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Charles Miller

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by Charles Miller

January 3rd 2020

Dear Mr Trump, our President,
Demand for Trial. 1 of 9
To be served on the Senate and others.
Charles C. Miller,,
253-329-4413 or 253-326-1010,
Donald Glen Westover,
Andre Paul Provost Jr.
Date: December 31, 2019
REF: Bill of Rights, Article VI sections 2., 3., Supremacy and Oath clauses,
Amendments, I, II, IV, V, VI, VII.
TO: Donald John Trump,
President of the United States of America,
The White House
1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW
Washington, DC 20500
Dear Mr. President, Donald John Trump,
As Beneficiaries to all government authorities and powers, holding fiduciary obligations owed by all public servants and recognizing the Surety position and powers of our President, We formally Advise in the nature of Beneficiaries Letter of Wishes.
We are of the firm conviction, based on the public record evidence, the fundamentals of our American law requiring any Defendant to have his day in court, simply the Rule of Law, is what is at issue in the House and Senate maneuverings surrounding Impeachment.
The simple fact is all the talking heads appear to be ignorant of the fundamental law, and seek the quick disappearance of the inconvenient facts showing deep corruption to the point of Rebellion on the part of many, many Divided Loyalty posers in public office.
The records show the attacks on our President started on election night, only now culminating in the Impeachment charade.
The Defendant, our President, holds the absolute right to go back to the point of the first bogus attacks and bring all evidence forward meeting every attack with facts to refute them, prove them false and expose those individuals lying to the People while attempting to damage our country.
This is called justice! We as a country have it or we don’t. Now is the time to find out.
Mr. President, your decision on how to address the current confusions surrounding the bogus Impeachment charade, should be driven by what is in the long term best interest of our country.
We are calling upon our President, to Honor the Public Trust office of President, by EXECUTING THE BILL OF RIGHTS in the open public forum provided by Members of Congress in their Impeachment illusions.
We Wish our President act immediately to ensure the good People are protected by and have access to our Bill of Rights in the mandatory Trial for Impeachment in the Senate. The People’s office of President is being attacked. We are attacked through the attacks on our President.
If our President fails to Demand and receive a Full Trial, guaranteed in writing by our Constitutions Bill of Rights, is our Country based on the Rule of Law a dead Republic?
We Wish you to craft and present a Presidents Finding of Fact Conclusion of Law to the Senate and Justice Roberts. Conclusion; The United States Constitution and its Amending Bill of Rights are in full force and effect, controlling all acts by all federal government offices, particularly the Senate in it’s Trial requirements judging Impeachment charges.
We Wish you to present Formal Demand, from our office of President, on official letter head, duly signed and sealed, EXECUTION OF CONTRACT, to every Member of the Senate and Justice Roberts. Demand; Honor the personal pledge required for public office, “ to support this Constitution “, particularly the Bill of Rights.
We are of the considered opinion, given all the hyperbole surrounding the posturing in Congress, that firm directives from the Chief of Law Enforcement are necessary.
Simply put, in the event the Senate Jury and Justice Roberts fail even in the smallest bit, the providing every opportunity for our President, the Defendant, to clear your good name and prosecute a full vigors defense against all false claims, in accord with the Bill of Rights, the Senate and Justice Roberts will have Abandoned the Law.
Abandonment of the Law of the Bill of Rights, by the Senate Jury, and Trial Judge, means the legislative and judicial branches no longer function under the Law of the Constitution as Amended and controlled by the People’s Bill of Rights, December 15, 1791. The Political Will of the People directed their Public Trust Governments in States Conventions to declare restrictive clauses be Amended to the States Contracted agent the United States Government, in order to validate the Constitution.
The Constitution for the United States of America, as Amended by the Bill of Rights is either in full force and effect or it is not. Public servants either honor their promises to “ support this Constitution “, or they do-not. Our President will either demand the laws requiring trial be provided by the Senate and Justice Roberts or you will-not!
We are of the deeply considered opinion and belief that you, Mr. Trump, as President Trump must, provide the opportunity for professional public servants to define and publicly declare their loyalties. Then, the People and you will know who truly serves the principles, and laws founding our Republic.
We are of the deeply considered opinion and belief that you, Mr. Trump, as President Trump should assist the People in properly identifying which public servants actually keep their personal promises to support our Constitution, a requirement for honest public servants position found at Article VI section 3. The current Impeachment context means compete unlimited right of our President to Demand a full trial. The Same as owed to any Defendant in any federal action alleging criminal activities.
Below please find the points and flow of authorities We believe are required to be presented to the Senate and its Trial Judge, prior to more mistakes being made.
  1. The Executive branch, regardless of party or the individual President is under attack by the Legislative branch, regardless of party or individuals.
  2. When one branch of the United States Government attacks another, a Constitutional Crises exists.
  3. Constitutional Crises must be resolved by specific reference to, by strictly adhering to, the written language contained in the federal States United Constitution.
  4. There is no authority in the States United Contract, creating the national government of the United States, to alter the specific terms of the contract from a Republic form, Rule of Law by Constitution first, to a living democratic socialist forum.
  1. The Legislative branch has no control or authorized effect on the Constitutional authorities or powers held by the one supreme Court in its exercise of original Article III full judicial Power of the United States.
  2. Article III, Section 1. The judicial Power shall extend to all Cases, in Law and Equity, arising under this Constitution, Impeachment, arises under the Constitution, the Equity of the Contract in Law is contained by the Constitution; 2: In all Cases affecting Ambassadors, other public Ministers and Consuls, the President, … the supreme Court shall have original Jurisdiction.; 3: The Trial of all Crimes, except in Cases of Impeachment, shall be by Jury; the Senate acts as the jury finding guilt or innocence of Presidential acts under, Article I Section 6: The Senate shall have the sole Power to try all Impeachments. When sitting for that Purpose, they shall be on Oath or Affirmation. When the President of the United States is tried, the Chief Justice shall preside: And no Person shall be convicted without the Concurrence of two thirds of the Members present; are the controlling laws, the Supreme law to be enforced by the President.
  3. The Supreme Court is required to provide complete access to all process due and identified in the Bill of Rights, to every issue and individual the Court or any Justice serving the Court, recognizes jurisdiction over.
  1. The Office of President is charged as the Chief Law Enforcement Officer, “… he shall take Care that the Laws be faithfully executed,…”; particularly the Bill of Rights Amending the Constitution, as written.
  2. The Chief Executive Officer, President, is the protector of the Public Trust and the surety position required to ensure the fundamentals, Equity, forming the United States of America specifically expressed in the Law Contract Constitution are executed.
  3. The position of President is by definition the Chief Magistrate administering the laws and lawful court orders.
  4. The function of Chief Magistrate necessarily requires, first determining if the laws are valid and enforceable, second to carry out enforcement.
  5. A Presidential Finding of Fact Conclusion of Law that the Bill of Rights is the Supreme Law, presently valid, in full force and effect, binding on all acts of government, the first Law by which all acts of government are measured as to validity, is now required to be provided to the Senate and Trial Judge.
  6. A Presidential Finding of Fact Conclusion of Law that the Bill of Rights protections are a bundle of procedures required to provided by both the Legislative and Judicial branches is binding because there is no public record any where declaring the terms of the Constitution are-not binding today as in the beginning.
  1. A Presidential Finding of Fact Conclusion of Law that the Bill of Rights and the Constitution for the United States of America are to be served and supported by every Senator, the jury, the Chief Justice of the United States Supreme Court, Impeachment judge, is a fact of both law and contract, because these individuals promised this loyalty publicly, before assuming public trust offices and took the pay check indicating their performance was in fact and deed provable upon request.
  2. A Presidential Finding of Fact Declaring the Law of Constitution as Amended by the Bill of Rights supersedes and controls all politically driven, operated, processed activities disguised as Impeachment or Trial by certain Rebellious Members of Congress.
  3. A Presidential Finding of Fact Declaring that in the event the United States Senate chooses, for any reason whatsoever, to deny the President of the United States, the man Donald John Trump, full complete access to all procedures defined at the Bill of Rights, Equal Protection Under the Law will be DEAD in the United States for all Americans.
  4. A Presidential Finding of Fact Declaring that in the event the Senate chooses to fail to provide full adversary proceedings, the Senate will join the conspiracy of Seditious Tortfeasors in the Congressional House operating in Criminal Negligence, because the records at trial will likely expose large numbers of felonies committed by current public employees and officers.
  1. A Presidential Finding of Fact Declaring the highest interest of the People is served, best interest of the United States is served through simple direct application of known Due Process being provided to the Defendant. In the Impeachment matter, the Defendant is the office of President and the current office holder.
From our position as Grantors, Bailors, Beneficiaries and Depositing Creditors to all government powers, We have presented our Wishes. We have our facts correct. We have applied the law properly. We support our President. We understand the difficult circumstances under which honest public service is constrained.
We also know that until the Rule of Law beginning with providing full Defendants Rights to our President, right now, is a fact, there is no law, merely illusion.
Mr. Trump, please consider simply relying on the law as written and demand all other public servants do so as well. Particularly the Senate jurors and Trial Judge Roberts.
Failure to provide full a due process trial is proof of the fact the entity known as the American Republic has been Murdered by Divided Loyalty actors disguised as public servants. See Addendum in Support of Show Cause served prior.



No country can survive the departure or death of the laws that founded it!
Beneficiaries Miller, Westover, Provost Jr. will be serving the Senate, Demand for Full Trial Letter as sent to our President.
We act because no one else has or will.
We witness over and over lots of talk, most uninformed opinions presented as fact.
We see no one else identifying that the Law is what’s on Trial in the Senate right now.
We see no one else recognizing that straight application of the law resolves issues quickly.
Virginia is the perfect example. One letter from the President or US Attorney General advising the Governor of Virginia et. al. that they are committing federal felonies by attacking the 2ed Amendment will most likely avoid the quickly exploding strife.
Accountability under federal civil rights laws both civil and criminal are available.
Basic horn book law.
Now, why has no alleged honest public servant at USDOJ acted? See, Addendum Presidents Show Cause delivery.
Our Country is on trial in the United States Senate.
Who will win?
The PLAINTIFFS, Divided Loyalty politicians, their greed and political games supported by thoroughly corrupted public servants operating in their elite special immune class?
The DEFENDANT, the President of the United States standing on the fundamental laws?
The fact is the crooks win and will continue to control our country until the law is applied, no matter who is President.
We the People understand this in a very deep manner, in our souls.
The Court of Public Opinion is watching.