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Democrats Got Some Bad News About Kavanaugh From The Last Place They Expected

Julie Hirschfeld Davis

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Julie Hirschfeld Davis

Democrats are still reeling over their defeat in the Brett Kavanaugh confirmation fight.

They’re also worried about how their smear campaign against Kavanaugh will play in the midterm election.

The Democrats are realizing things aren’t going according to plan because they just got some bad news from the last place they ever expected.

Democrats Attack On Kavanaugh Backfires

The New York Times is part of the media wing for the Democrat Party.

Their job is to take a given set of facts and spin them to benefit the Democrats.

That’s why no one could believe what New York Times White House correspondent Julie Hirschfeld Davis said on CNN.

She warned that the Democrats attacks on Kavanaugh have fired up Republican voters.

“It’s a double-edged sword,” Davis began.

“While we may not have the actual evidence in some of these individual races yet, there’s no question that Republican officials have been buoyed by the fact that they are seeing, in more sort of generic looks at the electorate and the registered voters, that the intensity has gone up among Republicans,” she continued.

But then Davis tried to claim that Republicans have turned off independent voters with their defense of Kavanaugh.

She said, “But there’s also no question that there is a counterbalance and that is that if you are talking to these suburban women, even if you’re just talking to independents of any kind who have been watching this debate play out, there may be something to the fact that they were sort of put off by the debate and the tone of the debate over Kavanaugh.”

“But if all of the sudden you’re lumping all sexual assault survivors — Democrats who opposed really relevant questions to a Supreme Court nominee about his past behavior, as a mob perpetrating a hoax you’re going to turn a lot of people off. And those are the people that you need in addition to the base in order to keep Republicans in control of the House,” Davis concluded.

Polls Prove Democrats Overreached

A brand new CNN poll found evidence that Democrats made a big mistake.

A plurality of independents said Kavanaugh was the victim of a politically motivated smear campaign by a 48 to 37 percent margin.

And 58 percent of independents disapproved of the Democrats handling of the Kavanaugh fight.

Just 30 percent of Americans said they approved of the Democrats conduct.

Republicans in key Senate races also saw their fortunes improve.

Marsha Blackburn jumped up to an eight point lead over Democrat Phil Bredesen.

Previous polls showed Bredesen narrowly leading Blackburn.

But Tennessee is a red state.

And voters know that if they elect Bredesen, the Democrats will run the Senate and Chuck Schumer will block every Trump Supreme Court nomination.

So Democrats are scrambling to change the subject.

They want to talk about Obamacare or anything other than their scorched-earth campaign against Brett Kavanaugh.

We will keep you up to date on any new developments in this ongoing story.