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Charles Miller

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by Charles MIller

October 15th 2019


Dear Mr. Donald Tump, Office of President of the United States,

IN ONE MOVE, RESTORE THE LAW. A0 91 form. #1 of 12.

As Beneficiaries of all our governments powers, and having the high obligation to inform our President of the People’s Property Rights positions, Miller, Westover, Provost Jr., provides the resolution to ANY confusion any government actor operates under.

GRAVAMEN: The Executive Branch holds inherent powers to investigate, and prosecute public corruption under exclusive administrative court powers to deal with minor offenses and preliminary hearings on serious crimes. Evidence of crimes available in open public records triggers the duty for Executive Action to report more complete information of serious crimes. A Criminal Complaint based on Misprision Statute, found by reference at 18 USC § 4, issued by the Office of President in context of protecting the Rule of Law sets the example of honest public service and Undivided Loyalties. The quid pro quo between unlawful Congressional and Judicial actions and Lawful Executive actions exposes who is Loyal to the principle of Due Process and honest dealings.

Major Premise: The People’s Office of President as subject to Misprision Statutes is required to comply with proper process, which means filing criminal complaints. Civil Authority.

Minor Premise: The Misprision statute requires reporting to civil, military or judicial officers any crime obstructing government process.

Conclusion: The Office of President cannot report the crimes to its self and therefore must report to the Judiciary or Congress.



Dear Mr. Tump, #2

Facts: The People’s office of President as Chief Magistrate and Commander in Chief of the Military must rely on the co-equal Judiciary Branch or Legislative Branch of government to enforce the law.

Executive= 1 Officer, Judicial = 9 Justices + derivatives, Legislative = 535 Members is unfair numbers, yet equal powers and authorities between three branches. The President must rely on Congress to impeach crooked judges, conversely, rely on judges to attach crooked Congress members.

An Executive Finding of Fact issued under duties required to report criminal acts of public corruption, AO 91, citing 18 USC § 4, and other Code sections, presented to a federal judge in D.C., exclusive federal venue, requires the Court to recognize and respect the Chief Magistrates Criminal Complaint, allows the judges to expose their loyalties.

Cooperative government branches, serving the same Loyalties, operating in open public forum, restores the Rule of Law. More important is the appearance of restoration of the Rule of Law between two co-equal branches of government.

This is the entry and invitation to the Court of Public Opinion to pass judgement, beginning now.

Defining the Chief Magistrates powers and their source of authorities by reference to Constitution calls due immediately the Loyalties and promised performance due and owed by every federal officer, employee, agent or contractor receiving federal monies.

The law of the employment Contract controls. The official Oath.



Dear Mr. Tump, #3.

The Contract engaged to assume a public trust office or franchise privilege issued by the public trust is the controlling law governing individuals, both public and private.

The government franchise mentioned is the license, tax ID , corporate charter ECT. authorizing the identified franchise by name to do business and affect the People in any manner what so ever.

Once the presentment is made to the Article III Court, in D.C., every federal judge in the country is called to account for their individual obligations. See 10 part CLEAR ALL IMPEACHMENT RHETORIC, IN ONE MOVE, RESTORE THE LAW, sent 10/7/2019, as received at the White House.

Calling accounts on contracts due and payable is a Debt Collection Action.

The People’s Office of President functioning as Chief Magistrate, is the ultimate SURETY for execution of the People’s law of Constitution, and legitimate enumerated powers, the DEBT COLLECTOR.

Obstruction of government process, execution of the People’s law of Constitution, the Bill of Rights first, then legitimate statutes governing all government acts, inclusive of all government franchised commercial entities, always involves a conspiracy. Every conspiracy involves intent, the act of knowing involvement, and more than a few criminal acts result therefrom. Government actors intent is a foregone conclusion under the concept of higher duty and should have known standards, loyalty to personal oaths and public oaths promising Loyalty.



Dear Mr. Tump, #4.

The People know, and or sense, that the Deep State actors conspire to deprive We the People of access to and protection of our law.

The People also know that when our President is denied access to the protection of law, Donald Trump is treated as a subject, a slave to public corruption.

When our President is denied protection of the law, every American knows we are all treated as slaves as well.

We the People are ignored more often than not by our public servants. We also recognize our President is at the moment ignored by many, too many, public servants. That ignoring is slavery to a servant refusing to honor a personal Debt under a paid for honest service contract.

Only the Surety, our Chief Magistrate, the CEO, the Commander in Chief, our President is in position at the moment to act for every American.

The Contract between the People and Donald Trump was bound forever at Inauguration, January 20, 2017.

The People’s SURETY, you President Trump, rekindled the People’s belief the American dream. The belief in God, family and Country is once again being recognized as the back bone of individual liberty.

The element missing across the land now is the true Rule of Law.

We believe in you and your integrity and leadership.

We do not believe in the long term agents currently acting under your leadership and direction. Nor should we.



Dear Mr. Donald Tump, #5.

This is because these same agents operating in the same offices prior to your presence not only allowed, yet, ratified and supported the corruptive Deep State to flourish. Individual acts of negligence in public servants duties to be of Undivided Loyalty to the principles of service to the People fertilized the over growth of corruption.

We know that every 4 or 8 years the leadership changes. Thus, the likelihood that the the fertilizing of corruption will rebirth its control over our lives is very, very high. The outside private forces of global socialism and feudalism are waiting for your leaving. These evil slaver forces are very practiced at waiting and playing the long game.

The People clamor for the mechanisms to clean our own house. Yet, how is that possible when none of us know which public servant to trust?

The Rule of Law rests on acts of individuals. The recent exposures of deep public corruption illuminate the need to identify Loyal, honest public servants at all levels of government.

The PUBLIC SERVANTS LETTER and PLEDGE process delivered last week is the first step. Then, We the People might have a clean place to stand.

It is impossible to clean out corruption until at least some honest public servants are properly identified. This proper public identification protects honest public servants more than any statute or court action.

The second step is the mechanism to apply to remove the crooks post haste.



Dear Mr. Tump, #6.

The AO 91 Form signed by our President is the single most powerful act ever taken by a government servant.

We the Beneficiaries Wish to see in the public forum some thing like the below, soon.

{{ I Donald John Trump, being duly and publicly sworn as 45th President of the United States of America, January 21, 2019, having the high honor and duty to faithfully execute Laws, having first hand knowledge and credible information available from public records and sources, complainant in this case, state that the following is true to the best of my knowledge and belief.

I present this criminal complaint under the Seal of the Office of President of the United States of America, acting from the position of Chief Magistrate, declaring high crimes against the People and the government of the United States rising to the level of Grave National Security Risks which require the Executive Branch to Issue this Finding of Fact Conclusion of Law in the form Criminal Complaints.

The National crises requiring these Criminal Complaints from the Office of Chief Magistrate are known world wide. Damage to the integrity of lawful government process, impair the Security of the United States, placing every Citizen at risk of being subjected to rule without consent, denied rights guaranteed by law, denied the security of persons, property, information, freedom from invasion, freedom from Divided Loyalty public servants giving aid and comfort to enemies seeking the destruction of the American Republic form of government


As Sent in batch of 6, 12:13 to 12:16 am, 10/15/2019



Dear Mr. Tump, #7

I, Donald John Trump, Declare, under the authority vested in the Office of President, Declare that a National Emergency exists.


    Unlawful Obstruction, combinations and assemblages consisting of Divided Loyalty individual posers acting in public office make it impracticable to enforce the laws of the United States in any State by the ordinary course of law enforcement or judicial proceedings.

    Divided Loyalty public servants, fully identified herein and herewith, have with willful intent, hindered the execution of the laws of the United States, in many states, depriving the Citizens of equal protection of the law, rights, privileges, immunities and protections provided by the Constitution as secured by law, depriving constituted authorities the exercise of their personal oaths to execute the laws.

    Divided Loyalty individuals serving in public office, identified herein and herewith, knowingly conspired with each other and with others known and unknown to knowingly defraud the United States, its Citizens, by impairing, obstructing, and defeating the lawful functions of many departments or agencies of the United States, in particular the Executive functions of law enforcement, National Security operations, International Relations, and TreasuryTax functions.

    Divided Loyalty individuals serving in public office, identified herein and herewith, knowingly conspired with each other and with others known and unknown to knowingly defraud the United States, its Citizens, by impairing, obstructing, and defeating the lawful functions of many departments or agencies of the United States, in particular the Legislative functions and duties of the United States Congress.



Dear Mr. Tump, #8.

    Divided Loyalty individuals serving in public office, identified herein and herewith, knowingly conspired with each other and with others known and unknown to knowingly defraud the United States, its Citizens, by impairing, obstructing, and defeating the lawful functions of a department or agency of the United States, in particular the Judicial offices functions and duties.}}


President Trump, you have White House, Presidents, personal attorneys, knowledgeable and experienced in filling out the AO 91. As the President you are the ultimate authority, boss, directing and supervising the Department of Justice. The publicly available evidence of federal felonies with dates, locations and statements by the Divided Loyalty insurrectionists admitting open rebellion against the Principles, Constitutions, statutes lawful admits ration of valid statutes is open source to any American. Please let them deny their own public acts, words, admissions and confessions, in particular personal duties to the law.

The Presidents and White House attorneys work for our government. These individuals know as do your personal attorneys, that it is a crime to not report crimes, 18 USC § 4. Particularly when not doing so allows so many other felonies based on the public corruption of Divided Loyalty are the result of the failure.

Presenting a group of Criminal Complaints with Executive Arrest Warrants signed and sealed by the Office of President to the USDC in DC, by your available attorneys, captures the essence of honest properly functioning government.



Dear Mr. Tump, #9.

Placing the Criminal Complaints and Arrest Warrants before the Judiciary for immediate action captures the duties, honesty, and Loyalty positions of the judicial officers on federal public record.

The attorneys available to you know exactly how the court functions and how to present the Presidents documents to the judiciary in DC.

We the Beneficiaries will be very interested to see a federal judge ignore the Office of Presidents request for an immediate appointment to report a series of public corruption crimes.

Bail must be denied in each case because the accused pose the greatest of National Security Risk our country has ever faced. Any first year trial attorney should be able to present the compelling evidence and need to show justice works the same for everyone. The flight risk, the risk of corrupted media influence, the risks of contact to other Divided Loyalty operatives perverting the system is very very great.

No press conference should be necessary. The leaks are waiting to happen.

The artistry of the law is, the leaks will be based on federal public records in the USDC DC.

The elegance of the law is, the arrests will expose the federal public records.

The refinement of the law is, the burden to act under the law in the open public forums is shifted to the courts so that the accused may receive due process and protection of the law, particularly facing their accuser and seeing the evidence founding the complaints.



Dear Mr. Tump, #10.

Beneficiaries, Miller, Westover, Provost Jr. advise that Beneficiaries Letter of Wishes are the execution of the Contract. The Contract between us and our Trustee, the Surety, our Chief Magistrate, our President as Commander in Chief, was perfected January 20, 2017.

None of our presentments are personal issues of either the Beneficiaries nor our Trustee.

It’s about applying the law no matter what some judge, attorney, politician, media talking head says or does.

Applying the law is a neutral act only when Divided Loyalty actors posing as honest public servants or advisors are exposed as rebellious under public evidence of their own acts.

Applying the principle, facts, laws through time honored and required procedures, Criminal Complaints, in open public forum, on federal public record is not only the perfect defense, yet more, the perfect offense to drain the swamp.

The law always wins because, the law of right and wrong came from God. We as mankind, are mere servants.

Beneficiaries promised direction some time ago. These Letters of Wishes are to be considered directives from the owners of the properties placed in Public Trust.

We the Beneficiaries recognize President Trump has properly performed to this point given the context of the Divided Loyalty Deep State actors.

We will be presenting Sealed Documents in the very near future, as promised.

You Will; Please present the Public Servants Letter and Pledge process, followed 7 days later by Criminal Complaints process as prescribed.

Thank You for your Honorable Service.



Dear Mr. Tump, #11.

    No federal judge may deny an emergency request from the Presidents attorneys to report crimes. The delay or denial of the request admits joining the conspiracy, creating the evidence of Divided Loyalty.

    A press conference with the Presidents attorneys holding up the Arrest Warrants, inviting the accused to turn them selves in to the court exposes, the law actually works, public due process is available to all accused, no matter status or standing. More to the point the law applies to every one, the law is neutral, the law always wins in the end.

    Sovereign immunity, immunity of any sort only applies only to lawful acts of the office, never the office holder. Lawful acts are identified by Constitution and statutes empowered by specific enumerated Constitutional authorities.

    Any accused claiming immunity of any sort admit Divided Loyalty, belief establishing intent, to operate public office as a special class above the law, gather special personal benefits not authorized to public servants, while creating the public record holds regular Americans as managed human capital, subjects, under false Royalty status like King George in 1776.

    Exercising the right to defend ones self from false accusations is the fundamental of liberty and justice owed by the law to all accused in any and every forum. Use the right or loose right.

    A Presidents web site inviting the American People, People’s Court of Public Opinion, to vote under their own names, after reading the accusations, defines the future of our Country.



Dear Mr. Tump, # 12.

Suggested list of accused in both personal and public capacities so that attachment of all accrued assets during public service will be possible for return of fraudulently and deceptively obtained assets.


    Nancy Pelosi.

    Chuck Schumer.

    Jerry Nadler

    Joe and Hunter Biden.

    Elijah Cummings.


6. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

7. IIhan Omar.

8. Ayanna Presley.

9. Rashida Tlaib.

10. Hillary and Bill Clinton.

11. James Comey.

12. John Brennen.

13. James Clapper.

14. Derrick Watson, Hawaii.

15. Amy Berman Jackson. D.C.

16. Robert Mueller.

18. Andrew Cuomo.

19. Gavin Newsom

20. Adam Schiff.

The list, while representative across a wide government spectrum, intentionally ignores the media and entertainment structures in total.

Allowing the media and entertainment communities to define them selves by their action feeds them the positions so desperately craved.

The invitation to expose personal standards of integrity shows the People the self assigned special class of personalities for what they are.

Self actuated defining of ones self is always perfect judgement before the world.

The People are not stupid, we see what’s going on.

Your numbers at your rallies, accurate polling, prove the People know.

Arguing with idiots or exposing incompetents, while fun, is the only attention they get.

Let them play in the law, or is that giving a gun to an idiot?

Show us what real Americans are made of, integrity and fortitude, the basics guiding leadership by direct action.

Fair Notice; 10 part email 10/09/19 released for publish.

The Law Rules!

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