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Judge Anna Von Reitz: My Proof in the Pudding Policy

Judge Anna Von Reitz

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My Proof in the Pudding Policy

 Tuesday, February 11, 2020

When you become a Seeker After Truth, whether it is the truth about your Great-Grandfather's romantic affairs, or the truth about land titles, or your government, or the nature of the Universe (which isn't a 'Uni" anything), you have to leave behind the familiar territory of your Public School Education and make up your mind to adopt your own standards and ways and means of discernment --- most objectively, because so much of what you have been taught is self-interested bunk promulgated by commercial corporations acting "as" your government.

Like you and everyone else engaged in this Get to the Bottom of It Endeavor, I had to decide early on what "proof" meant to me. So I decided that if something proves out in logic and fact, I will believe it and act upon it until a better explanation or systemic answer appears.

This is not unlike any scientific exploration -- we observe, we research, we theorize. Our theories are the best explanation that fits the facts we've established and just like scientific theories, they stand until disproven or replaced by a better or more detailed approximation of The Truth.

For example, nobody now living was actually present when Abraham Lincoln bankrupted the Northern Confederation of States and issued the first Executive Order as Commander-in-Chief. We can't know what was on his mind or within his grasp of intention going forward. We don't know what personal instructions he gave Ulysses S. Grant.

There are no first-hand Witnesses left.

So here we are, a century and a half later, armed with a lot of musty records and facts we've been able to directly discern or establish from the Public Records (always admitting that we may have missed something on the way) doing our best to reconstruct an accurate vision of the past leading directly to our present situation.

It remains Axiomatic that if you believe that you can't do something, you can't do it. Period. First of all, the question will never be put to the test, because you will already believe that action is futile. "I can't....." is the guarantee of the Status Quo or worse, so the First Hobble of progress and truth comes at the level of believing you can't do something.

The Second Hobble comes at the level of thinking that it isn't your job to do anything --- this also guarantees inaction and stagnation. "I leave that to the politicians." is the death-knell of self-government. Never forget that you ARE the government and there is nothing in American History suggesting that you are excused from duty or accountability simply because you handed someone a proxy to vote in a foreign corporation's shareholder election.

We recently released a One Pager chart of the actual American Government juxtaposed with the Federal "United States" Government.

The most important observations to be gleaned from the standpoint of urgent action items are: (1) we have to correct and declare our own political status as Americans, otherwise, we are presumed to be some species of Federal Employee or Federal Dependent--- and they have no right or ability to determine the course of our lives or our government for us; (2) we have to populate and assemble our sovereign State Assemblies and act as State Citizens (foregoing all other political attachments and allegiances) in order to

restore the American Government and the Federal Government to full function.

The Big Take Home is that our country has been functioning on two-cylinders and under undue foreign influence and usurpation for going on two centuries.

Startling as this may be, the facts are the facts and the missing pieces are the missing pieces.

Our State Courts and our State Assemblies have been sidelined and impaired and politicized, usurped upon by foreign "states of states" in the business of delivering governmental services, private corporate tribunals and "independent legislatures" that aren't subdivisions of any actual government.

The moment that a State, a County, or a Municipality incorporates, it ceases to be part of our actual government of the people, by the people, and for the people. It becomes part of a foreign government operated by persons, for persons.

This is clearly demonstrated by The Clearfield Doctrine, Federal Title 22, and even the IRS. You can go to the Vendor Offices of any State of State or County of __________ corporation and talk to their Contracting Officer, and ask politely for their EIN (Employer Identification Number) and a copy of their Tax Determination Letter from the IRS. The Tax Determination Letter will show that they are a non-profit organization, but not a subdivision of government.

We published the EINs for all the States in the Appendix of our book, "You Know Something is Wrong When....An American Affidavit of Probable Cause". You can request a copy of their Tax Determination Letter directly from the IRS, too, using a Form 4506-A.

What it comes down to is that we have a lot of Americans acting as employees of foreign "Federal" commercial corporations, subjecting us to the foreign in-house "laws" known as statutes, codes, and regulations of those foreign corporations, and misunderstanding both their role and ours.

What it also comes down to is that a vital part of our actual Government is "Missing in Action" and has been "missing" since the Civil War, still awaiting "Reconstruction".

This is our responsibility and nobody can do it for us.

If we want our country run right, we have to do it ourselves. And we have to delve deep into our actual history to know and to act in the right political capacity and to wield the power of our actual unincorporated American Government.

Finally, what it comes down to is that foreign business organizations are in control of what are meant to be American States of States. Foreign agencies and subcontractors have been hired by these usurping British and Papist organizations --- all serving to benefit these foreign governments at the expense of Americans and American resources.

We have every right and reason to take the necessary, lawful, and peaceful actions guaranteed to us by the original Constitutions of our States of the Union to settle these issues to our satisfaction without question or interference from anyone on Earth. So that is what we are doing.

The sovereign States have the absolute right to take a nap for 160 years, and they can wake up and haul rump just as well.

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This past month we have been instrumental in identifying and catching international criminals, stopping the fires and floods in Australia, securing international banking reforms, mounting relief efforts for China, researching vital Public Records in other countries that shed light on our own history, nixed two self-interested attempts to overcome our national sovereignty, notified the President and Government of the Philippines of our paramount interest in American gold and other assets held in trust for the actual States and People of this country, exposed the "New Green Deal" as another Faustian Fraud Scheme, laid the foundations for a new mercantile banking system, pushed aside ignorant claims that James Clinton Belcher lacks "standing" to issue and hold the international business charters for both The United States and The United States of America by revealing his true name and lineage, rallied the remaining sane elements of the Ancient Ruling Houses to mount opposition to the Rats in Parliament and the EU, exposed the connection between US Radicals and the IRA, obtained the resignation of the IMF Director, requested the return of the FBI and Secret Service to active duty at the "US" Treasury Department to investigate and prosecute high-level money laundering, securities violations, and bank fraud against the American People and many, many others worldwide---- and finally, my favorite: at least three State Assemblies that I know of, served Notice on their respective State of State Congressional Delegations.

The American People are waking up and on a roll.

And it's not going to be business-as-usual in DC ever again.