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The New Director of Homeland Security: Janet Napolitano

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The New Director Of Homeland Security


Napolitano's Background

Janet was born in New York City, the daughter of Jane Marie (née Winer) and Leonard Michael Napolitano, who was the Dean of the University of New Mexico School of Medicine. She has two siblings, Leonard Michael Jr. and Nancy Angela Haunstein.  She graduated from Santa Clara University in Santa Clara, California, where she won a Jewish Scholarship She served as a law clerk for Judge Mary M. Schroeder, and then joined the law firm Lewis and Roca.



She Is A Raging Feminist

Seen here with Arizona State Rep. Kyrsten Sinema, who wants the Minutemen charged as terrorists.


Her Sexuality Is Questioned

She is thought to be a Lesbian, who has appeared on the cover of every Gay magazine in Arizona. 4


She Backs The Zionist Controlled Abortion Business

She has indicated a strong support for abortion rights, and protecting clinics will be a priority for her.   9


Napolitano Supports Massive Immigration

Napolitano appreciates the complexity of immigration. Early on, she resisted initial efforts pushed by conservative Republicans in the state Legislature for a state crackdown on illegal immigration.  She is an advocate for expanded guest worker programs for immigrants.

The governor is an immigration hawk, and an open-border advocate, and wants expansion of the list of government benefits denied to immigrants. "Her sympathy for illegal aliens reduces her enthusiasm for border security," Kavanagh said.


Her Heritage And Bloodline

Her genetic mother's surname is Winer. TheWiner Name Meaning and History is - 1. Jewish (Ashkenazic): variant of Wiener, and 2. Jewish and German: Americanized spelling of Weiner. 4

Her father's name of Napalitno is a typical of Jewish Marano Surnames. These are derived from Italian villages or cities Napolitano - Nepi - Nola - Norlenghi - Norsa (Norcia) -4

She's a rip-roaring Madeline "Albright" for the Home Front, and count  her in for supporting the Haliburton-FEMA camps.  In Washington circles she is considered a Bull-Dyke Cow just itching to get let out of the chute and get even with the White Male.


The Holy Mother Church Was Offended By Her

Phoenix bishop Thomas J. Olmsted forbade Napolitano to speak last year at a Catholic church in Scottsdale at an event opposing Proposition 200, a ballot measure that restricted the rights of undocumented immigrants.  7





What Does It Mean?

Ms Napolitano is a token Zionist feminist clown, and she is in charge of Homeland Security. It's because of these flunkies that Israel can fly jets into buildings, and investigations are derailed when Zionists are mentioned. No doubt she will look the other way as Mexicans float across the Rio Grande.