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Wednesday, May 27, 2020

A Nice, Succinct, Simple Explanation


I love it when I find a news story that people can understand without a lot of frou-frou-rah or intellectual grandstanding designed to make the reporter look smart.
Here's one that cuts through all the "Obamagate" ribbons and bows and gets straight to "The Hammer" which is the real meat and steel of the issue.

Remember Edward Snowden? He cracked the lid on NSA spying on telephone and email communications some years ago

Thanks to him, Edward Snowden, we all now know that our lives are infiltrated to some extent by illegal snooping activities by "the government", and it has been that way for a number of years.

Now take that information and fast forward in your mind to what has likely happened since then?

They got away with it once, so they did more and more and more spying on the public, and made more excuses for doing it, and refined their technology and expanded their grid.

This is utterly predictable. It's what criminals do, whenever and however they get away with crime: they do more of it. Eagerly.

And they begin selling all their ill-gotten information, too. Data mining rears its ugly head and so do operations like "the Hammer" --- meant to crush personal and political opponents and ensure a one-party monopoly forever and ever.

So you have a story of criminal abuse and misuse of private data being collected without the knowledge or consent of the victims, being put to political use by crime bosses infesting our capitol --- and all for their own petty profit.

They have invaded your privacy for their profit. Let that sink in.

Start with the Bill of Rights and then read Article IV and then read this short little gem of a news story:

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