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Cory Booker Just Wrecked His Campaign With This One Question

Kelly Walsh

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Cory Booker

Cory Booker is running for president.

But the New Jersey Democrat just watched his campaign go up in flames.

This one question he asked one Trump official just ruined his chances of becoming president.

Cory Booker just became the latest Democrat to jump into the 2020 presidential primaries.

The Senate Democrat from New Jersey made the decision official after months of speculation about his plans for the White House.

Booker almost immediately became a top-tier candidate for the Democratic nomination upon his announcement.

The winner of the primaries will eventually face President Trump in the general election in November 2020.

However, while Booker is considered to be among the most formidable candidates alongside fellow Democratic Senators Kamala Harris, Kirsten Gillibrand, and Elizabeth Warren, his campaign is already off to a rough start, just days after he formally threw his hat into the ring.

The Daily Caller reports, “Republican Sen. Ted Cruz of Texas slammed Democrats and New Jersey Sen. Cory Booker for displaying a “hostility to religious faith” Tuesday during a Senate Judiciary Committee hearing vetting Neomi Rao for a seat on the D.C. Circuit Court.”

Booker tried to grill Trump nominee Neomi Rao on her views about gay marriage.

“Have you ever had any LGBTQ law clerks?” Booker asked.

Rao responded: “Senator, I’ve yet to be a judge. I don’t have law clerks.”

Booker looked like a fool in the committee room.

A sitting U.S. Senator who just announced a run for president didn’t know that someone who hasn’t been confirmed as a judge can’t have law clerks.

The fact that he was fixated on the sexual orientation of any law clerks Rao may hire is also quite telling.

Booker isn’t interested in efficiency in government.

He’s just looking to promote identity politics.

Yet he kept digging.

“Booker didn’t miss a beat, and clarified that he meant “someone working for you.” Rao is currently the head of the Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs, a position described as the Trump administration’s “deregulatory czar,” reported Fox News.

“To be honest I don’t know the sexual orientation of my staff,” Rao responded. “I take people as they come, irrespective of their race, ethnicity, sexual orientation. I treat people as individuals.”

Booker at that point finally stopped wrecking his own presidential campaign in the committee room.

But the damage has already been done.

Not only did he show himself to be a political hack obsessed with gender and sexual orientations for judicial law clerks, but Booker also showed himself to be ignorant of some of the most basic functions of the very government he wants to preside over as president.

Booker, of course, was just looking to score political points with his left-leaning base rather than actually vet a judicial nominee on the merits of her work ethic and commitment to apply the law equally and fairly.