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Obama Met with Judge at Restaurant Then Judge Blocked Trump's Executive Order on Immigration

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Two hours after the filing, the judge produced a 43-page decision. Clearly this was set up beforehand. Obama is doing all he can to sabotage the Trump administration. This has to be investigated and stopped, but whether it will be, with so many Obama appointees all over every level of government, is an open question at this point.

“Obama Met with Judge at Restaurant, Then Judge Blocked Trump’s Executive Order on Immigration – Photo Featured on Facebook Page of the Restaurant,” Infidel Blogger’s Alliance, March 18, 2017:

UPDATE: I cannot confirm that the person Obama dined with is Judge Watson, as there are conflicting reports. And appears he may not. But we do know Obama flew to Hawaii unexpectedly 48 hours before Watson’s ruling. We do know that Obama and the Judge go back a long way. Obama appointed Judge Watson to the bench and they both graduated Harvard in the same year. Obama was within minutes of the judge less than 48 hours before Judge Watson made a major ruling that blocked Trump’s travel ban.