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Trump Rules, Kennedy Drools

Donny Bomenabori

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Trump Rules, Kennedy Drools

President Trump had a good night; even CBS grudgingly acknowledged that, saying in a poll of viewers approved of his speech by 75%. It was arguably the most optimistic speech the President has ever given. By contrast, the Democrats put forth a wet behind the ears (and lips apparently) coastal elite to channel the victimhood that a man like Joe Kennedy (D, Mass.) would never experience.


Democrats are supposed to be the smartest people in the room and have an amazing grasp of optics. Yet, Dems respond to a hero of the working class with a patrician elite in a vocational high school his kids won't be caught dead in because they wouldn't get into Harvard from there. They clearly haven't learned their lesson from 2016 yet. Working class people are props to be used by them, just like other Democrat constituencies.


If Democrats had new ideas, they wouldn't trot out names like Kennedy or Clinton to evoke the good old days. If they cared about white privilege, they wouldn't pick a symbol of old money to speak for them. If they cared about unity, they wouldn't hide behind a message of division and would find better ways to contrast themselves with President Trump. The darkness that surrounds the Democrats is still there from 2016, enabling the President's message to shine all the brighter.