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Chuck Schumer Laid This Trap For Donald Trump And It Just Blew Up In His Face

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Democrats are scrambling after Donald Trump ordered the release of the Nunes memo.

Their whole Russia collusion conspiracy came tumbling down.

So Chuck Schumer tried to lay a trap for Trump, but it just blew up in his face.

Democrats panicked when the Nunes memo pulled back the curtain on the Obama administration and FBI’s scheme to use fake news produced by Hillary Clinton’s campaign to spy on a Trump campaign aide.

It revealed the Russia collusion narrative as the hoax Trump has always claimed it to be.

In a desperate bid to distract from the bombshell Nunes memo, Democrats on the House Intelligence Committee rushed to piece together a memo of their own.

Chuck Schumer fired off a letter to Trump demanding he OK the release of the partisan Democrat memo.

Schumer thought it would be a trap for Trump.

The Democrat memo would muddy the waters on the real scandal—the collusion between the Obama administration and James Comey’s FBI with a foreign spy to put a Trump campaign aide under surveillance.

But the Democrats memo is a partisan joke.

It won’t refute anything in the explosive Nunes memo.

Trump putting it out will end the speculation that the Nunes memo was a partisan attack on the Russia investigation.

Writing in National Review, former federal prosecutor Andrew McCarthy digs into the Democrats memo and describes how it is nothing more than a flimsy attempt to interject political talking points and weak arguments into the conversation surrounding the Nunes memo:

“He posits four points, the last two of which are strictly political red meat. Of the other two, one provides an inaccurate explanation of the probable-cause standard in the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA); the other is an ill-conceived argument about Christopher Steele’s credibility. The latter provides a welcome opportunity to confront a wayward theory — which I’ll call “vicarious credibility” — that has been vigorously argued by apologists for the FBI and Justice Department’s handling of the Steele dossier.”

Schumer thought he could get one over on Trump by demanding the release the Democrats memo.

Republicans appear ready to call his bluff and it’s going to backfire on Schumer and the left.