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Charles Miller

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Sent 10:23 pm, 12/5/2019, pacific, with verification of receipt establishing federal public official record.

The invitation on line from the White House  to access our President is an official act of our government. Sending the email creates the federal public record.

Government records must be taken as true and correct under Article IV section 1 the full faith and credit mandate.





by Charles Miller


December 5th 2019


Dear Mr. Donald Tump, Office of President of the United States of America;


As Beneficiaries and Surety protected individual Americans, Miller, Westover and Provost Jr., Wish, our President, ACCEPT SPEAKER PELOSI’S ADMISSIONS, and fully assume the Magistrates Office, serving the Kings law of the Peoples Constitutions, particularly the Bill of Rights.


Today, Speaker Pelosi, in the Halls of Congress, before the American People, stated with clarity and precision, that, you Donald Trump are the Magistrate for the United States Government. 


Pelosi also declared the People are the Kings.


We the duly identified contract principles having executed our positions as Grantors, Bailors, Depositing Creditors, formally Wish, our President, formally recognize and publicly accept Speaker Pelosi’s statements as true and correct.


We also Wish that our President inform the Congress assembled, that the Speakers acceptance of you, Donald Trump, as Magistrate, binds all of the House of Representatives.


Please issue Finding of Fact Conclusion of Law, charging the Impeachment process as Constitutionally Defective, in violation of the Bill of Rights, exposing a breach of promise by Congressional actors.


Declare the Impeachment VOID, fatally defective in context of 4th, 5th, 6th, Amendments.


DEMAND The House as a whole to comply with the Bill of Rights in ALL acts, particularly the 4th, 5th, 6th Amendments.


ADVISE that the People will soon pass judgement to dissolve government that fails to serve us properly.


RECALL, that Pelosi called on “Divine Providence” for our Republic to operate by the as written law, not as interpreted by servants.

Charles Miller