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Gowdy Unloads on Schiff for Wasting the 'Longest Damn Year of my Life'


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Trey Gowdy recently gave both Adam Schiff and James Comey a piece of his mind for all of the nonsense the Russia collusion investigation caused.

According to Fox News:

Gowdy then reacted to the release Thursday of interview transcripts from the House Intelligence Committee's own Russia investigation.

"I can tell you I was in that room for a year with [Rep. Eric] Swalwell [D-Calif.] and Schiff, and it was the longest damn year of my life," he said. "Every witness would say the exact same thing."

Gowdy recalled that he would ask each witness whether they had any clear evidence that the Trump campaign was colluding with Russia and receiving the same answer.

"The answer was none."

Gowdy also presented all of the dirty tactics employed by Schiff, Comey, and the FBI when explaining the hypocrisy of these men. Watch his evisceration in the video below