the concept of Due Process when he refused to recognize that the President et. al. hold the absolute right to know and confront ALL accusers. Roberts put one pre-qualified, unidentified, individual in a special class above the law of the land. This is the result of identifying as pre-qualifying White or Black, Male or Female, before simply declaring, I AM AN AMERICAN, FIRST, LAST AND ALWAYS.

The death of a thousand cuts through the management of words pre-qualifying what, who, from where, what color or gender, or what God defines an American divides us as a culture, a people, a country.

You President Trump are the only man ever positioned, having the fortitude and integrity to seize the opportunity to Bind Americans Together Again.

There has never been a time like this before. Those that attempted to do what you have done failed. Witness President Kennedy.

Invite our adversaries to explain WHY We as Americans need to pre-qualify our loyalty to our selves, our families, our neighbors, our country.

Lead us to understand We are One People!

United we stand and succeed. Divided we fail and become irrelevant.

Charles Miller