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President Trump is “a projector,” declared House Speaker Nancy Pelosi on Thursday.

“I am not commenting on what the president has to say about our work,” she told reporters at her weekly news briefing. “I always think whatever the president says about us, he’s projecting his own unruliness.”

“He’s a projector,” she said, “and that’s what it’s about.”

Not according to the current issue of Whistleblower magazine, titled “MASTERS OF PROJECTION: How today’s Democrats accuse their opponents of the very evil they perpetrate.” Published monthly by WND and edited by WND Managing Editor David Kupelian, the current issue is a rare, in-depth examination of the phenomenon of projection on today’s political and cultural battlefields.


According to Kupelian, the truth is 180 degrees opposite to what Pelosi alleged during her press conference.

“In psychology,” Kupelian wrote in “Democrats and the dark art of projection,” featured in the Whistleblower report, “projection is just one of many defense mechanisms people unconsciously employ to avoid facing uncomfortable feelings within themselves – by ascribing these unpleasant qualities to another person. But in today’s political and cultural battles, projection is a tactic of all-out warfare.”

Indeed, the “MASTERS OF PROJECTION” Whistleblower issue makes a powerful case that, contrary to the House speaker’s accusation against the president, it is Pelosi and her increasingly socialistic Democratic Party that resort to projection constantly, day in and day out.

A few of the many examples explored:

  • The presidential candidate who actually “colluded with the Russians” for years, including during the 2016 election, is Hillary Clinton. Yet she and her party feign innocence while accusing Trump, utterly without evidence, of selling out America to Vladimir Putin.
  • The Democratic Party, which has become so obsessed with race that it insists on hiring and advancing – and excluding and discriminating against – people solely on the basis of their skin color, the dictionary definition of racism,  nevertheless accuses those who embrace a color-blind America of being “racists.”
  • Although during every election cycle Democrats accuse Republicans of “voter suppression” due to their insistence that voters identify themselves to show they’re U.S. citizens and therefore legal voters, it is Democrats whose entire growth strategy relies on various forms of voter fraud and abuse – including importing into the U.S. as many new voters as possible, since statistically recent immigrants, both legal and illegal, favor Democrats.
  • Likewise, the party that embraces infanticide, has championed the sexual revolution that totally repudiates biblical morality, and wants to leave America’s borders open to invasion, accuses Trump of being “immoral” for wanting to build a wall to protect the U.S. from the very invasion the Democrats – and specifically, Barack Obama as president – instigated.

A border wall is an “immorality,” Pelosi has repeatedly claimed, promising the press that Democrats won’t under any circumstances fund Trump’s “immoral” border wall.

“The plain truth,” says Kupelian, whose most recent book is “The Snapping of the American Mind,” “is that on issue after issue, one side in the raging war over America’s future is literally accusing the other side of the very attitudes, offenses and crimes of which it itself is guilty.”

Kupelian even covers what he calls “the ultimate projection” – the left’s love of projecting projection – that is, accusing their opponents and critics of projection, as Pelosi just did.

For example, Kupelian cites, liberal commentator Peter Beinart’s July 2017 Atlantic article “The Projection President,” in which Beinart writes:

You may have noticed that over the last few days, Trump and his allies have begun talking a lot about the Hillary Clinton campaign’s alleged collusion with the governments of Russia and Ukraine. On Wednesday morning, for instance, Trump tweeted a quote from the conservative Washington Times that claimed, “Democrats have willfully used Moscow disinformation to influence the presidential election against Donald Trump.”

Why is Trump suddenly interested in the Democratic Party’s ties to the Russian government? Perhaps because on Monday, The New York Times broke a blockbuster story about his campaign’s ties to the Russian government.

It’s a pattern that has repeated itself again and again since Trump launched his presidential bid.”

Beinart quickly rattles off more examples of Trump’s purported “projection”:

The following month, as journalists pressed him to state definitively that he believed President Obama was born in the United States, Trump announced that, “Hillary Clinton and her campaign of 2008 started the birther controversy.” In October, as numerous women came forward to accuse Trump of sexual harassment, he began accusing Clinton of abusing women.

The only problem with Beinart’s analysis, counters Kupelian: “It’s not projection when what you’re saying about others is the truth! Democrats did intentionally use Russian disinformation to hurt Trump in the 2016 election. Members of Hillary Clinton’s 2008 campaign did spread the theory that Obama was born in Kenya and constitutionally ineligible to be president. Bill Clinton did sexually abuse women.”

In a subsequent article, “Dems claim moral superiority while high-fiving abortion,” Kupelian asks – and answers – the question: “Has anyone else noticed that at the very moment the Democratic Party has sunk to shocking new lows of immorality – like legalizing and celebrating infanticide – it simultaneously and on an almost hourly basis accuses the Republican Party and President Trump of “immorality”?

On Thursday, as the in-studio guest on “Focus Today,” a daily TV news show on TheDove Christian television network, Kupelian was interviewed by host Perry Atkinson about projection – with a special emphasis on the abortion issue.

Watch the interview with David Kupelian:


Meanwhile, the “MASTERS OF PROJECTION” Whistleblower issue, besides documenting the left’s staggering propensity for projection, explains as never before – with the help of top writers ranging from Dennis Prager and Dinesh D’Souza to David Limbaugh and Jamie Glazov – what’s really happening:

How can the left – which now encompasses the increasingly socialistic Democratic Party, virtually all of academia and almost the entirety of the news and entertainment media – act as they do today? How can they be so out of touch with truth, so contemptuous of traditional, Judeo-Christian morality and sensibilities, so hostile toward basic constitutional rights like freedom of speech and religion, so condemning of their own country and its citizens that they demand open borders and welcome ongoing invasion – and then be so adept at blaming others for all the evil they are enabling?

In the end, says Kupelian, “the left’s tactic of projection is just another aspect – albeit a fascinating and colorful one – of a craven, endlessly dishonest power play by those addicted to power. They are suffering severe withdrawal right now, having lost the presidency in 2016 – and in their desperation to regain power are demonstrating the morals and maturity of a heroin-addicted teenage girl who manipulates, lies to, and steals from her own loving parents in order to get the fix that will ultimately kill her.”

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