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Charles Miller

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by Charles Miller

December 31st 2019

Charles C. Miller,,
253-329-4413 or 253-326-1010,
Donald Glen Westover,
Andre Paul Provost Jr.
Date: December 31, 2019
Public Trust Beneficiaries Letter of Wishes for Execution of Trust Contract
DOCUMENTS: Bill of Rights, Article VI sections 2., 3., Supremacy and Oath clauses,
Amendments, I, II, IV, V, VI, VII.
TO: Donald John Trump,
President of the United States of America,
The White House
1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW
Washington, DC 20500
Dear Mr. Trump, our President,
Greetings, before the whole of the United States of America;
We write to you expressing our Beneficiaries Wishes, more like a demand, requiring our office, the People’s Office of President, to act now, to apply the Law of our Constitution as Amended and controlling all acts of the Peoples government.
We Wish, our President, ISSUE SHOW CAUSE ORDER, to the Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi, for delivery to every Member of Congress, voting for Impeachment of the People’s President, demanding the identifying of the law and facts showing why the Members should - not be charged with REBELLION SEDITION, and
TREASON, for the attempted over throw of the People’s National Government.
We, Charles C. Miller, Donald Glen Westover, Andre Paul Provost Jr., under seal, present our Beneficiaries Findings of Fact Conclusions of Law, verification that our WISH, is a required duty for our Office of President. This is our contract right, our private property, execution of our legal relationships to government.
Offense through direct execution of our countries law, particularly the Bill of Rights, is the best defense for our Republic.
This presentment to our honest public servant Donald John Trump, is delivered under our intent to insure the robust continuation of the People’s Constitutional Republic form of government. This is our execution on the fiduciary relationship between men. All four of us are men bound by personal honor to recognize each other in our contracted capacities as Citizen Beneficiaries and public servant, Chief Magistrate, our President.
We recognize our Presidents surety obligations requiring our President Trump to step in and fulfill the proper execution of obligations owed by all Members of Congress. These obligations owed by the Members are also required of every public servant receiving a pay check from the federal government, or contractors pay checks funded by federal government monies.
Our positions and legal relations to our governments are know by our President. The White House and Our President are in receipt, care and custody, September 18,2018, of official public record, proof of fact that We are Grantors, Bailors, Depositing Creditors, and ultimate Beneficiaries, to all government authorities and powers. Thus We hold full and complete contractual rights to issue this Public Demand for issuing the Show Cause Order. Our legal relationship to our President is a fact of contract and law. Any public servant denying these facts is in breach of contract. This point is particularly relevant in context of TORTFEASORS acting as Members of Congress.
You Mr. Trump, upon assumption of the office, accepted the Chief Prosecutors Office for the People’s Law of Constitutions, particularly the People’s Bills of Rights, enumerated specifically as written into State and National constitutions.
What this means in very simple direct terms is that you President Trump, are required, as Chief Law Enforcement, Chief Magistrates Office, to enforce the law of Bill of Rights in every act by government. This point is particularly relevant when officers, read Congress here, of the government its self, attack the Office of President, while intentionally ignoring and circumventing the mandatory legal protections declared in the 1st, 2ed, 4th, 5th, 6th and 7th Amendments. You Mr Trump, the office of President and every American has been subjected to REBELLION and SEDITION through CONSPIRACY disguised as POLITICS.
Mr. President, what you and every American, country wide has witnessed in the Congressional charade disguised as Impeachment is OPEN REBELLION. The definition of the word REBELLION; an act of violent or open resistance to an established government or ruler. The Impeachment comrades have on open public government records, Congressional hearings, DENIED ACCESS TO THE FUNDAMENTAL LAWS, to all of us! That is a direct open attack on the fundamental principles, the facts of the People’s constitutions, and the administrative positions for the the People’s powers, also called government.
Mr. President, our findings of fact and conclusions of law clarify the issue with precision. Nancy Pelosi and all of the Members of Congress voting for impeachment DECEPTIVELY AND FRAUDULENTLY IMPRISONED the access to the law of the Bill of Rights, not only to our President, yet more, to the all the People in general. These members of Congress have acted to CAPTURE and DETAIN the People’s first law of the Bill of Rights, in open acts of REBELLION, INSURRECTION, REVOLUTION. This is the highest crime possible under our law system.
The public record shows conclusively the LEGAL TERRORISTS disguised and posing as Members of Congress, and their supporters, have DECLARED OPEN WARFARE on the
fundamental principles, the facts of our Law of Constitutions, particularly the Bill of Rights.
Encyclopedia Britannia definition of war: “War, in the popular sense, a conflict between political groups involving hostilities of considerable duration and magnitude. In the usage of social science, certain qualifications are added. Sociologists usually apply the term to such conflicts only if they are initiated and conducted in accordance with socially recognized forms. They treat war as an institution recognized in custom or in law. Military writers usually confine the term to hostilities in which the contending groups are sufficiently equal in power to render the outcome uncertain for a time. Armed conflicts of powerful states with isolated and powerless peoples are usually called pacifications, military expeditions, or explorations; with small states, they are called interventions or reprisals; and with internal groups, rebellions or insurrections. Such incidents, if the resistance is sufficiently strong or protracted, may achieve a magnitude that entitles them to the name “war.”
POLITICAL WARFARE, the use and application of political bodies or ideologies to attack and attempt to subdue an opposing political body, qualifies as WAR by definition.
WAR in its most simplistic definition is conflict, open hostilities between opposing positions.
Mr. Trump, President Trump, in the event you fail to execute the law of the Bill of Rights, in defense of our Republic, its governments, WILL YOU BE SIGNING THE DEATH CERTIFICATE ON THE PEOPLES REPUBLIC FORM OF GOVERNMENT?
Please explain to We the People why the bold statement above is not true, correct and most important requiring your immediate action.
  1. All Members of Congress, particularly in the people’s House of Representatives, of their own free will, upon assumption of the People’s office of Public Trust, personally bond and act as surety to their honor by pledge, oath required by Constitution Article VI sec. 2 & 3, to serve and protect the Constitution.
  2. All Members of Congress know and should have always known that the Bill of Rights controls all acts of the national government because this first law was required by the People of the States in order that the Constitution of the States United could be considered valid and in full force and effect as the contract between the States creating a limited national government.
  3. When certain and well identified Members of Congress implemented Impeachment proceedings against President Trump with NO allegations of the perfectly identified causes triggering Impeachment contained in Article II Sec. 4, there is no jurisdiction available to Congress Impeach.
  4. When certain and well identified Members of Congress implemented Impeachment Vote, not only the Speaker, Committee Chairs as House leadership, yet all Members voting for Impeachment BREACHED THEIR OATH, acted in BREACH OF CONTRACT, VIOLATED THE LAW OF THE CONSTITUTION, PARTICULARLY THE BILL OF RIGHTS, CONSPIRED TO COMMIT FELONIES!
  5. All Members of Congress know and should have always known that the statutes implemented by Congress, then ratified by both the Senate and the then current President, are binding on all government officers or actors at all times in all places.
  6. All Members of Congress know and should have always known that there is no defense or excuse possible for any Member of Congress to claim excuse or defense of ignorance of the law of the national Constitution and good standing statutes, nor defense against BREACH OF CONTRACT WIITH THE GOVERNMENT, BREACH OF OATH TO THE LAWS AND THE PEOPLE. Both a High Crime and open act of REBELLION AND SEDITION.
  7. All Members of Congress know and should have always known that all acts taken in Congress under the identity of Member of Congress are official government records.
  8. All Members of Congress know and should have always known that no Member of Congress could ever deny their own record of acts or omissions while acting in official capacity, because to do so is the crime of FASE STATEMENT compounding to recognition of more felonies.
  9. All Members of Congress know and should have always known that the Congressional records created by co-conspirators are first hand unimpeachable evidence, because, the words and actions came from those who voted for impeachment. There is no denial or escape from the official records.
  10. Every Member of Congress knows and should have always known, that when the People’s government acts out side the obligations owed under the Bill of Rights, those acts are not only void, yet more to the point, personal liability attaches to the actors in the form of TORT, the crime of MALVERSATION, leading to criminal activities by public officers, which destroys utterly and completely all claims of official or quasi official immunity.
  11. The facts contained on the Records in Congress are true, correct and complete. Article IV Constitution, public records good everywhere, Full Faith and Credit INDICTMENT by public record.
  12. The records created by Congress admit and confess that certain perfectly identified Members of Congress, acted with knowing intent to BREACH THEIR PUBLIC OATHS TO THE CONSTITUTION, BREACH THEIR SERVICE CONTRACTS WITH THE PEOPLE AND GOVERNMENTS CREATED BY THE PEOPLE.
  13. Certain well known Members of Congress intentionally mislead not only their colleagues in Congress, yet under the same intent lied to their constituents and all other Americans, concerning activities of and surrounding Donald Trump from the beginning of his candidacy for President, duly elected, through the tenure of a serving President.
  14. The records created by Congress admit and confess that certain perfectly identified Members of Congress acted with knowing intent to circumvent and Ignore their sworn duties as public servants.
  15. The records created by Congress admit and confess that certain perfectly identified Members of Congress acted with knowing intent, because over and over and over these perfectly identified Members were called upon by many many colleagues in Congress, the Office of President, even some of their own witnesses, to not only take cognizance of, yet, actually apply and execute the Bill of Rights, mandatory legal rights for all Americans, all government officers and offices, for the benefit of the Office of President, President Donald Trump, and the whole of the States United.
The law of the People’s Constitution for the United States of America, as Amended and controlled by the People’s first law of the Bill of Rights, which controls all acts of government.
Under leadership of Speaker Pelosi, Chairman Schiff and Chapman Nadler, 99.5 % of House Democrats waived the official immunity protecting the People’s office of Member of Congress, by failing to operate under, in compliance with, and the providing of the provisions of the Bill of Rights to Donald Trump the President of the United States.
Denying access to, protection of, reliance on, any provision of the Bill of Rights, to any American, particularly to a sitting President, and the Office of President, a co-equal branch of government, is a high Crime qualifying for Impeachment and Criminal Prosecution by Indictment, Trial, Judgment and Punishment, according to Law.
These three conclusions of law, as based on open public records, expose a Constitutional Crisis of epic proportions which is created by the 99.5% of Democrats in the House.
These three conclusions of law, as based on open public records, expose Public Corruption, not only in he halls of the Congressional House of Representatives, yet on exposed documented public record evidence, Public Corruption in many other government offices.
The Impeachment process is VOID on cause of the Fatal Defect of failing to charge, investigate or find even one act identified at: Article II Section 4: The President and Vice President and all civil Officers of the United States, shall be removed from Office on Impeachment for, and Conviction of, Treason, Bribery, or other high Crimes and Misdemeanors. (emphasis added)
The argument that the term high Crimes applies to the presidents behavior is Fatally Defective, because the term Crime is defined as an act committed in violation of a public law. There is no public law violation charged against President Trump in any Congressional record.
Those Members of Congress, 99.5%, acting out side the law each personally promised to recognize, respect and obey have branded themselves OUTLAWS by their own actions and have memorialized their OUTLAW Crimes on official government record.
The 99.5% of the Democrats in Congress, have acted with personal bias, personal animus towards President Trump. There is no authority or power assigned by the People that created all government, allowing nor even contemplating a public trust official to act with personal or political bias. The bias, of any kind, results in honest public services NOT being provided to the People as required when the pay check is taken under promises to perform honestly.
Only TWO POSSIBILITIES exist for explaining why the facts of public record expose so much corruption and crime. MISTAKE OR INTENT!
In the case of MISTAKE, a vote of APOLOGY from Congress, and promise to comply completely with the Bill of Rights and specifically enumerated powers contained in the legislative section of the Constitution, issued publicly to President Trump and the good People he works for, resolves the Constitutional Crises. This allows honest government truly dedicated to serving the People to be returned to prominence.
INTENT, will be established in the event the APOLOGY for MISTAKE is not issued, will attach criminal liabilities under Congresses own Statutes. CONSPIRACY, OBSTRUCTION OF GOVERNMENT PROCESS, SEDITION, REBELLION, LEAGLE TERRORISM, THEFT OF GOVERNMENT MONIES, will be a few of the criminal charges perfected and readied for DECEIVING the People and our Government while receiving money under false pretenses.
Mr. President, We as Beneficiaries having first claim on on the fiduciary duties of our President, WISH, a SHOW CAUSE EXECUTIVE ORDER be issued to the Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi, calling the House of Representatives, to produce the documented authorities showing why 99.5% of the Democrat Representatives, should not be charged with MALVERSATION, NEGLIGENCE, BREACH OF OATH, BREACH OF TRUST and many other high Crimes of public corruption.
President Trump, our President, the above is in essence a formal lawful and legal demand that fairness achieving justice through the time honored procedures of the Law of the Bill of Rights being provided to the People’s office of President and to you the Citizen.
The term QUID PRO QUO has been thrown around a lot lately. Yet the fact is, quid pro quo is a fundamental concept of fairness as in equal value exchange.
In order for you the man Donald John Trump, in full capacity as President to the People and States United, to demand all the full process due under the law, you must provide the same to the Members of Congress, specifically and generally.
What this means is real simple terms is, NOTICE AND OPPORTUNITY TO RESPOND!
Invite the 99.5% to ratify the Impeachment actions and criminal actions against themselves, in an official in their face action simply enforcing the law of the People’s Bill of Rights, on behalf of the whole country.
Stepping out of the personal issues caused by corrupt public servants, relying on the law in motion to clarify the currently extremely confused situations, you restore the integrity of government process from the leadership position, holding all the high moral and legal ground.
Providing Speaker Pelosi, her cohorts and minions, the opportunity to do the right thing, by simply keeping their promises and operating under the Bill of Rights as written, ratifies the criminal prosecutions required by law in the likely event no apology is forth coming.
The People will recognize, as it appears they already are to some extent, that, as you have said, these crooks are coming after us, and you merely are in the way!
To receive justice and fairness one must be willing to provide it.
This is the American way. One of our countries greatest strengths.
This SHOW CAUSE ORDER also calls every member of the federal law enforcement and judicial operations to account. All these public servants in both executive and judicial capacity have access to the same public record your Beneficiaries do.
The next step is to ask all other public servants, from top to bottom, both state and federal, why they as a group have allowed their privileged position as public servants,  to be so horrendously and completely polluted by so few extremely bad actors.
Identifying the problem as your Beneficiaries have above, placing the facts and law in the public forum as official acts is the true leaders position.
We trust in the law and not men!
Now, the direct questions to our President.
If you Donald Trump, as our President do not call the accounts due as owed, who will?
If you Donald Trump, as our President do not have confidence that demanding, from Congress, the Bill of Rights be honored and executed now, why should any American have confidence in you or the law being available for protecting any of us?
If you Donald Trump the Chief law enforcement officer of the United States are unable to enforce the law in the Congress, is that the very strong indication that our Republic is already lost?
Then what?