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Trump Turned The Tables! Gowdy and Chaffetz Are About To Bring The Heat! Obama Wire Tapped Trump!

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FW:  3-18-17

This was a master chess move by Trump. He completely shut down the liberal narrative about Russia and flipped it so Congress can go for full discovery concerning what the FBI, DOJ, Obama, Clintons, and the rest of the Shadow Government were really involved in prior to the election! He just gave Chaffetz, Gowdy, Jordan, and Nunes what they have wanted ever since Benghazi, the backing of the FBI and the DOJ, and full Executive Branch! I’m not sure what is really going on with Comey right now. He may be part of the plan to bring this all into the open or maybe he is caught in the middle. He obviously is very concerned that everybody, and their brother, knows about the highly secretive FISA requests that were pursued by “someone” to run surveillance on “someone” in Trump Tower! Comey has issued an internal order to the FBI demanding the IDs of anyone with knowledge of the FISA requests! He is pissed that these secrets are being leaked and that Trump is blowing the lid off all this, and ironically, Trump is using the same argument that the MSM and liberal Politicians have been using the last 12 months. Trump says “I read about it in the NY Times and Washington Post so it must be true ….Right?” LOL. So he sends Huckabee's daughter out on the Sunday Morning Shows to state that exact point. What’s good for the goose must be good for the gander!

Somehow, just recently, Chaffetz, Gowdy, and many others are now on board with Trump BigTime! Now Trump can sit back and play the good cop while Congress goes for broke!