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Dem Rep BREAKS With Pelosi, Supports Trump's Agenda


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Freshman Rep. Katie Hill (D-CA) told CNN's Poppy Harlow she will vote for money for a steel barrier. (Mediaite)



“I just want a really straight answer here: will you vote for any money for a steel barrier,”  CNN’s Poppy Harlow asked.


“I mean, I will definitely, I don’t know if it’s steel, I will vote for some money for physical barriers,” Hill replied.


She also said how the conversation about a wall is “silly” because the proposals are not just a wall, rather multiple layers of barriers.


“There are so many things we can do in terms of technology, in terms of where we should be investing our money well on border security. It’s a high priority for my district…we understand the need for border security,” Hill said.


Hill's position remains in stark contrast to the majority of the Democratic Party, who stubbornly refuse President Trump's demands to allocate any funds to build the wall.