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Jim Stones June 19th Roundup Post

Jim Stone

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So let me make an ALL INCLUSIVE suggestion for brand image re-shaping

In the interest of being "sensitive", Miss Butterworths (supposedly) is going to be changed, she's OUT. After Aunt Jemima, Uncle Ben and Mrs. Butterworth feel the heat:


Here's a brief summary: He did not believe the covid numbers, so he sent out top government officials to surprise audit hospitals. None had any covid patients despite claiming large numbers and ONE that was not even finished at all claimed to have 5, 000 patients and 200 dead.


The hospital, which was incomplete and not even able to take any patients at all actually did order 200 coffins and had them sealed "ready to be buried." The officials opened the coffins, and they had weights inside. There were no dead bodies, and they took the scam all the way to coffins that really were going to be buried. SEE THIS:

Yes, Corona is a scam, an absolutely EPIC one.

There is, however, a very commendable difference between Brazilian corruption and American corruption. In America, they actually kill the people so something real goes in the coffins. Several nurses have blown the whistle on this and not a damn thing got done about it, Cuomo just keeps on having the doctors killing. In that regard, Brazil is a HELL of a lot better than the United States, it's simply a different, lower level corruption in Brazil where the corrupt at least have enough social merit to not commit murders for the sake of image.

Trump just posted his best tweet ever BY FAR - Watch it to the end.

Sloppy Daniels said the Trump affair never happened. See this


The following has been very well received despite creating an uproar from damage control crews and the most common trollage is: The police in country X (just name one) are WAY worse than American police. Here is my response to that trollage:


Heck, WHY NOT. Mexico's police are supposed to be "the worst in the world" and having been both places, Mexico and the U.S. for many years each, I can affirmatively state: MEXICAN POLICE ARE ANGELS compared to American police, America's police have gone down the o'lshitteree so far they are beyond salvage.

I have had numerous encounters with Mexican police, of all types, Federal, local, and traffic, and they are saintly GODS compared to American police. Never once have I been scared. They never did anything to deserve it. If you think other police are worse than American police, YOU NEED TO QUIT SMOKING THE MSM BULLSHIT.

And now, TOP POSTED because it is SO spot on the commies are doing back flips:

FEET BACK IN REALITY: American cops really are the worst in the world. Floyd changed NOTHING.

What if having Israel train America's cops was for the purpose of creating such monsters it amounted to a false flag that had Americans begging for change, with the solution being the U.N.?

Anyone with a lick of sense knows you should not call the cops for anything because they are likely to create more problems, and far worse than what you originally had. Everyone with a lick of sense knows you don't carry large amounts of cash for ANY REASON because the police will rob it if they find it, and then call it "asset forfeiture". The claim is that if you can prove in court where it came from you'll get it back, but the reality is after any court hearing you don't get it back, you get a percentage back and the balance goes to the lawyer. It is outright theft.

America is the only "civilized" country there is, where foreign nations issue people warnings about the cops, and that the cops will rob them. And the cops will take it far beyond cash, and drain every single bank account you have down to ZERO if they find your debit card on top of it all, with a special hacking machine in their squad cars. You don't have to approve, they take it anyway. The lie is that they only take it from "pre paid Visa cards" and the conjure up lies about anonymity and how that justifies it, but your regular debit card is a "pre paid" card and if it links to an account that has your life's savings, they'll steal every last dime of it.

If you want proof of what kind of SH*T American police are, consider the fact that several joined the rioters in Minneapolis and lit the buildings on fire themselves. The balance stood down and let the rioters do whatever they want, and in Portland they took no action at all while an entire section of the city was seized. They did this because the corrupted government told them to allow it and ONLY SHIT would follow orders like that.

Every cop in existence knows the lawyers in divorce court tell the woman to issue a false accusation of domestic violence, and then they follow through on the call as if it was real. How much corruption does it take to do that? Subsequently the man is annihilated, and is often completely stripped of all visitation "because he's violent" and becomes a cash cow that gets stripped of everything significant for the rest of his useful life. The elite protect themselves completely with limits on how high it can go, unless youre not part of the club and then you're a willie nelson who ends up owing tens of millions to some corrupt hag that called the cops and lied. The cops and the courts are the enablers, the women just do it because they are told it is OK. and NO ONE at ANY point in that corrupted system believes any of it is legit, they just do it as an act of war that may have already issued America it's death blow. Now the kids are snowflakes from shattered homes, with no roots, respect or reference. It was intentional. It is probably the end of us, just look at who does the most at these BLM protests: WHITE KIDS. Look at who's tearing the statues down IT ALL STARTED IN DIVORCE COURT WITH A WOMAN WHO WAS PUSHED TO LIE TO DESTROY THE MAN, AND DID.

All of this was enforced by horse shit cops that did it for a paycheck and were guaranteed to be stupid enough via pre-hiring intelligence tests to not see through the scam and run it like it's real.

American cops are the ONLY cops on earth where if you get out of your car at a traffic stop and make any wrong moves, they'll shoot you. For a traffic stop. Subsequently, (quite literally) if all they want to do is ask you where the donut shop is, and you run, they'll shoot you. Here is a video of a cop shooting a guy who was simply waking down the street wearing headphones and could not hear him. They literally will just shoot anyone, there have been plenty of accounts where people who were not in trouble at all got shot just because, for the most part, the cop felt like it.

America is the only country that has cops so bad they'll shoot a restrained dog. They'll shoot a fenced dog. They'll shoot a playful dog. They do it all the time, have people not remembered those reports?

Bottom line: American cops really are trash. American cops REALLY DO need to be totally disbanded and fired. And what caused this? ISRAEL. ISRAEL DID IT. ISRAEL AND THE JEWISH COMMUNITY ARE 100 PERCENT CERTIFIABLY RESPONSIBLE FOR THE HORRIFIC AMERICAN POLICE.

THEY trained them. THEY set up the hiring testing for them. THEY are the ones that infiltrated the courts and turned the courts into scam outfits that ripped kids away from dads, and ran prison labor with good people who were highly skilled, while they let the thugs run free.

WHAT WAS THE GOAL? Here it is.

They wanted to create a situation so bad that Americans begged for salvation from the U.N. And what are these corrupted cities and precincts now trying to do? BRING IN U.N. PEACEKEEPERS.

Bring in a ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT that won't steal cash just because you happen to have it, WONT shoot you in the back while you're wearing headphones, WONT annihilate your life in an intentionally corrupted court, WONT arrive and shoot your dog, WONT drain all your credit cards and then force you to fight and scream in a court that does nothing but rob you - How far have we fallen? So far that there are countless victims begging for this system to end, AND THE JEWS DID ALL OF IT AND WILL ANSWER WITH A SOLUTION.

And what happens when you show up in court seeking justice? YOU GET ROBBED. $20,000 in legal fees, up to MILLIONS. It's a scam of epic proportions. It is a scam you don't encounter anywhere else. America is the only country that has prosecutors hired by the state seeking to drag anyone into that system that they possibly can, even when no legit person wants to sue them. Yeah, we have "courts". Try defending yourself in them. Even if you walk, your life is often damaged or over.

If ANYONE wants a prime example of how vile the American courts have become, just look at what they did to Trump at the national level. They destroyed his presidency. All with kike planted corruption that truly knew no bounds, and in this horrific system, Trump can't put anything right, he gets blocked by corruption at every turn, the same way no one else other than the corrupt can ever seem to get justice without destroying their lives to accomplish it. It is SO BAD that it had to have been done on purpose, to destroy the country.


Jim Stone

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